Peggy Carter: Agent of Resistance

Pt. 57 Lover’s Spat…..

[NYC Traffic Cam Footage 041517 1900hrs] (28).gif

<Steve still sits in the park, sketching, trying to make sense of what he thought he saw earlier, picks up his phone, decides to send a message. Meanwhile Peggy wanders the streets, with no particular destination, the lights, the noise and the crowds she previously marveled at, now overwhelming as she pushes her way through, wishing for just one familiar sight to ground her, anything to stop the mantra repeating in her mind>

Peggy: It’s my fault, I destroyed it all, I killed Howard.

APRIL: <interrupting her thoughts> Boss, that’s the third attempt from Tony to contact you.

Peggy: I told you, I can’t talk to him now. I just, I need, I need some time. <continues wandering, turning down random streets>

APRIL: <a few minutes later> Boss?

Peggy: I told you,

APRIL: <cuts her off> It’s a message from Grant.

<she takes a deep breath, ducks into a corner to avoid the jostling crowd, opens her phone> 

Steve: Hi Maggie. Listen, I know I promised we’d make plans for a belated birthday celebration, but it’s been kind of a weird day. Would you be upset if I asked for a raincheck?

Peggy: <thinking to herself, I shouldn’t have been making connections in this time period anyway> Hello Grant. I’m not having a very good day myself. Celebrations are the last thing on my mind right now. Perhaps it would be best if we just forgot about it completely.

Steve: <brow furrows as he reads, frowning> That bad? Do you want to talk about it?

Peggy: Remember when I was loopy from those medications, and told you I was a time traveler? I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, but it’s true. 

Steve: <grins to himself> Ok. Believe me, Mags. I’ve seen some weird things in my time. I kinda figured you were telling the truth. Also figured Fury would want you to keep it secret, so I didn’t make a big deal out of it.

Peggy: <her eyes threatening to start watering again> Yes, well, I’ve discovered some things I wasn’t supposed to. Horrible things I’ve set in motion, and can’t change.

Steve: <his phone beeps twice with other messages, he ignores them>How bad?

Peggy: <hands shaking as she types> Everything I loved, everything I created, I corrupted and destroyed it all. I am/will be responsible for the death of one of my dearest friends. His son is an orphan because of me. 

Steve: <reads, shocked, shakes his head, and starts typing> Slow down. That doesn’t sound like you at all, Maggie.

Peggy: <she thinks of her brother, lost friends and colleagues, and of Steve, a fat tear escapes, plopping on the screen as she types> People around me have a habit of dying. I suppose that’s too polite. I get them killed. Perhaps it’s best if we never meet, Grant. You’ll most likely be safer.

Steve:  I’m sure none of that’s true Maggie. Besides, I’m a lot tougher than you think.

Peggy: <whispers to herself, Steve thought so too> I’ve known many people who were tough, brave, selfless, and full of heart, just like you, and I’ve lost them all.

Steve: <sighs, I can’t keep hiding it from her> I’m probably not like anyone else you’ve known, Maggie. I’ve been afraid to tell you. I wasn’t sure how you’d react. I’m Captain America.

Peggy: <almost drops her phone, staring at the words, her eyes flare in rage as she types> HOW DARE YOU! Steve Rogers dedicated his mind, his body, and his life to the SSR and this country! HE DIED saving millions of people, and I loved him! I will NOT have you sully his memory as some sort of practical joke at my expense! NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN! <she stabs send, and then another button in the settings before roughly shoving the phone into her pocket and marching off down the street once more>

Steve: <reads the message, his eyes widening in realization, before he can type a response, another message pops up>

[You Have Been Blocked By User: MISSUNIONJACK You Will No Longer Be Able To Send Or Receive Messages From This Account]



Nat: Where are you? Fury knows you’re home, so does Tony. Found that thread I was looking for, but it’s something you’re going to want to hear face to face.

Tony: I know you’re in town Rogers. We need to talk. This is important.



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