Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

The Documentaries, Part 1…..


Loc: Residential Level A, Quarters of P. Carter, AVENGERS TOWER, Broadway & W 58th St, New York, NY

<Peggy sits down to watch the first documentary, Phil watching her, the moment the Valkyrie is shown in the ice, she gasps in shock and recognition, sitting on the edge of her seat, eyes glued to the screen, a lone tear runs down her cheek at the first sight of Steve’s shield>


<the documentary continues, Peg interjecting with questions and commentary throughout>

Peggy: I remember reading the reports about the incursion into Norway. By then I had already rescued Dr. Erskine from Castle Kaufman and Schmidt. <laughs at the Expo scene, turns to Phil> Howard eventually DID get the gravitic reversion technology to work, though I’ve yet to see any flying cars in this century.

Phil: <grins> Oh, there are one or two around.

Peggy: <smiles sadly> I miss Bucky. <she doesn’t notice Phil’s face twitch at the mention, she laughs again as Steve meets Dr. Erskine> He wasn’t the only one to fib on his enlistment forms.

Phil: <nods> I’ve seen the records. <smirks> Women don’t usually lie to make themselves seem older. (30).gif

Peggy: <the training camp scene begins, she smiles as she sees the grin on Steve’s face when she punches Hodge> I was SO angry at that bully, I barely noticed Steve. I knew I had to put Hodge in his place right away if I was going to get any respect from the troops. <the camp scenes continue> Even I didn’t expect Steve to take down that silly flag. He was the smallest, the slowest, the weakest man there, but he worked ten times harder than the others, had the biggest and bravest heart, <watches him fall on the dummy grenade> and passed the tests that mattered the most.

Phil: I think the grenade story is one of my favorite anecdotes about Cap.

Peggy: <almost rises out of her seat when she sees Zola> THAT WORM! I think I may despise him more than Schmidt. <Phil takes note of her reaction, the scene shifts to the car ride before the procedure, she sighs nostalgically> That was the first real conversation we had, and I think I was already falling in love with him by the time it was over. He was so nervous walking into that room for the procedure, all those eyes on him. Not really knowing what was about to happen, or how not only his body, but his life was about to change forever. <the capsule opens, revealing the changed Steve> Poor thing, he’d been asthmatic all his life, he didn’t know what to do once he could actually breath.

Phil: <grins as they watch> You seemed very impressed with the change.

post procedure.gif

Peggy: <hedges, slightly embarrassed, watching herself reach for Steve’s new muscles> Well, it was a shock for all of us, just how well the procedure worked. Steve was now a marvel of modern science, it would have been difficult NOT to be, ah, impressed.

<the HYDRA agent reveals himself, killing Erskine and escaping in the chaos, after being shot by Peggy>

Peggy: <sadly> Abraham deserved better. <the scene continues outside, Peggy giving chase, shooting the driver and aiming for the spy as he drives toward her, Steve knocking her out of the way> I STILL say I had that shot!

Phil: Probably, but would you have had time to dodge out of the way of the car once you killed the driver? <Peggy glares in a silent side-eye before returning to watching the film>

Peggy: <shakes her head> I argued with Colonel Phillips until I was blue in the face. Steve should have come to London with us from the very start. <almost falls off the sofa, crying with laughter as the ‘Star Spangled Man’ begins> OH DEAR! By the time I saw that on the USO tour, he’d gotten much better, though the troops were rather harsh on him. He was just trying to do his job. <the scene shifts to Steve sketching the monkey>

Phil: <thoughtfully> You know, I always thought to myself ‘THIS is the moment’. <Peggy looks at him, confused> That conversation between the two of you, when you encouraged and inspired him. That was the moment he became ‘Captain America’. Not after the serum, or the bond sale tour, but the moment that he realized he could be something more.


Peggy: <nods> The potential was always inside him, he just needed a little push, that’s all. Though I didn’t expect him to go storming the factory. The Colonel had QUITE a bit to say when Howard and I got back from dropping Steve off. <snickers as Steve asks if she and Howard ‘fondue’> Howard NEVER let him live that down.

Phil: <snickers with her> You should have seen Cap spit out his coffee the first time he heard Tony say the word. <her eyes start watering with tears of laughter>

Peggy: <scowls slightly as she watches Steve tells her to turn the plane around, and she retorts that he can’t order her around, shaking her head, eyes rolling in amusement>That smug grin of his when he knows he’s right. <she watches him storm the factory, releasing the prisoners and saving Bucky> Dugan, always with the bloody ‘Wahoos!’ <she watches intently as Steve and Bucky try to escape the exploding factory> He’d told the story before, but….

Phil: <as the Colonel dresses Peggy down on the screen for getting ‘America’s Golden Boy’ killed in action> Did you really believe he would still come back alive?

Peggy: It was a combination of things really. Faith in Steve’s determination, and trust in my own gut instincts. Though it was fortuitous timing on Steve’s part, returning when he did, I think the Colonel was considering a court martial for me. <they watch as Peg approaches Steve> I was torn between slapping him and kissing him, but with so many other’s there watching, I couldn’t bring myself to do either. <Steve pulls out the transponder, she laughs> He even made a point of saving the bloody radio to show me! <Bucky shouts out, and the crowd applauds> Everyone thought THAT was the moment he became Captain America, <she points at the screen> but look at Steve, just looking around at everyone. In his mind, he wasn’t a hero, he was just doing what needed to be done.

<the scene changes again, to the award ceremony Steve had skipped, Peggy tilts her head curiously, she eyes the general, sitting in the audience, shakes her head, continues to watch>

Peggy: <Steve starts marking HYDRA base locations on the map> When Dr. Erskine told us the serum would enhance everything about Steve, he wasn’t boasting. In addition to the increases in speed, strength, and agility, Steve developed a near eidetic memory. <the bar scene begins, Peggy laughs at Dugan and the Commandos, and then Steve and Bucky’s exchange before she enters> I admit, I felt rather awkward in that dress, with all eyes upon me. I’d spent so much time in uniform, that to actually dress up for a moment out on the town was both a treat and a terror. <winks at Phil> Not that I was about to let anyone realize I had an entire kaleidoscope of butterflies in my stomach.

red dress.gif

Phil: <points to Steve’s reaction during the exchange> I’m guessing those were the only eyes that mattered.

Peggy: <blushes, then giggles upon hearing Bucky’s complaint of being invisible> I’d never have called her a ‘friend’ but I did introduce Bucky to Pvt. Lorraine. <eye roll> Granted, I was trying to steer the little hussy away from Steve. <Howard is knocked back from the explosion in the lab, Peg shakes her head> Neither the first, nor the last time Howard blew up a lab.

Phil: Yeah, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree on that one.

Peggy: <watches the exchange between herself and Steve after he kisses Pvt Lorraine> I admit, I was rather hurt, angry, and disappointed at that moment. <the gunshots ring out as she fires at the shield, she sighs, ashamed>

sad puppy.gif

Peggy: Another moment I let my temper get the best of me. He looked like puppy that had just been kicked. It was almost a week before he had the courage to speak to me again, and another week after that for me to apologize.

<she watches the battle montage of Steve and the Commandos missions to take down HYDRA, her brow furrowing more and more as it continues>

Peggy: Not to sound vain, but I was on many of those missions alongside Steve and the Commandos. In fact, it was during that time that Steve and I became so close. Why am I shown sitting back at the base, rather than out in the field with them?

