Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 61 Party Crashers and Rooftop Lurkers…..

[MARK XLII FLIGHT LOG 04152017 2012hrs]

[Loc. Skies above Paley Park(formerly the Stork Club), 3 E 53rd St, Manhattan, NY]

tony hud

Tony: Ok, Friday, what have we got?

FRIDAY: Scanning. Miss Carter is there, along with Captain Rogers. It appears they are embracing. It is unclear why she would activate her watch.

Tony: Welp, looks like the Cap is out of the bag.

FRIDAY: Also picking up the aerial reconnaissance drone codenamed ‘Redwing’ that was issued to Sam Wilson during his tenure with the Avengers as Falcon.

Tony: <wisecracking> Are we thinking backup? Jealous boyfriend? Nosey birdman spying for kicks?

FRIDAY: Afraid I can’t tell, Boss.

Tony: Let the peeping tom watch, who knows, backup might be a good thing. Aunt Peg wouldn’t attack loverboy. Who else is down there she might perceive as a threat?

FRIDAY: The only other occupants of the park are all SHIELD agents. Including Agent Hill. Director Fury has just arrived, and is joining her.

Tony: Sounds like the kind of party I should be crashing. Do you think I’m overdressed?

[On the Ground, Paley Park,  3 E 53rd St, Manhattan, NY 041517 2015hrs]

Peggy: <turns from Steve, stands in front of him, shielding him, gauntleted arm raised> I don’t care what you think he’s done, you’re not taking him, Maria.

Nick: <steps up beside Maria, giving her a look> You were supposed to wait for my orders.

Maria: <returns the look with a side-eye of her own> It was a judgment call. I knew Carter was armed. I’ve seen her practice with that thing. 

Nick: <turns, looking Peg in the eye> We’re not the only ones looking to bring him in, Carter. If we’ve found him, so will others, and they won’t say please.

Tony: <the ground shakes slightly as he lands solidly between Peg and Nick, looking at Nick> Well, now we know, <raises a hand to point in Peg and Steve’s direction behind him, snarks> what happens when we let the old folks out and about without a chaperone. <turns back to Steve and Peg> What’s wrong kids? Malt shop closed?

Peggy: <her eyes lit with rage, locked on Tony, aims the gauntlet at the faceplate of his suit, she screams at him> YOU KNEW! YOU KNEW HE WAS ALIVE, YOU KNEW HOW MUCH HE MEANT TO ME, AND YOU LIED TO ME!

APRIL: <in Peg’s earpiece> Boss, that’s not a good idea. Tony’s armor can take a blast from Thor’s hammer without flinching. Your gauntlet will barely scratch his paint job. 

Tony: <steps out of the armor, hands outstretched> Aunt Peggy, I couldn’t…..

Steve: <reaching out for her, she shrugs him off> Peggy, NO!

Peggy: <ignoring Steve and APRIL, her focus solely on Tony, she lowers her arm, storming up to him, interrupting> You couldn’t? You COULDN’T! Aren’t you the great Anthony Stark? I thought you said there was nothing you couldn’t do! You’re nothing more than a little boy in a tin can, playing soldier. Everything I’ve seen, you’ve tried so hard to surpass everything your father has done. To prove you weren’t him, to prove you you were better than him. <hauls back, her gauntleted hand connecting with Tony’s face with the full force of her anger behind it, he stumbles backward, crashing into a table behind him, looking up at her as she whispers a blow that stings worse than the black eye that’s already swelling> You’re no better than Howard.



Sam: <watching from a nearby rooftop, over earpiece> Nat, Wanda, are you two seeing this? I don’t know who she is, but the woman with Cap just knocked Stark on his ass.

Wanda: We can’t get a good vantage point down here. Too many agent’s in the way. If we move closer, we risk being spotted.

Nat: That’s got to be Carter. 

Sam: I thought Sharon was in North Korea keeping tabs on the VP?

Nat: Wrong Carter.

Sam: She’s got a sister? <shakes his head> MAN! That boy has got a VERY specific type!

Nat: Wrong again. I don’t know how, but it’s Peggy.

Sam: <stammers, squeaking> Wai, wai, wait, WHAT? Peggy Carter? Cap’s old, and I mean OLD lady? The one we went to the funeral for? 

Nat: That’s the one.

