Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 60. A Reunion Interrupted…..

[NYC Traffic Cam Footage 041517 2000hrs]

[Loc. Paley Park(formerly the Stork Club), 3 E 53rd St, Manhattan, NY]

Peggy: <as the eighth bell tolls on the clocktower, she rises gingerly, never taking her eyes off the ghost before her, she stands just a foot away, unable to believe what she sees, she reaches out tentatively to touch his chest, just as she did so many years ago, she feels his heartbeat, a breath she didn’t realize she was holding, escapes, she whispers> You’re alive. How?

Steve: <fighting back his own tears, puts one hand over hers on his chest, the other reaching up the side of her face, wiping a tear away from her cheek with his thumb, the warmth of her skin like a shock, chasing away the phantom chill that’s never fully left him> The Valkyrie crashed into an iceberg. I was frozen for almost sixty years, but Erskine’s serum kept me alive. SHIELD found me about six years ago.

Peggy: <looks into his eyes, astonished> Sixty years? My God! I mourned you, the, the whole world mourned you. We thought you were gone. I, I tried to move on, let you go, <leans into his hand on her cheek> but I never stopped loving you, missing you.

Steve: I found you again, you were older, and you were suffering from Alzheimer’s, but I just felt lucky to have you in my life. I spent as much time with you as I could until, <unable to hold back any longer, a tear runs down his own cheek> until you were gone. <pulls her closer> I never want to lose you again.

Peggy: <all thoughts of the timeline far from her mind> I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.

tears kiss 1

Steve: <he kisses he deeply, and the world melts away, the years apart forgotten in that one moment, all there is, is the two of them, and the sound of the waterfall, he breaks the kiss, whispering gently in her ear> I’ve been dreaming of doing that again since I crashed into the ice.

Peggy: <smiles sadly, her head on his shoulder> I’m sorry you had to wait so long. <she casually glances out into the park, her head still on his shoulder, she turns her head back toward him, he leans in to kiss her again, she whispers> Wait. It’s too quiet. There should be background chatter from the rest of the people here. I think I recognized a couple of agents in the crowd.

Steve: <pulls her even closer, kisses the top of her head, using it as an excuse to peek at the park, the forgotten familiar scent of her hair is distracting, but still he focuses, in hushed tones> I count a dozen. Usually on a saturday night, this park has at least twice that many people.

Both: <whispering simultaneously, maintaining the embrace, attempting to look casual> Procedure 791.

Peggy: Isolate the suspect, and remove civilians from harms way, before attempting arrest.

Steve: In the case of enhanced individuals, be prepared with necessary means to neutralize potential use of powers, and wait for authorization to engage.

Peggy: There’s no back exit. We’re boxed in. <grins at him> Reminds me of that little alley in Prussia we got cornered into.

Steve: <hedges> Except I don’t have my shield. <eyebrows raise> You don’t have that grappling gun handy, do you?

Peggy: You could always use a tabletop, though I doubt it would stop more than a few shots from an Icer.

Steve: Icers don’t work on me Peg, they’ll be using live rounds, maybe I should just turn myself in. <thinks back to the battle at the airport> People could get hurt, including you.

Peggy: <eyes widen> I’m not concerned with myself, I’m more worried about you. What will happen if they take you in?

Steve: <sighs> I’ll most likely end up in The Raft. Max security prison designed to hold enhanced. At least until the Accords are done. Then? Who knows. I should have contacted Fury when I got back, this all could have been avoided.

Peggy: <lowers her arms to wrap around his waist> I won’t let them take you. I may have a trick up my sleeve. <quietly activates her watch, out of sight from the agents in the park, the iron gauntlet enveloping her hand, a tracking signal engages as it activates> 

Steve: <hears the soft clicking of the repulsor gauntlet unwrapping> Are you sure you know how to use that? Last time you fired that thing, you dislocated your shoulder.

Peggy: <whispers firmly> My shoulder is fine, and I’ve been practicing. <kisses his cheek> Besides, you know you still can’t give me orders. <prepares to turn and face the agents>

Steve: <eyebrow raised, a knowing grin on his face, still holding her close> That’s not what you’d say when the rest of the commandos weren’t around.

Peggy: <momentarily distracted by his smile, winks mischievously> There was an even give and take of orders back then. <becomes serious again> This is different, we’re about to go into combat.

Steve: <sighs> So we’re really going to do this? <lets go of her with regret, they turn as lights flash from the end of the park, Agent Hill steps out from the shadows>

shield cars

Maria: Steve Rogers, you are under arrest for violations of the Sokovia Accords. Put your hands up and surrender!

<a pair of women across the park watch in the shadows>

Nat: <whispers to her earpiece> Damn it! They beat us here. Sam, I need eyes in the park. 

Sam: < on a nearby rooftop, releasing a mechanical bird drone> Redwing’s on it.

Wanda: So we’re just going to let them arrest him?

Nat: We just got here, we need to see which way the wind is blowing, before we move in. I was hoping we could sneak him out someplace safe, but I guess we go to plan B.

Wanda: <tense> I don’t like it. I don’t trust any of them.

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