Phil: A lot of the missions you were on during that time were still considered classified, even sixty years after the war. The undercover work, the intel gathering, the sabotage. We couldn’t allow it to be shown. As for the more ‘personal side’ of that time, Cap Rogers asked that most of the details and extent of your relationship be left out. He said there were some things he wanted to keep for himself. <she blushes>

<a train zips across the screen, Peggy’s hand goes to her mouth as she gasps, her eyes watering, she watches them storm the train, she bites her lip hard, taking a deep breath, remembering, she watches Bucky fall, and a tear falls with him>

Peggy: <she whispers> We went back, but we never found his body. <Phil takes a deep breath, but remains silent, the film continues, her eyes flash in anger once again at seeing Zola, he voice still low, but full of steel and fury> I should have put a bullet between his beady eyes. <watches Steve mourning, trying to get drunk> We’d lost friends and colleagues before, but losing Bucky hurt the most. <Phil just nods>

<the plan to attack the last HYDRA base is discussed, and the assault begins, Peg’s eyes glued to the screen>

Peggy: <watches herself shooting the gas tank on the HYDRA soldier> The explosion wasn’t nearly as impressive as that.

Phil: These documentaries come from first hand witness accounts, archive footage, and old file reports. Cap described it as ‘a fireball that engulfed the entire hallway.’

Peggy: <smirks> He was always so dramatic. <Steve pauses before her on the screen, telling her she’s late, she smiles sadly as she watches, Steve makes his way through the HYDRA hordes, chasing Schmidt, Peggy and the Colonel pull the car beside him, they race toward the Valkyrie, Steve ready to jump, Peggy pulling him in for a kiss first> Had I known that would be the last time…..

<she watches in silence, as Steve fights his way through the plane to Schmidt, the confrontation between the two, the Tesseract activating, as Steve sits down in the pilot seat, she trembles, knowing what is about to happen>

Peggy: <her eyes clenched shut, tears falling already> I can’t….. <their last conversation plays out on the screen, Peggy refuses to watch, having replayed it in her nightmares for years, the tears becoming a river as she hears herself calling Steve’s name with no response>

<still sobbing softly, she refuses to look up, through the VE Day celebration, the Commandos toast in Steve’ memory, Howard’s recovery of the Tesseract, the Colonel bringing her Steve’s file, the children playing in the streets, she hears the music stop, and finally looks at the screen, thinking the film had ended, she gasps, watching Steve open his eyes>


<she watches on in confusion, hearing the game, looking at the room, seeing the woman enter dressed in 40’s style clothing, Peg jumps as she watches him crash through the fake wall, as he escapes the safehouse, she realizes it’s the same one she called home for months after arriving in 2017, Steve runs down the street toward time square>


Peggy: <softly to herself> He never forgot, did he? <to Phil, astonished> I can’t even begin to imagine how it must have felt for him, waking up in a world he didn’t recognize. When I arrived here, I knew what I was getting into. <raises her eyebrows, head tilting to one side> Well, I THOUGHT I knew what I was getting into. At least I knew I would be in a new time before I arrived. Steve woke up, and world had moved on without him.

Phil: It wasn’t an easy adjustment for him. We helped him as much as we could, to find a place to belong, a purpose, a home. 

Peggy: From what he’s told me, everytime he thought he had found something, it all came crashing down. <the credits end as they talk, she notices the mention of the Avengers> Oh! Is that the next documentary? I’ve been rather curious about these ‘Avengers’. <she rises from the couch, ducking into the kitchenette> Coffee?

Phil: <shakes his head> No, thank you. I wanted to show you how Cap was found and what happened when he woke. <grins> Plus I really just like that documentary and wanted to see your reaction. The next two though are about Tony. You should know how he came to be Ironman, see how he was before, and how he’s changed.

Peggy: <excited, returning with a mug in hand> If all these documentaries are as well done, I’m looking forward to the rest! Those actors! The resemblances are uncanny! On to Anthony! I wondered what caused him to create that suit and become a hero. I presume Howard and I will be in this one as well?

Phil: Ah, no. These events happened after Howard died, and you retired from SHIELD due to your health. <Peg takes a deep breath at the mention of Howard’s death, Phil notices, but says nothing, starting the next disk>

<the convoy travels down the winding dirt road, Peg rolls her eyes as Tony speaks to the soldiers in the humvee, noticing the unmistakable similarities to Howard, she jumps as the first bomb explodes, watching the soldiers scramble>

Peggy: <shakes her head sadly> War never changes. The weapons get more expensive, more advanced, but the true cost never changes. <she gasps as the STARK Technologies missile lands and explodes>


<The film flashes back to the previous night, with Tony displaying classic Stark playboy behavior, Peg watches, almost annoyed at how familiar it all is, Pepper arrives, and Peg nearly drops her coffee mug at the name ‘Jarvis’>

Peggy: <watches the exchange between Pepper and the reporter> I knew I liked her! She takes no nonsense. 

<the film continues, Peg watching quietly, until Tony tears the bandages from his chest, revealing the electromagnet>

Peggy: <thinks of Rumlow> Were they trying to robotomizing him? 

Phil: Just watch, it’s explained. 

<Yinsen tries to inspire a despondent Tony, men begin bringing materials in, Peggy explodes>


Phil: <touches her arm, trying to calm her> It’s not what you think.

<Tony builds the arc reactor, shows Yinsen the blueprints for the prototype suit>

Peggy: <at the same time as Yinsen on the screen> Impressive! <turns to Phil> So his plan all along was to stall for time and build his escape! <Phil nods, on the screen, Tony and Yinsen make small talk about family, Peg’s eyes full of sadness when Tony says he has noone> 

<the suit is assembled, the programing loading, Yinsen grabs a gun to distract and buy Tony time, Peg’s lips purse, knowing this will end badly, her eyes go wide as Tony steps out of the shadows to fight the soldiers, she watches the battle in the cave and the camp with rapt attention, the weapons ignite>

Peggy: <grips Phil’s arm, pointing to the screen> Despite whatever Steve told you about that fireball in the hallway, THIS, is what a truly impressive explosion looks like! <Phil can only grin, she happily watches the reactions from Rhodey, Pepper and Happy when Tony is found and returns home> And he said he had no family. <bursts out laughing> A CHEESEBURGER!

<her jaw drops as the press conference is about to begin, she turns to Phil> That actor looks like YOU! <Phil beams as his counterpart on the screen introduces himself, Peg’s eyes go wide>

phil intro.gif

Phil: I’ve been with SHIELD for a long time. Fury sent me on a number of important missions over the years, so I pop up here and there in the documentaries. 

<the press conference begins, everyone sitting on the floor, Peg sniffles as Tony talks about his father, the direction the company has gone, and the shutting down of the weapons division>

Peggy: He mentioned that he had stopped making weapons. I was rather surprised, and a bit proud. It’s a shame it took so much death and destruction to open his eyes. I don’t like that Stane fellow though. He seems to be more concerned with the business and publicity. 

<Pepper helps Tony change out the reactor for the upgraded version, Peg hold her breath the entire time, jumping slightly each time the wires buzz, she finally exhales as Tony starts to laugh> 

Peggy: <scowling and laughing at the same time> Not nostalgic my arse! In the short time I’ve known him, I can easily say, THAT is a lie. 