Sam: She’s looking pretty spry, <pauses> and hot, for a dead woman. Like I said, she just put Tony down in one punch. Granted he’s not in his suit, but still, damn.

Nat: What about Fury and the agents?

Sam: Umm, I’d say they’re impressed. Enough to draw weapons. What’s the play?

Nat: Is Tony getting up?

Sam: No. He’s just kind of looking up at her, I think he’s dazed, or in shock.

Wanda: <smirking> Now that is something I wish I could have seen. If I move closer, I can get them in line of sight and levitate them up to the rooftop with Sam.

Nat: Not yet. Fury’s not going to shoot them. He needs them, I’d bet my life on it.

Wanda: Are you willing to bet theirs?


<Steve grabs Peg’s arm, pulling her back, shielding her as she had done for him, the agents start to draw weapons, aiming for them both, Fury steps forward, raising a hand, signaling them to hold action>

Nick: <looks down at Tony, reaches out, offering him a hand up, Tony takes it, rising, still dazed, Nick looks back up at Peg and Steve> THAT’S ENOUGH! Are you three done with this public spectacle? In less than five minutes, every other agency that’s looking for Rogers is going to swarm on this spot. <holds a hand out to his side, palm up> Now, I could just walk away, and let Everett Ross attempt to take Rogers in what will most likely be a very messy fight. <raises the other hand in a similar gesture, as if weighing options> OR, we can move this family feud indoors someplace with <looks up and around at the skies and rooftops> less chance of interruptions or eavesdroppers.


Steve: <listens to Fury’s words, remembering the chaos of the fight at the airport, turns around to Peggy, hold her arms> He’s right. We can’t fight our way out of this. <his hand rises to her cheek> I have to go with Nick.

Peggy: <puts her hand over his, looking into his eyes, whispers softly> You won’t be alone. <pulls his hand from her cheek, holding it tight at her side, turns to Fury> Then you take us both in.

Nick: <nods> That was already part of the plan, Carter. Because YOU <points at her> and your inability to follow the rules has created a problem. One that WE are going to have to figure out how to deal with. <Peggy and Steve nod, hands clasped, they walk towards the cars at the end of the park, as they pass Nick, he stops them, holding out his hand> Hand over the watch, Peg.

Peggy: <frowns, deactivating it and placing it into Fury’s open palm> I won’t be getting that back any time soon, will I?

Nick: <shakes his head, looking at Tony> Not sure if that’s my call.

Peggy: <looks back at Tony, sadness and regret coloring her eyes> I’m sorry, Anthony. You didn’t deserve that. It was cruel of me, and untrue.

Tony: <meets her eyes, biting his lip, takes a deep breath> Maybe I did. Maybe I am just like him. 

<Peg purses her lips, unable to respond, looks down at the ground, and silently continues toward the cars with Steve>


Sam: Nat, they’re turning themselves in. Both of them. This may be our last chance for extraction.

Nat: Hold your position. Can you get an audio tag on Steve without Redwing being seen? I guarantee Nick’s got questions, so do we. Carter’s presence throws everything we know on it’s ear. I don’t want to move until we have a better idea of what’s going on. 

Sam: <growls, frustrated> He couldn’t wait one more week to come home. We’re supposed to be chasing Russian links to the GOP, instead we’re watching him book his own vacation room at The Raft. <taps commands into the control panel on his wrist> He’s tagged. 

falcon rooftop

Nat: <from across the street, she can see Steve smile slightly, as he feels the tag just before he and Peg enter the car> Rendezvous at the southwest corner of Central Park. <links an arm with Wanda, whispers as the walk> We’re just a happy couple going for a saturday night stroll.


<down the street on a higher rooftop, a masked pair in black watch the drama play out in the park through binoculars, the man reading lips aloud to the woman, his voice gravely, as the last car leaves the park he turns to her>

Masked Man: These are the so-called super heroes of this world? No wonder they need our help Selina.

Masked Woman: <snuggles up to him, purring> Now Bruce, you have to admit, the League has had their share of drama and fights. From what we’ve heard so far, that Captain and the Ironman get along about as well as you and Clark. <he rolls his eyes at the name> 

Masked Man: I still want to know more about these ‘Avengers’ we’re going to be working with. <thinking about their own world for a moment> If saving this world is the key to saving our own, I’m not going to let any feud they may be having get in the way.

bruce rooftop

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