Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 59. Two Birds, One Net…..


Loc: Operations Command, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59st

agent Klein

Tech Agent Klein: We’ve found her sir. She was just spotted on a traffic cam at 6th and 53rd, heading south-east.

Fury: I want that whole area canvased. Find her, keep tabs on her, but do NOT engage. Agent Hill is the one she’ll trust most. Maria can bring her in and we’ll find out just how much she’s learned about her future. Have we heard back from Romanoff about Rogers?

Klein: No sir, not a peep.

Fury: <sighs> Fine. We’ll deal with one fire at a time.

[NYC Traffic Cam Footage 04152017 2000hrs]

hill phone

Maria: <on the phone, walking along 6th Avenue, turning down 53rd St> Yeah, we didn’t figure Tony would sit still. Thanks for the heads up. How long ago did he take off from the tower? <listening> Uhhuh, did he have any idea of where to look? So, he’s just flying around <looks up> the city, hoping to find her? <Maria’s gaze turns back down, to the park across the street, noticing a familiar looking pair by the waterfall at the back of the park>

hill pepper

Maria: <rushing across the street to the edge of the park, staying out of sight in the crowd and the shadows, hits speed dial> Boss, I found her,<pauses> and so has Rogers, they’re in the park on 53rd st. Your house of cards just came tumbling down. <listens> Yeah, I know what to do. Just make sure you get here before Stark does a flyby and joins the party. 

[MARK XLII FLIGHT LOG 04152017 1930hrs]

tony hud

Tony: <soaring above the skies of Manhattan, scanning crowds> Where the hell could she be Friday?

FRIDAY: Unknown Boss. I can’t track her watch unless it’s activated.

Tony: <sighs> Do I hope she needs to, or hope she doesn’t?

FRIDAY: I can’t help you there, Boss.

Tony: <reaches Central Park North, still scanning> Maybe Hill will have better luck on the ground. What do you say we switch it up, Friday?

FRIDAY: What did you have in mind?

Tony: You have that burner phone number for Rogers in your memory, right?

FRIDAY: You want to call Captain Rogers?

Tony: Just send him a text, see if he responds.

FRIDAY: What would you like to send?

Tony: Something short and to the point. ‘I know you’re in town Rogers. We need to talk. This is important.’


Tony: Ok, I doubt she could have gotten much further north than the edge of the park by now. Let’s swing back down the west side towards Hell’s Kitchen.

[MARK XLII FLIGHT LOG 04152017 1945hrs]

<a few minutes pass, as Tony sweeps his way south>

FRIDAY: Boss, you have a response from Captain Rogers.

Tony: Put it up on the HUD. <a message pops up in Tony’s display>

Steve: Now who’s keeping secrets, Tony? How long have you known?

Tony: Steve, I swear, I wanted to tell you.

Steve: HOW LONG?

Tony: A couple of months. I found out by accident.

Steve: She thinks I’m dead.

Tony: <thinks to himself, If Hill finds Peg, they’ll go to the safe house. I gotta get him someplace else.> It’s complicated. Tell me where you are, or come to the Tower, and we can talk about it.

Steve: It always is. There’s a lot of things we need to talk about.

Tony: I know. I’ve had to re-think how I look at things, there have been a lot of changes lately. In my world, it the world at large. Just come to the Tower.

Steve: And you’ll tell her the truth?

Tony: <sighs, thinking, Part of me wants to tell her, but I can’t. If it will get him to come to the tower though, I can make him understand why we’ve have to lie.> No more lies, no more secrets. The hell with Fury. We’ll figure out the repercussions later.

Steve: Fine. I’ll come. My old rooms still there?

Tony: <grins, snarking> Nah, I threw all your stuff out. Turned the whole floor into the Tony Stark Historical Museum. You know, for when the Smithsonian calls to do an exhibit on me.

Steve: I thought you said no more lies Tony.

Tony: <not realizing how much he’s missed their banter> What? It could happen!

<by now Tony has reached Hell’s Kitchen, still scanning for Peg, with no results>

Tony: I guess we should leave it up to Hill to find Peg. Just a quick scan of Midtown and we’ll head home before Cap gets there.

[MARK XLII FLIGHT LOG 04152017 2010hrs]

<heading back, Tony’s almost reached Times Square, when an alert blips on his display>

FRIDAY: Boss! Miss Carter’s watch has been activated! Tracking her at 3 W 53rd st.

Tony: Shit! What has she gotten herself into? At least Rogers will be at the tower and out of the way.

tony flight.gif

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