<Tony visits Rhodey, returns home, Peg is startled once again to hear the name ‘Jarvis’ as Tony begins work on the MARK II>

Peggy: I thought FRIDAY was his assistant. Who is this JARVIS, and why is he named after Edwin?

Phil: Tony was very close to Edwin Jarvis, and named his first assistant after him. 

Peggy: Why doesn’t he use JARVIS anymore?

Phil: It’s complicated, you’ll see later in one of the other documentaries. <Peg frowns, unsatisfied with the answer, but continues to watch as Tony and Jarvis begin work>

Peggy: <watches the test videos, laughing hysterically> I see what you meant about the apple and the tree! 
dum e fire.gif

Phil: I think for a long time, those robots were the closest thing he had to friends. 

Peggy: <Tony hovers during the test video, and Peg finally makes the connection> That’s Howard’s gravitic reversion technology! 

Phil: <nods> Tony improved upon it, making it smaller, more stable, and more powerful.

<Peg continues to watch the test footage, the full suit is assembled, Tony takes off for the first outside flight test, she’s mesmerised by it all, so impressed that she’s speechless, her heart lurches as the suit ices up and starts to fall from the sky, cheering along with Tony as he restarts the suit, then bursting into laughter once more as he tries to land on the roof, crashing through multiple floors>

<Tony opens the package from Pepper, and Peg’s heart melts>

tony heart.gif

<Peg grimaces at the sight of the wheatgrass smoothie in his hand as Tony discusses modifications with Jarvis before going to the benefit, her brow furrows at the man Tony refers to as ‘Hef’, shakes her head and continues to watch, grinning at the exchange between Coulson and Tony> 

Phil: He was a handful to wrangle. Was his father that bad?

Peggy: <shakes her head, laughing> Oh no, no. <pauses> Howard was much worse. <Phil laughs>

<Christine Everhart shows Tony the photos of STARK weapons in Gulmira, and the devastation of the town, Tony confronts Stane, who then admits to locking Tony out of his own company>

Peggy: I KNEW that man was up to no good! 

<Tony watches the news reports on Gulmira and the warlords, suiting up, Peg watches the refugees running from the warlords, remembering similar instances from the war, when the SS would hunt down Jews, gays, and others that the Nazis considered ‘undesirables’, her blood boils as they begin to separate the men from the women and children, the men lined against the wall, waiting to be shot, Tony flying in as the cowards use the women and children as shields, she breaths a sigh of relief as Tony targets the soldiers and they drop, with no civilian casualties, the tank and munitions destroyed in a spectacular explosion>


<the Air Force scrambles trying to figure out what just happened in the area, Peg watches in suspense as Tony tries to dodge the planes, her eyes wide as Tony shears the wing off the one plane and the second takes aim, her heart racing as the pilot’s chute opens, she’s so intent on the scene, she doesn’t notice Phil playing on his phone>

<Peggy: <stifles a snort of laughter as Pepper enters to find Tony is trying to extract himself from the suit> I’m certain it’s not the oddest thing she’s seen! <Stane meets with the warlord, Peg growls> Double dealing with the enemy! I’m shocked that orange plonker in the White House didn’t nominate him for Secretary of Defense!

Phil: <shrugs> He, ah wasn’t available.

<Tony explains to Pepper why he’s hunting down and destroying the weapons, how he’s changed, trying to be a better man, Peg’s heart swells with pride at his words> (31).gif

Peggy: Howard would be so proud of him.< she watches Pepper download the ghost files under Stane’s nose, impressed at her cool head as she escapes with Coulson> Has she ever considered becoming an agent? 

Phil: <smiles> I think she’s got enough on her plate running the company and trying to keep Stark out of trouble.

Peggy: <laughs> It might be a relaxing change for her then! <Phil laughs with her> 

<Stane paralyses Tony, ripping the reactor from his chest, Peg’s hands ball into fists, wishing she could smash the smug look of victory from his wretched face>

Peggy: <as Tony crawls across the workshop floor> Thank God Pepper didn’t listen to him about throwing that away! 

<Phil, Pepper and the agents search through Section 16, looking for Stane, Peg jumps in surprise as he pops out of the shadows in his suit, she watches the battle>

Peggy: <as Tony lures Stane into the air, she grins> The ice! That’s how he defeats him, isn’t it? It’s brilliant!

Phil: Just watch.

<the battle continues on the rooftop, Peg nods approvingly as Stane falls into the reactor, watching it explode>

Peggy: Well done! It’s good to know he’s gone! 

Phil: <shakes his head as the press conference begins> I scrambled most of the night to build him that alibi, create guest statements, and then he just bluntly announces to the world. 


Peggy: <pats him on the shoulder> Howard would have done no less in his place. <the end credits roll along, her face scrunches, unimpressed with the soundtrack> Could we possibly skip through the credits and move on to the next documentary?

Phil: <matter of factly> No.

Peggy: <eyebrows raise> So, Nick was the one to assemble the Avengers into a team? I thought they were a separate entity from SHIELD.

Phil: They were started by SHIELD, but <exhales> when we were compromised by HYDRA, they broke off on their own. Tony financed everything and handled all the tech, while Cap led the missions and handled strategy.

Peggy: It sounds like they made a good team. What happened?

Phil: Well it was a rocky start, but they worked it out. Then the Accords and <doesn’t want to mention Bucky yet> some other issues all came to a head at once. I think if they could have addressed things one at a time, they might have been able to work out the differences, but it was all too much and the stress and emotions tore them apart.

Peggy: Is all this in the documentaries?

Phil: Yes, but we’ve got a ways to go. 

Peggy: <realizes her coffee sits untouched on the table, ice cold, her stomach rumbles> Do you mind if we take a break? I’m rather starved.

Phil: <a knowing smile spreads across his face, checks his watch> Three. Two. One. <a knock sounds at the door, Peg looks at the door, startled and confused, Phil rises, answering it, turns back to Peg, pizza in hand> I think I timed that pretty well.

Peggy: But how did you?

Phil: <sets the box down on the table, holds up his phone> Pre order.

Peggy: You are an ANGEL! <digs into the hot fresh pizza, speaking between bites> So what happens in the next documentary? You said there was another one about Anthony?

Phil: Yeah, he still had some growing up to do, and some kinks to work out with the arc reactor. <starts the next film, and grabs a slice of pizza before sitting back down>

<the film opens in Moscow, Peg sighs sadly, watching the man mourning his father, her eyes catch the names on the blueprints>

Peggy: Anton Vanko? I remember him! He was one of the top scientists working for Howard at Stark Industries. Edwin and I went to see him for assistance trying to track down who had stolen Howard’s formula for nitramine. His poor son. How did he end up in a broken down hovel in Russia?

Phil: It wasn’t good, you’ll see. <Vanko’s son Ivan begins work on some sort of tech>

Peggy: <the scene changes to Tony jumping out of the plane, she grins shaking her head in amusement, thinking back> If that isn’t a typical Stark entrance, I don’t know what is.

starks entrance

<watches Tony exit the suit> Why did it take all those machines to extract him? In the park, it just opened up and he stepped out.

