Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 62. Separated Again…..


Loc: En Route To, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59st


<Steve and Peggy sit silently in the back seat of Fury’s SUV, still holding hands, her weary head on his shoulder, his head on hers, each quietly trying to process the reality beside them>

Nick: <driving, on speaker phone> HOW MANY new ‘out of towners?!’

Phil: Forty. They just arrived about ten minutes ago. Apparently The Doctor’s been dimension hopping again. I still don’t know how he fits them all in that little blue box of his.

Nick: It’s bigger than it looks from what I’m told. <sighs> I need both the conference rooms. 

Phil: They’re full, hallways too. We’re trying to process them, but they just got here.

Nick: <under his breath> Shit. <makes a course correction on the auto driver> Fine. Stark should be a part of this anyway. Let him know company is coming. Have Hill work on processing the new visitors and meet me at the Tower. It’s time for plan B, which means you’re on deck, fanboy.

Phil: You want me to bring ALL the docs?

Nick: Just the ones relating to Stark and Rogers. That should be enough convincing. 

Phil: Hill just got here, I’ll meet you there.

Nick: <looks in the rearview at the pair, notices Peg has fallen asleep, makes eye contact with Steve> YOU were supposed to stay in Wakanda until I sent Romanoff to bring you in. We were never going to arrest you, Rogers. That was just for show out in public. 

Steve: <nods toward the dozing Peggy> She told me about Rumlow. If that’s the kind of manpower HYDRA is bringing into play, I can’t stay on the sidelines.

Nick: I understand, still, this would have gone a whole lot smoother if you’d have just stayed put. We were going to call you home next week. I’ve already got some missions ready for a greenlight, I just needed time to get the right people where I need them. 

Steve: <nods, looking down at Peg> And Peg? Where does she fit into all of this?

Nick: <turns his eye back to the road> That’s part of a long conversation that you, Tony and I need to have. <the SUV continues slowly through the saturday night traffic, eventually coming to a stop before Avengers Tower> Time to wake your sleeping beauty. <he exits the vehicle, waiting for the two of them>

Steve: <leans in, whispering softly> Hey sleepyhead. <brushes her hair aside, kissing her cheek> Have a good catnap?

Peggy: <murmurs, waking slowly, her eyes fluttering as she comes round, then bolting alert as she sees his face looking down at her, gasping> You’re still here, still alive. I thought I must have been dreaming. Again.

Steve: <smiles, takes her hand, puts it on his chest> No dream, <she breathes a sigh of relief> but it is time to wake up. I’ve got to go talk to Nick and Tony. After what just happened in the park, <he trails off>

Peggy: <frowns, regretting her behavior, finishes his thought> It’s probably best if I’m not there, isn’t it?

steve idk

Steve: <purses his lips, shaking his head> Tony and I have some things we have to work out. We didn’t part on the best of terms. <tilts his head, wincing> Truth be told, I think you blackened the same eye I did. 

Peggy: <her eyes widen> Oh dear! Those Accords caused THAT great a rift between you two?

Steve: They were just the start of it. <realizing she probably doesn’t know about Bucky> I, I’ll explain it all after. <they exit the car as Phil arrives, a briefcase in hand>

Peggy: <looks around, realizes they’re at the Tower instead of the safehouse> But I thought they were going to arrest you? What are we doing here?

Steve: <reassures her> It’s ok. I talked to Nick while you were napping. I’m not under arrest, but I do have to straighten things out before we can get to work, <grins> and other things. You still owe me a dance. <they enter the building and follow a silent Nick to the elevator>

Peggy: <smiles slyly> Well you’ve had plenty of time to learn how, so I don’t expect you to step on my toes.

Phil: <joins the three them in the elevator, holding up the briefcase> He’s been a little busy for dance lessons, Peg. <she looks at him and the case, confused, he gives a thin smile> They’re not the only ones who need to have a talk. <the doors close, and an awkward silence weighs in the small space>

<the elevator rises, making its way up the tower, pausing at the top residential level, the doors open, and Phil gestures for Peg to exit with him>

Peggy: <turns back, concern written across her face> Steve?

Steve: <smiles reassuringly> It’s ok, it’s not like I’m facing the Red Skull. I’ll be back in a few hours.

Peggy: <grins, kissing him before leaving the elevator> Don’t you dare be late.

Steve: <as the doors close on him and Nick> An iceberg couldn’t keep me away.

Peggy: <walks with Phil down the corridor, stopping at the door to her quarters, she looks over at the nameplate next to the door across the hall from hers, shaking her head> ‘Storage Room’ my arse. <she opens her own door, they enter> I suppose you’re about to tell me what’s in the case?

Phil: <sets it down on the coffee table, unsnapping the latches, lifting the lid to show a series of disks> Answers. <tilts his head slightly> Well, some of them. I’m sure you’ll have more questions after. That’s what I’m here for.


Peggy: <still confused> Files?

Phil: Not exactly. Do you remember that film company Howard Stark bought in the late 40’s?

Peggy: <scoffs> He wanted to make movies based on comic books that were based upon real people. <closes her eyes, shaking her head> He was much more interested in auditioning actresses. I remember some silly historical drama he was working on about a cowboy named Kid Colt.

Phil: None of the movies Howard produced ever made him any money. He hung on to Stark Pictures as a tax write off. Later, once Tony took over all his father’s holdings, he renamed, rebranded and repurposed the company. They started making documentaries, quite a few good ones. Of course, his narcissism demanded that some of them be about him. <pulls a disk from the case, sets up the dvd player> We’ve had SHIELD people in their writer’s pool for the last ten years or so. They’ve been making sure nothing confidential or classified ended up on the screen, but keeping the stories as true as possible within those guidelines. 

Peggy: So, all of these documentaries are about Anthony? 

Phil: <shakes his head> Not all. Tony, Cap, and the Avengers. We decided you needed to see what’s been going on, in order to understand some things. 

Peggy: Well it’s about bloody damn time I got some answers and explanations. <sits down on the sofa as Phil starts the first disk>

Phil: <smirks> You know most of this first one, after all, you’re in it.

coulson spoilers.gif


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