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“What If” Agents of Shield holds up a twisted mirror of what we could become.


You don’t have to watch every episode of AoS to understand ‘What If’.  Suffice to say, the team gets stuck in a VR/Matrixesque world, where events have turned everything on it’s ear. Mistakes were made, events happened, SHIELD has fallen, and HYDRA is out in the open, ‘protecting’ the USA now. All it cost us was our freedom. Continue reading ““What If” Agents of Shield holds up a twisted mirror of what we could become.”

Twitter Resistance? What’s That?

Twitter: How a Silly Little Egg Hatched into a #Resistance Fighter.


Twitter. Four months ago, if you had asked me if I’d ever be a twithead I’d have said no way. Twitter was dumb, it was for teens, it was a waste of time. I didn’t understand it, and I didn’t want to. I was happy enough in my little bubble on Facebook. I could hide from my post-election depression. Continue reading “Twitter Resistance? What’s That?”

Raised to #Resist

Raised to #Resist: Inspired by Sci-Fi, a Generation Grows Up Learning to Fight For a Better World.

It didn’t necessarily start with Star Trek. I’m sure people will find earlier instances, but Star Trek always seems to be the go-to for ‘hope for a better future’ in TV. We all know Gene Roddenberry’s dream for peace and inclusivity. A crew with no bias -gender, race, ethnicity, even aliens were welcome. Nobody asked for Spock’s green card. No one dared to tell Uhura to go make a sandwich. McCoy never asked for insurance cards. We watched, and we learned that Humanity had the potential for great things once we learned to work together.  Continue reading “Raised to #Resist”