Phil: He’s spent a LOT of time tinkering and upgrading his suits.

<the Stark Expo archive footage appears, Peg gasps, tilting her head quizzically>

Peggy: Howard? Good Lord he changed, I barely recognize him. This was, what, 1970?

Phil: ’74, the last Expo Howard hosted.

Peggy: Twenty six years, how time changes one…..

<Tony checks his toxicity levels, and then exits the Expo, Peg notices the old man in suspenders in the crowd as Tony makes his way out>

Peggy: I thought his name was ‘Hef’?

Phil: <looks up from the pizza, the man no longer on the screen> Hm? Who?

Peggy: <shakes her head> Nevermind. <Tony receives the subpoena> Oh dear, I remember Howard having to deal with the Senate. He was being accused of treason, but was rather flippant about the proceedings. I ended up having to conduct my own investigation to clear his name. 

Phil: That was back before SSR became SHIELD. You were still working the New York office with Agents Sousa and Thompson.

Peggy: YES! That’s right! How did you? Oh yes, the old files. <the hearing begins, she glares at Senator Stern> He’s a bit of a smarmy wanker, when is HIS seat up for election?

sen stern.gif

Phil: <thinks ahead> Oh, he’s no longer in office. There’s a very progressive woman in that seat now. <Peg nods satisfactorily, then growls as Justin Hammer gives his speech, Rhodey enters, and Peg looks confused>

Peggy: That’s not the same actor who portrayed Rhodey in the last documentary.

Phil: Oh, that’s right, you haven’t met Rhodey yet. They had a shooting schedule conflict on the first film which prevented this actor from being available. 

rhodey senate.gif

Peggy: No, I haven’t met him. Anthony said there was some sort of accident last summer, and Rhodey has been upstate at the Avengers training facility, during his recovery. Anthony visits him quite often.

<Tony commanders the screens to show how far away competitors are from reproducing the Iron Man suit>

Peggy: North Korea is working on one of those? We have enough problems with the fool in the White House antagonizing them in his tweets! <the test footage continues, Tony gives his estimates on how long it will take for anyone to create another Iron Man> 

Phil: Don’t worry, our intel shows they pulled the plug on their version years ago because it was just too costly. <Tony exits the hearing, speaking to the camera, Peg closes her eyes in exasperation, Ivan continues his work, electricity crackling along the framework>

Peggy: Someone WAS close though, weren’t they? More than just close. <Phil simply nods, JARVIS explains the palladium issue, Peg’s eyes widen in concern> He’s poisoning himself, to stay alive? <Tony and Pepper argue over the company, Tony makes her CEO, Peggy whispers> He’s trying to put his affairs in order, he doesn’t think he’ll find a cure…..

<Natalie Rushman enters, Peg rolls her eyes, bored, thinking this will be another of Tony’s conquests, she grabs another slice of pizza as Tony googles the woman, nearly choking as Happy lands on his back in the boxing ring, she nods, impressed>

natalie happy.gif

<Peg snickers at the exchange when Tony and Pepper run into Christine Everhart and Justin Hammer in Monaco, Tony decides to drive his own race car in the Gran Prix, as Tony races along the path, she recognizes Vanko, shaking her head, Vanko opens his jumpsuit, revealing his own arc reactor and whips, the whip slices through the first car like a hot knife through butter, it sails over his head, she gasps as Tony’s car suffers the same fate, cheering as Happy and Pepper arrive to help>

Peggy: <Tony activates the suitcase> Oh now THAT is much simpler! I LIKE that one!

<Vanko is defeated, and taken away by the authorities, Tony enters his cell, Peg follows the conversation between the two with rapt interest, as Vanko accuses Tony’s father of being a thief and revealing his knowledge of Tony’s palladium poisoning, Tony and Pepper talk on the plane, he tries to talk her into going on a vacation with him, without telling her the truth about his condition>

Peggy: <sighs, shaking her head> He was trying to connect with her, but his ego wouldn’t allow him to admit he was sick. He didn’t want to appear weak. That damnable Stark ego. It’s a wonder it hasn’t gotten one of them killed yet! <Vanko escapes with the help of Hammer> That wanker wants to use Vanko to destroy Anthony and tear down Howard’s legacy. <Pepper and Natalie both on phones, trying to do damage control for the company, Peg pays particular attention as Tony goes though the database, searching for answers about Vanko’s father, she sighs sadly> He was so brilliant when I met him. It’s rather a shame that he betrayed, um, will betray us. 

Phil: <notes her starting to switch back and forth in her use of tenses, makes a mental note> His work with Howard on the arc reactor was invaluable.

<Rhodey discovers Tony’s health is failing, tries to make him understand that he doesn’t have to go through things alone, Tony still adamantly arguing that he knows what he’s doing>

Peggy: Rhodey is his friend! As is Pepper! WHY in the bloody hell won’t he let them help him!

Phil: You said it yourself. Ego. Not wanting to appear weak.

Peggy: <Tony prepares for his birthday party, Natalie helping him, Peg scowls a bit at her familiarity with Tony> There’s something about that woman. I can’t quite pin it down. I’ve never seen her before, but there’s almost something familiar about her. It’s nagging at me. I’m not sure if I trust her. <Phil tries to hide a grin>

<the party begins, Peg cringes then entire time, watching Tony drunkenly making a fool of himself, and endangering his guests, Rhodey suiting up to shut the party down, the ensuing fight between the two, Happy pulling Pepper out of the way, as Natalie sneaks off>

Peggy: <eyes crinkling, suspicious> What is that red-headed minx up to?

Phil: <a snicker escapes, Peg glares at him, he shakes his head> You’ll see.

Peggy: <the fight continues until Tony is knocked out, Rhodey takes the suit to the Edwards Air Force base, she slams her fist into the cushion of the sofa> If Anthony hadn’t been such a self centered tosser! <the scene changes, Tony, sitting in a giant donut, stuffing his face> Good Lord, what is he up to now?!  


Peggy: <closes her eyes, shaking with laughter as Nick speaks> Oh Dear! I’m not always certain how much I trust his penchant for secrets. Yet I have to say, I do love that man’s dry humor! <the conversation moves into the coffee shop, Nick points out the evidence of Tony’s palladium poisoning, Peg frowns, still annoyed that Tony won’t ask for help, her eyes go wide as Natalie appears, and Nick introduces her> THAT is Steve’s friend Nat?! Oh for heaven’s sake! How did I not realize she was an agent? 

Phil: Romanoff is damn good at what she does. She was a graduate of the Red Room, but defected to SHIELD over a decade ago.

Peggy: <agitated and concerned> A Red Room graduate? Are you sure she can be trusted? I’ve dealt with some of them before, they’ve always got an angle.

Phil: She’s helped save the world, and Cap has trusted her with his life more than once. <Peg nods, satisfied for the moment, Nick continues, telling Tony he hasn’t tried every possible solution yet> 

<Vanko and Hammer argue over the change from suits to drones, and the military plans to let Hammer weaponize the suit Rhodey brought them>

Peggy: He’s regretting turning over the suit, isn’t he?

Phil: <nods, points at the screen> You’ll appreciate this next part. <Fury starts explaining that the arc reactor was never fully completed>

Peggy: <her full attention on the screen, listens with rapt interest as Fury talks about Howard, sighing sadly as Tony claims his father wasn’t his biggest fan> He always seems so very sad and angry when Howard is mentioned. What changed Howard to make him so hard hearted and horrid? 

