Author: Raven Roth

Happy October and Happy Halloween

Just a few thoughts and my first post.

Hello Friends,

My name is Raven, a member of Teen Titans. I am working with the Heroes Resist group. We work toward making a difference in our world. Things are crazy and un-orthodox since the 2016 election. It is everyone responsibility to do things to make life better for all human. Donald J. Trump is a danger to the world and only we can do something. We can bug our members of congress to vote no or yes depending on the needs and want of the American people. We can register to vote and be involved in our local political environment. We must vote and we must vote blue. Republicans are a danger to democracy. They are bought and paid for by dark money. Democrats will do what is best for the country not their own pocket book. We must take back congress in 2018 and we can muzzle and leash the so-called president we have now.