Month: Feb 2018

Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance


Pt 65. The Documentaries, Part 2…..

Winter Soldier, the Fall of SHIELD, & a Bit of Mismatched History…..


Loc: Residential Level A, Quarters of P. Carter, AVENGERS TOWER, Broadway & W 58th St, New York, NY


<the smell of fresh coffee wafts under the bedroom door, rousing Peggy gradually, she lies in bed, blinks, rubbing sleep from her eyes, suddenly sitting up as everything from the previous day comes rushing back to her all at once in a rush of mixed emotions>

Peggy: I killed Howard, Steve’s alive, and I punched Anthony. April, tell me I was dreaming?

APRIL: No Boss, you were wide awake. You’ve only been asleep for about five hours. Agent Coulson is out in the kitchenette waiting for you with a fresh pot of coffee.

Peggy: WHY didn’t you tell me Steve was alive?

APRIL: <silence>

Peggy: April?

APRIL: You’re not going to like the answer, Boss. Continue reading “Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance”