Month: Nov 2019

S1E13 Agent Of Resistance

The Milk Run


Loc: Briefing Room A, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (54)

Nick: <points to a map on the view-screen showing the rally location> Teams Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie will be patrolling the triangle around the Tower.  Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot will each take one of the inner sectors of the circle. India, Juliette and Kilo will patrol the outer rim of the sectors watching traffic patterns. One team in each trio will have a bomb dog with them.

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S1E12 Agent Of Resistance

Episode 12: Secrets and Misdirections


Loc: Office of Agent Carter, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th

Peggy: Good evening Grant! My apologies for not getting back sooner. Some of the other agents and I went out for brunch and a bit of discussion after the briefing.

Steve: Hi Maggie! How was the briefing?

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S1E11 Agent Of Resistance

Mission Prep and A History Lesson


Loc: Science Labs, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th

Peggy: <frowns> Non-lethal? Well I suppose that would make sense in some instances. Though I’d rather a sturdy PPK. 

Fitz: Too many civilians will be in the area on this one I’m afraid.

Peggy: <nods> I see. What else can you tell me about this assignment, Mr. Simmons?

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S1E10 Agent Of Resistance



[Border Tribe Village, Wakanda]

<two women watch in the distance as Bucky one-arm tosses bales into a wagon>

Shuri: He is still withdrawn. I have done all I can for him, but he is still just a broken white boy.

Ael Xander: <places her hand on Shuri’s shoulder> Through no fault of your own. Not everything can be fixed with science, my soul sister. It is his psyche that is in need of healing now. <she leaves Shuri’s side, making her way down to the hut for another counseling session with her patient>

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S1E9 Agent Of Resistance

Tracking the Tinkerer

[Warehouse on the edge of the port district in Saint Tropez France]

<a nondescript little man hunkers over a worktable, listening to a language tape> 

Phineas Mason: <repeating the tape> Je voudrais acheter un nouveau chapeau. <he take a break for a moment, grabbing a soda>

Davina: <storming in, briefcase in hand> That’s the third deal in a month that those mercenaries have ruined! I don’t know how they’ve infiltrated our operation, but they’re making it impossible to offload any product!

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S1E8 Agent Of Resistance

Family Reunion


[Stark Tower Security Footage 12182013]

Loc: Stark Tower 200 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY

sketch peg

<Steve in the lounge, working on a sketch of Peggy. Tony walks in, peeking over his shoulder>

Tony: God, I forget she was so young back then. You know, she’s always had that quiet, regal grace. Until you piss her off of course. <laughing> 

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