Phil: <shrugs> I’m not sure. Whether it was something that happened with SHIELD, Stark Technologies, or something personal, I’m afraid I can’t say. <points back at the screen as Fury drops off the chest of notes and films, leaving Coulson in charge> 

Peggy: <laughs> You pulled the short straw on this one, didn’t you? <looks closer at Tony> For someone who claims not to be nostalgic and hates his father, I find it odd that he’s wearing Howard’s old robe!

Phil: <eyebrows raise at Peg’s observation> Huh. Didn’t know that. <on screen, Coulson threatens to taze Tony>

phil supernanny.gif

Peggy: <cocks her head to one side, perplexed> Supernanny? What powers do they have?

Phil: <chuckles> Ah, no, it was a television show. No superpowers. <Peg’s brow wrinkles, she shrugs and returns to watching, as Hammer displays the variety of armaments, she pays close attention to the weapons, silently noting the advancements in firearms since her time>

Peggy: <Tony opens Howards old chest, she gasps, mesmerised as the old film footage of Howard plays, scowling angrily as Howard scolds Tony> I’ve a mind to punch Howard the moment I see his arse again! <Phil frowns, saying nothing, Howard shown on the screen drinking, mooning the camera, Peg yells at the screen> Bloody Hell Howard! Get ahold of yourself man! <Howard’s message to Tony begins, Peg watches with tears in her eyes> THIS is the father he should have been. 

howard greatest.gif

Peggy: <Tony races back to the office, tries to talk to Pepper, ending up in an argument she shakes her head, rolling her eyes> And here I thought Steve didn’t know how to talk to a woman! <Nat enters, Tony making snarky side comments, Peg burst out laughing when she hears Nat’s retort in latin> I think I’m beginning to like her!

Nat latin.gif

<Tony looks over the layout of the Expo model, racing home to work with JARVIS, Peg cheers when he figures out the hidden message from his father, discovering the new element>

tony element.gif

<JARVIS informs Tony that the new element is the solution to his problem, but is impossible to synthesize, Tony steps up to the challenge and starts to get to work>

Peggy: <watches Coulson pull the prototype for Steve’s shield out of a box of junk> Do you know what that is!?

Phil: Oh, believe me, I was just as shocked and excited when I found it. Still can’t believe he just used it to prop up his equipment. I tried to get him to give it to me or at least donate it to a museum, but he said he might need it to level a table or something one of these days. What a waste.

Peggy: What was in New Mexico that Nick was in such a rush to send you off?

Phil: <coyly> Oh, just a hammer. <Peg gives him a side eye, then returns to the film as Tony gets back to work, successfully creating the new element and installing it into the arc reactor>

Peggy: <watches as Hammer and Vanko are at odds once more> This was a doomed partnership from the start. Vanko, I’d almost like the man if he weren’t hell bent upon destroying Anthony. Hammer though, Hammer is a vindictive child, a con man, and a poor sport.

<Vanko calls Tony, challenging him, Tony realizes Vanko will strike at the Expo, installs the new, improved, yet untested arc reactor into his chest, charging up, telling JARVIS to prep his suit>

Peggy: <the scene changes to the Expo, and Hammer’s presentation, Peg glares at the screen the entire time, unimpressed> He’s trying to one up Anthony at showmanship. And failing. Miserably. <Rhodey rises up from beneath the stage in the newly christened ‘War Machine’ armor> I don’t understand how he could allow himself to be a part of this farce!

Phil: He’s a soldier, an airman, and he had his orders. Besides, he wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with the armor. <Tony enters the Expo, alerting Rhodey to the imminent danger to the civilians in the audience>

Peggy: Well it’s about bloody damn time! He’s finally realizing he doesn’t have to do it all alone! <Vanko hacks into War Machine and the Hammer drones, Peg inhales as they all target Tony, who lures them outside away from the crowds, Hammer panics as he’s told the drones have been hacked, Pepper and Nat confront him, he tries to shoo the women away, trying to get the ‘bitches’ out of there, Peg fist punches the air as Nat pins Hammer facedown into the table> YES! YES! YES! I definitely DO like her! 

Phil: <laughs> I hope so. You’ll most likely be working with her on some of the missions Fury has in the works. She’s been running a team undercover, tracing links between the GOP, Russia, and HYDRA. 

Peggy: Excellent! <Nat orders Happy to drive her to Hammer Industries, Vanko controls the drones, firing into the crowd> He’s NO regard for civilians! <Tony and Rhodey draw them away>

Phil: <Nat and Happy arrive at Hammer Industries, he grins> Now you’ll really get to see Romanoff in action!


Peggy: <recognizes the taser disks> Those are MUCH more effective on regular men! <impressed with Nat’s fighting style> Those moves! I may ask her for some tips once we meet! <Nat continues to fight her way through the guards> I think even Dottie could have taken some tips from her! <thinks for a moment> Nevermind, if Dottie WERE here, that would be a VERY unwise idea. <snickers as Happy finally takes down the guard he was fighting and looks up to see the trail of unconscious bodies in Nat’s wake> 

<Tony still trying to keep the drones focused on him, as Rhodey rides along in his hacked suit, more of them into crashing as Tony lures them into tight turns and spaces, Nat returns control of Rhodey’s suit, Peg nearly crying with laughter as Tony and Pepper argue, Rhodey and Tony work things out between them just in time to face the rest of the drones and Vanko in his new Whiplash suit>

Peggy: <watches Rhodey fire the ‘Ex-Wife’ missile, shakes her head in disgust at the missile’s failure> Shoddy craftsmanship, I knew the moment that conman started waxing poetic about how powerful it was. <Vanko wraps them both in his powerful electrical whips, Tony comes up with a plan for the two of them to defeat him together> He’s learning to be a team player finally!

Phil: He still needed to work on that, but he got there, eventually. He just needed another <clears his throat, frowning> ah, little push.

Peggy: <Tony saves Pepper from the exploding drones, shakes her head> So Vanko sacrificed himself for misguided vengeance, and still didn’t achieve his goal. How sad.

Phil: Actually, his suit was strong enough to protect him from the blast. He survived, and is incarcerated at a secure facility. <Peg looks impressed>

Peggy: Would that be this Raft I keep hearing about?

Phil: <tight smile> I’m afraid that’s classified.

<Tony and Pepper’s argument on the roof turns to a kiss, Peg smiles, Rhodey takes off with the suit, Fury and Tony discuss Nat’s assessment of him>

Peggy: Wait! They decided NOT to recruit him for the Initiative? I thought he was an Avenger, not just a consultant?

Phil: Patience. The next documentary is about the Avengers and it will explain more.

Peggy: <Senator Stern is forced to present Tony and Rhodey with an award> I sincerely dislike that man. ‘Little prick’ indeed! 

sen  stern 2.gif

Phil: You’re going to like him even less later. <starts the next documentary>

Peggy: What about the end of this one? <rises to make more coffee>

Phil: Oh, that’s just more about New Mexico. That’s not important for the moment. I need to show you what brought Tony and Cap to where we are now.

<coffee in hand, Peg relaxes back on the sofa, Avengers begins, the helicopter arriving at the research site, as evacuation begins, Coulson greeting Fury and Agent Hill, Peg watches them enter the facility, her ears perk up at the word Tesseract>

Peggy: I had Howard hide that damnable thing, locked up, we agreed it was too dangerous for even SHIELD to toy with! I should have had him drop it back in the ocean where he found it! WHAT the HELL did you fools think you were doing!?

Phil: Threats to the Earth had escalated over the recent years. We thought it could help us get an edge on whatever might show up next.

Peggy: Hmph! <folds her arms across her chest, leaning back against the sofa, her mouth a tight line, growls> I don’t suppose that came back to bite you in the arse, now did it? <Phil doesn’t answer>

clint doors.gif

Peggy: <impressed at Clint’s assessment> Well he’s a quick one. <everyone reacts as the Tesseract begins to activate, shaking the entire complex, her jaw drops as the doorway opens, she gets a slight chill seeing the smile on the face of the man who appears afterward, a firefight between the man and the agents ensues, Peg watches bullets bounce off him as bolts from his staff rip through the agents, he uses the staff to turn Agent Barton and others to his side> Who IS that man? <Nick tries to secure the Tesseract>

Phil: <a barely perceptible twitch crosses his face as Loki introduces himself> For the record, not a fan. <Peg looks at him, confused, Phil waves his hand> Nevermind.

<Loki, Selvig, and Barton take off with the Tesseract, Hill in pursuit as Fury makes his way out of the facility before the doorway collapses, destroying the entire complex>

Peggy: <hand to her mouth> My word….. <looks at Phil> You barely made it out of there.

Phil: <nods> I was watching that crater expand practically under our tires. <Loki escapes with the Tesseract, Fury tells Hill and Coulson they’re now at war> 

<Nat is being interrogated by Russians, Peg watches with great interest, her eyes go wide as one of the henchmen’s phones ring, with Coulson on the other end, they crinkle in amusement as Coulson tells them their exact location and demands they put Nat on the phone, she shakes with laughter as Nat argues with Coulson>

Nat moron.gif

Peggy: <watching Nat at work, growing even more impressed with her, repeating her previous statement> Oh I most certainly have to get a few lessons from her! <Coulson and Nat resume their conversation> She and this Agent Barton were close I take it? <Phil nods> This ‘big guy’. Steve?

Phil: <laughs> Ah. NO.

Peggy: <Banner is lured to the shack on the edge of town, Nat appears> THAT is the ‘big guy’? He’s merely a doctor, and rather puny. 

Phil: <tries to hide a grin> Oh, you’ll see later. <exchange between Nat and Banner continues>

Peggy: The ‘other guy?’ <she puts the pieces together> He’s like a Jekyll and Hyde! Dare I ask how that happened? 

Phil: Those are a pair of documentaries for another time, like the one about New Mexico. <Peg opens her mouth to ask another question, but thinks better of it, Fury argues with the Council, Peg glares, but continues to keep silent until Fury mentions soldiers>

Peggy: Is this? <a pair of boxing gloves hanging over the edge of a ring appears, the camera shifts to show Steve at a heavy bag, her heart leaps as she sees him, she whispers his name, the shock of him being alive still fresh> Steve.

steve punch behind.gif

<she watches him, his memories flying across the screen as he hits the bag harder and harder, finally sending it flying, her heart breaks, realizing the pain he must have felt, all the loss and confusion upon waking, he replaces the bag and resumes>

Peggy: <eyes starting to water> Oh my darling. <sniffles, turns to Phil> Is this how he’s spent his days since waking? 

Phil: At first, yes. He felt stranded, and we were having a hard time getting him out into the world. The mission to retrieve the Tesseract was the start of the turning point I think. <Steve packs his gear and heads for the door, Peg gives a tight smile at his parting words to Fury, an echo of her own>


Peggy: <Tony flying across the skyline, a bright smile crosses her face as the Tower lights up> Why, that’s HERE. But, it says STARK? 

Phil: Remember, that was before. <Peg nods, Tony and Pepper discuss the Tower, as Tony tries to dodge Phil’s call, Peg looks at him as Tony references the LMD, Phil guesses her question> No. <Peg rolls with laughter as the elevator open revealing Coulson> Yeah, it took me a while, but I figured out ways to wrangle Tony.

<she laughs even harder as Tony tries to correct Pepper, Tony expands the files up on to holographic screens similar to the ones Peg has gotten used to using, she squints, trying to soak up as much detail as possible while the screens are in view>

tony tess.gif

<aboard the Quinjet, Coulson briefs Steve on Banner, explaining the attempts to recreate Erskine’s formula, Peg makes the same confused face as Steve at the mention of Steven Hawking, as Coulson stammers his way through the rest of the conversation, Peg bites her lip, trying not to laugh>

Peggy: You really were quite the, what’s that word Nick used? Fan boy?

Phil: <blushes> When you get a chance to meet the people you grew up admiring as heroes, it’s kind of intimidating. <grins at her> It get’s less awkward the second time around.

Peggy: The second time you meet them? Or the second hero?

Phil: <winks> Both.

<The Quinjet lands on a massive battleship, Peg is visibly impressed, even more so when she sees the SHIELD logo on it>

Peggy: This ship is ours?! 

Phil: <nods, grinning> Oh it gets better.

<Coulson introduces Steve to Nat, Peg tries not to laugh when Nat brings up Coulson’s trading cards, Banner joins them, and Nat suggests they move below ship, Peg looks on in amazement as the helicarrier rises from the waters>

Peggy: My word! It flies! <Nat leads Steve and Banner into Command, the down to business bustle of the well trained crew impresses Peg as much as the ship itself, then the ship seems to vanish from the sky, Peg’s eyes go wide, Phil smiles at her reaction>

Phil: Told ya.

Peggy: < Steve hands Fury a ten dollar bill, she snorts> I’m rather glad I haven’t made any such wagers since arriving here! <Nat leads Banner to the lab, the scene switches to Loki, Selvig and Barton, Peg scoffs as Barton opens his bow> All these advanced weapons available, and he chooses a bow?

Phil: You never want to be in his sights with that thing.

<Coulson discusses his card collection with Steve, Loki is located in Germany, Peg’s eyes roll slightly>

Peggy: Stuttgart, I remember that place. Not fondly. <Steve walks into the equipment room, Peg sees the updated costume, approves, Phil beams slightly> 

<Barton breaks into the museum to steal the iridium, as Loki creates a massive distraction, Peg looks on, disgusted by Loki’s attempt to instill fear in the crowd and forced them to submit and kneel, an old man rises, standing up in defiance, Peg watches, remembering those who stood up to tyranny before>

Peggy: <she whispers> Well said sir, never let us forget. <she cringes slightly, as Loki aims his staff at the man, expecting to see him struck down, she cheers as Steve jumps in to defend the old man> Get him my darling! <a fight ensures between the two, Peg grows more than a bit concerned as Loki gets the upper hand, his staff at Steve’s head> Please tell me he didn’t turn Steve!

Phil: I’m not sure if it would work on him. <the fight continues, suddenly the loud harsh noise that Peg has begun to associate with Tony blasts through the speakers>

Peggy: <cringes at the sounds> I suppose his so-called excuse for music would make for a good battle charge. Was that the first time Steve and Anthony had met? <Phil nods, Peg gives an exasperated sigh as Tony displays his trademark snark, a sudden electrical storm arises, Loki grows concerned> (14).gif

<Peg jumps as a man lands on the top of the Quinjet, Tony opens the hatch, the man enters, Peg recognizes the hammer as it smashes into Tony’s faceplate>

Peggy: But I thought Thor was on our side?

Phil: He is, but it got complicated at first. <pauses> Family does that sometimes. <Peg nods>

<Thor grabs Loki by the throat and flies off, Tony and Steve dive out after them, Loki and Thor argue on a mountain top, Tony crashes into Thor, knocking him into the woods where they face off, Tony absorbs a direct bolt from Thor’s hammer>

Phil: His encounter with Whiplash inspired him to tinker with his suit, making it less vulnerable to electrical attacks. 

Peggy: Very smart of him. <the fight continues, trees crashing in their wake> Thank heaven they weren’t in a populated area!

<Steve stepping in finally, attempting to diffuse the situation, Thor brings the hammer down on Steve’s shield, Peg gasps at the resulting shockwave that blasts through the forest, knocking all three down, ending the fight, They return to the helicarrier, with Loki in custody, Peg notes Loki’s lack of concern at his incarceration as he taunts Fury from his cage, the others listening in>

Peggy: It’s a reverse trap. He’s the type who will walk into a prison of his own free will, with an escape already planned. He WANTS to be there. <the group converses in command, trying to make a plan, Tony enters with some of the answers, Peg listens, try to understand the science of it, her face scrunches in confusion> WHAT is a Galaga? 


Phil: <bursts out laughing> It’s a video game. <Peg still looks lost, Phil shakes his head> Nevermind.

<Tony continues to explain, Peg frowns as he secretly attaches something to one of the computers, the conversation continues, Steve catches Fury’s reference to flying monkeys, Peg twitches slightly>

Peggy: I always hated that movie. My brother Michael was sweet on Judy Garland at the time. He dragged me to see it. Twice.

<Tony and Banner study Loki’s staff, Steve enters to see Tony attempting to provoke Banner as a joke, Steve isn’t amused, the two begin to argue>

Peggy: <frowns, snarking> I see they got off to a smashing start. <Steve leaves, Peg studies his face> I know that look. He wasn’t about to admit it, but Anthony made a point. <Tony and Banner continue working and conversing> Huh, Anthony trying to inspire someone else to use their gifts. Perhaps he’s grown up after all.

Phil: <his face non committal> Eh, maybe. Perhaps. A little. Though I don’t think he’ll ever fully start acting his age. <Peg smiles, Steve breaks into a storage room, exploring>

<Selvig continues his work in secret, Coulson and Thor discuss why Loki would choose Selvig for his plan, Thor regrets the impact he and Loki had upon the Earth in their last visit, Fury joins the conversation, Peg nods silently when Fury confirms her own suspicions about Loki’s presence oh the helicarrier, Nat goes to interrogate Loki>

Peggy: <listens closely to Nat’s story, her work before SHIELD, Barton recruiting rather than eliminating her, Loki taunts her, as the others are shown on screen, Peg turns from watching when Steve finds the crates of HYDRA weapons and armor, stands up, looking down at Phil, hands balled into fists> WHAT, IN THE NAME OF HELL, ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT!? <point at the screen angrily>

Phil: <puts his hands up, trying to calm her> He had the same reaction, but it’s explained, just watch. <Peg sits reluctantly>

<Loki continues his tirade, telling Nat how he’ll have Barton kill her, Nat turns away trembling and Loki lets slip a reference to Hulk, Nat turns, straight face, informing Fury of Loki’s intended target>

Peggy: Well done. Though I dare say the larger the ego, the easier to manipulate them into revealing intel. <Phil nods in agreement>

<Fury checks the progress of Tony and Banner in the lab, Steve enters, dropping the HYDRA gun on the table, Peg’s anger rising again as she watches, Fury explains why SHIELD is attempting to use the Tesseract to make weapons>

Peggy: <looks back to Phil> New Mexico? <he nods> The idea almost has merit. We obviously need some sort of response and protections from the increasingly powerful threats the world is facing. But the Tesseract? No one can truly control that thing. It’s more harm than good.

<the conversation devolves into multiple arguments as Loki’s staff quietly glows on the table, the arguments intensify, focusing on Tony and Steve, Peg bites her lip as she hears Steve calling Tony a ‘big man in a suit of armor’, Tony retorting that Steve was a lab experiment and ‘everything special about him came from a bottle’, she sniffles, shaking her head, takes a few deep breaths saying nothing, Barton fires an arrow at the carrier, Peg is suitably impressed, the argument in the lab continues to devolve, and she fears it will soon come to blows, Banner stops them all, his story shocking them, Peg included, the computer locates the Tesseract, and Tony, Thor and Steve begin to argue once more, this time over who will retrieve it>

TS argue.gif

Peggy: <yelling at the screen> This is no time for petty arguing! Will you boys PLEASE start to work together! Damnable fools! <Phil tries not to laugh> They’re lucky I wasn’t there. I’d have knocked their heads together and then gone to retrieve it myself.

<Barton’s arrow explodes, knocking out one of the engines, the carrier in chaos, Hill, Fury, and Coulson coordinating damage control and preparing for probable boarding, Tony and Steve plan to try and fix the engine, Nat and Banner in the underbelly of the carrier, Peg watches in shock and awe at Banner’s transformation, remembering the green monster toy she had seen earlier in a shop window>

Peggy: THAT is your ‘Hulk’? My word. <she sees the pain in Banner’s eyes before the transformation completes>

<Hulk chases Nat through the underbelly of the carrier, Loki smiling as he hears the roars echoing though the ship, Fury orders them out over the water, incase the carrier can no longer remain in the air>

Peggy: I’d heard that SHIELD airships crashed down over Washington D.C. Was this when that happened?

Phil: That was much later. <points at the screens> Your guys kept us airborne. <Tony works on repairing the engine, Steve attempts to help, despite not understanding the technology, Peg chuckles>


<Nat hides amidst the pipeworks, Hulk finding her, charging after her, Thor slams into him, and the two begin duking it out, Steve and Tony continuing repairs, a grenade goes off on the command deck, Fury and Hill take out the invading forces as Coulson accesses a high security weapon locker, the ship begins to lurch as another engine is taken out, Nat goes to intercept Barton,  Loki traps Thor in the cage>

Peggy:  <watches the two assassins battle with great interest> They’re both quite good! Does this Barton fellow regain his senses?

Phil: <puts a finger to his lips, point to the screen> Spoilers. <Loki taunts the caged Thor, Phil sighs> This is not my favorite part. 

Peggy: <looks at the large gun in Coulson’s hands> Just tell me that’s not Hammer tech.

Phil: No, something special I had the folks in the lab build for me. <on the screen, Coulson says even he doesn’t know what the gun does, Phil looks away from the screen>

Peggy: <gasps in shock, covering her eyes momentarily as Loki’s spear protrudes from Coulson’s chest> How did you survive that?! <Phil doesn’t answer, the scene shifting back to the fight between Nat and Barton, he finally recognizes her, and she knocks him out>

<Phil suddenly focused on his phone, as Peg watches the exchange between Coulson and Loki, she grins happily as Coulson fires the gun, knocking Loki through a wall, Steve and Tony finishing the repairs as Loki escapes, Fury finds the injured Coulson, Peg gasps as Coulson dies, Fury breaking the news to the others across the radio, Phil still focused on his phone, refusing to look up>

Peggy: <grabs his arm> That can’t be how it happened! You’re right here, beside me, alive and well!

Phil: <takes a deep breath> I’ll explain after the film is over. (2)

<Fury uses Coulson’s death to attempt to motivate Tony and Steve, explaining the Avenger Initiative, Peg listens in silence, unsure what to say to Phil, Barton comes out from under the influence of Loki’s mind control, Tony and Steve talk about Coulson, about how Loki made the fight personal, and realize where he’ll strike with the Tesseract, the team suits up and prepares for battle, Hill confronts Fury>

Peggy: <realizing> That was the ‘little push’ you mentioned earlier?

Phil: <tight lipped> Yeah. <Peg sighs, still unsure what to say>

<Tony is the first to arrive at the Tower, he confronts Loki, telling him that the Avengers will stop him, they banter back and forth, Peg bursts with pride at the way Tony stands up to him, vowing to protect and avenge the Earth, Loki failing to turn Tony, hurls him out the window, only to have Tony fly back up to him in a new Ironman suit>

his name is phil.gif

<the portal opens, Chitauri warriors pouring out, Peg watches the chaos and panic of the civilians in the streets with concern, Thor takes his turn battling Loki, chunks of the building falling to the streets below, Nat, Steve and Barton arrive, coordinating a battle plan with Tony, Peg looks on in awe as the massive Chitauri behemoth appears, warriors springing from it to attack the city, Loki leaps onto a Chautari flyer, as Steve splits from Nat and Barton on the ground in order to save civilians>

Peggy: What happened in Budapest?

Phil: <doesn’t look up from his phone> Sorry, that’s classified. <Peg rolls her eyes>

<the Chitauri army continues it attack, NYPD trying to create a safe perimeter for civilians, Peg notices one officers, as Steve arrives, advising them on the safest route of escape, the other officer challenges why he should listen to Steve, who proceeds to take out two Chitauri in front of them, the officer then relays Steve’s orders>

Peggy: <brow furrows in confusion> Daniel? 

Phil: <finally looks up from his phone, but the two officers are already off screen> Who?

Peggy: I thought I saw Agent Sousa there just now.

Phil: If I recall, one of his sons did go into law enforcement.

Peggy: <nods satisfied with the answer, as the battle rages on> Those two make quite a team.

Phil: Yeah, Barton and Romanoff have been working together for a very long time. <Steve and Thor join the pair, Steve starts directing strategy as Banner arrives>

Peggy: <eyes go wide as Tony rounds the corner of a building> Anthony’s idea of a party certainly has changed.


<Peg’s jaw drops as Banner transforms, the Hulk stopping the behemoth, as onlookers cheer, Steve steps up and starts calling out orders to the team, they split up to their assignments, Hill notifies Fury that the Council is contacting him>

Peggy: Who the bloody hell is this ‘Council’? Howard and I never answers to any such thing in our day. <she drops the question for the moment, watching the group working together as a solid team> Well it’s about damn time!

<the battle rages on, with no end in sight, Nat tells Steve they need to close the portal, getting a boost from him to one of the Chitauri flyers, the rest of the team continuing the fight, Steve saving a group of civilians in a bank, the Council informs Fury of it’s decision, Peg growls>

Peggy: What in God’s name made them think that dropping a nuclear bomb on Manhattan was a sound tactical idea? <Hulk slams Loki around, Peg roars with laughter> ‘Puny God’ indeed! 

<the Council overrides Fury’s authority, directing a jet to head for Manhattan to drop the nuke, Fury fires a rocket launcher, grounding the bird, but another takes off, Fury alerts Tony, as the rocket is fired, Tony catches the rocket, taking it through the portal that Nat is about to close> 

Peggy: <her heart lurches as Tony falls back through the shrinking portal, his eyes closing> Steve was wrong about him, Anthony was willing to make the sacrifice play. <Hulk catches Tony, and the others crowd around, Tony jolting back awake as Hulk roars>


<Loki is captured, and the news footage plays, Peg notices the old man in the park playing chess, shakes her head as the interviews continue, Fury informs the Council that the Tesseract will be leaving with Thor and Loki>

Peggy:  <breaths a sigh of relief knowing the Tesseract is returning to Asgard> At least we won’t have to worry about that thing causing any more problems. <the team splits up, going their separate ways, HIll asking what happens next time, Fury answers that they’ll be back when they’re needed>

Peggy: <smiles> He had faith. <the film ends> By the way, what IS shawarma?

Phil: It’s a Turkish meat sandwich or wrap, You should try it sometime.

Peggy: <still smiling, stifles a yawn> Steve promised to take me out to try it.

Phil: <non committal> I’m sure he did.

Peggy: Now that it’s over, tell me, HOW did you survive Loki’s attack?

Phil: <sighing> I didn’t. I died.

Peggy: <feels his arm> You’re not one of those LMD’s are you?

Phil: <finally smiles> No. Actually, in a way, I have you to thank. <Peg looks at him, puzzled> Do you remember back in ’45 when you and the Commandos stormed a HYDRA base, capturing Werner Reinhardt? 

Peggy: <leary> Don’t tell me he was let out too! 

Phil: No. But when you captured his base, you confiscated an number of items. There was an obelisk, and an alien corpse.

Peggy: <remembering> Yes, I had them both locked away, I thought them too dangerous. 

Phil: Well, through the use of some advanced SHIELD tech, and a formula devised from the DNA of the Kree corpse you found, Fury was able to bring me back. The tech and the corpse have since been destroyed, but, <shrugs> here I am.

Peggy: Astounding! Was it painful? 

Phil: Excruciating, and it nearly drove me insane, but I got through it with the help of my team.

Peggy: <rubbing her eyes> Yes, I’ve met some of them. You’ve surrounded yourself with good people.

Phil: Yeah, it’s like a family. I’ve been meaning to take them out for pancakes and some down time, but we’ve been so busy lately, there just hasn’t been the chance.

Peggy: <her head nodding> Mmm, pancakes. 

Phil: You need a break, it’s been a long day for you.

Peggy: <looks at her wrist, remembers her watch was confiscated, pulls out her phone to check the time> Good Lord, it’s nearly seven am! <suddenly feeling very weary as she thinks of the emotional rollercoaster of the last twenty four hours, looks at the case> How many more documentaries are there to go?

Phil: There’s four more I want you to see before we talk, but you need to be awake enough for it to all make sense.

Peggy: After that, will I finally be able to see Steve?

Phil: That’s going to depend on how things go with him, Tony and Fury. <tilts his head> Most likely yes though. Go catch a few hours. 

Peggy: <rises from the sofa, blinking back the fatigue> With all that’s happened, I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep. It’s a lot to absorb. <walks across the living room>

Phil: <points toward her bedroom> Go. I’ll be here when you wake.

Peggy: <grins> Watching Supernanny? <Phil rolls his eyes, she heads into her room>

<Peg collapses on the bed without even undressing, her eyes closed before her head hits the pillow, her dreams filled with music, and the man who owes her a dance>

steg dance 1.gif

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