Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 47. Wordplay With Friends….


Loc: Office of Agent Carter, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59st


<Peggy sits, staring at the holographic screens hovering over her desk, monitoring as news feeds, conference rooms and data scroll along most of them, one in a corner however shows a blank scrabble board>

APRIL: He’s been tweeting a storm over the injunction on the travel ban.

Peggy: Yes, good, let the little toddler have his tantrum. Unless he’s posting more than his usual pouty sulking, just leave him muted, would you, April?

APRIL: Understood, Boss.

Peggy: Also, keep an alert on anything involving healthcare! We blocked their ACA replacement, but I have a feeling that was just one battle. GOP is determined to take healthcare away, and they’re not going to just give up that easily. Then again, neither are we. <holds up arm, now free of brace and sling> Never know when accidents will happen. Everyone deserves health care.

APRIL: I’ll add it to the alert list. Director Fury has approved the use of local agents in the Georgia area to join the volunteer carpool team for Ossoff.

Peggy: Excellent! Send all the necessary info to our people out there. I know the Rebel Alliance folks are also helping out in GA, they’re quite fond of him. 

APRIL: Director Fury was very enthusiastic about sending the Rebels to Georgia to help.

Peggy: Oh, I’m certain he was. His go rounds with that Dameron boy about his late night flying shenanigans were close to boiling over. I thought I had a temper. What other notifications do we have in the queue, April?

APRIL: We’ve completed the daily briefings for all teams, and there is no currently breaking news at the moment. Your e-mails and DM’s are cleared except for Stars&Stripes. You have physical therapy for your shoulder scheduled this afternoon at one pm. You have a two-thirty pm meeting with Directors Fury and Coulson. Then you have dinner plans with Tony and Pepper at seven pm.

Peggy: Remind me to swing by Medbay after my meeting, I want to visit Maria. When I stopped by over the weekend, she said she should be released to light duty soon. Seems I have a bit of free time. Pull up the DM screen to Grant and place the game board next to it. 

APRIL: <holographic screens rearrange to orders> Done. New game is ready to start. You have first move because you lost the previous game. Stars&Stripes is currently winning, 4 matches to your 2.

Peggy: <growls> I still say he cheated. What kind of word is ‘vaping’?! I swear he made it up!

APRIL: I defined vaping yesterday after you lost the game. Are you having memory lapses, Boss? 

Peggy: <rises from her chair, arms folded across her chest> I remember perfectly well what you said yesterday! I just think it’s a ridiculous word, and a nasty habit. Makes me think of Dugan and those smelly cigars of his. As if he didn’t stink enough after a week in the trenches.

APRIL: Just checking, Boss. You know I’m supposed to keep an eye on your health in addition to everything else.

Peggy: <rolls her eyes> I’m a bit young for Alzheimer’s to be starting, aren’t I?

APRIL: Your elder self didn’t show signs until she had reached an advanced age, however we don’t know what kind of effects time travel might have on that.

Peggy: <irritated> I’m FINE April, just pull up the damn game board. <shaking her head, mumbling to herself> I’ve got a disembodied voice nurse maiding me. Edwin would have a field day with this.

APRIL: Heard that, Boss. From what you’ve told me of Edwin Jarvis, he would most likely approve of you having someone to watch over you.

Peggy: <a touch nostalgic> I’m sure he would at that. It’s a shame I won’t be able to tell him about you or any of this when I return. I admit, I do miss my friends. It’s rather tempting to look up their lives, but at the same time, I don’t want to know when they, <pauses> well, when they die.

APRIL: That information would certainly be unwise to research. The temptation to make changes to the timeline upon your return could lead to severe consequences.

Peggy: <sighs> Yes, I’m very aware. <thinks about the forbidden information she already knows> That’s a Pandora’s Box I’ll be staying away from, thank you. Back to the game shall we?

APRIL: You have first move, available letters are E,K,L,N,O,P, and R. Are you CERTAIN you do not want my assistance?

Peggy: <shakes her head> I DESPISE losing, but I won’t use an unfair advantage to win. What’s the point in playing if you have to cheat? <studies the letters> AH! <taps the air in front of the holographic screen> With a start like this, I won’t have to cheat anyway!

APRIL: Well done, 13pt word, 35pt bonus for using all your tiles, and you hit a double word space.

Peggy: <turns to the DM screen, typing out a taunt> So, still think you can use fancy slang to win, Grant? I can beat a PLONKER anyday. 96 pts!

<almost five minutes pass, then another word appears on the board>

Steve: Wow, ok, Maggie. Strong start, I give you credit for that. But MONKEYS will fly before I let you beat me. 98 pts.

Peggy: ugh, flying monkeys, I always hated that movie. 

Steve: Really? But it’s a classic! <teasing> I dunno, Mags. That might be a dealbreaker. 😆

Peggy: <rolls eyes, puts another word on the screen, types a reply> You’re not weaseling out of our date that easy, SOLDIER. 14pts. How goes the Accords? I admit, the details of it are on my ‘forbidden intel’ list, but general knowledge of it is not. The sooner it’s repealed, the sooner you can come home& I can hold you to that date.

Steve: Nat’s been keeping me updated, because the debate has been kept mostly out of the news. I’m hoping they’ll come to an agreement in the next week or so. I’d love to take you out to DANCE for your birthday. 28 pts.

Peggy: <face scrunches, eyes squinting in a glare, stares at the letters a moment, puts one tile on the board> That would certainly be nice. I hope you’re the type of man who DANCES as well as he plays games. 30 pts.

Steve: Ok, ok, nice move. I’m afraid I’ve got to confess a SECRET, I never actually learned to dance. 27 pts.

Peggy: So you’re telling me, that when the time comes, you’ll be FROZEN on the dance floor? 56 pts!

Steve: I’m literally groaning over here, that was bad, Mags. Good word, but, really?

Peggy: What? I’m sorry Grant, did I say something wrong? 

Steve: <remembering she knows nothing about him or his time in the ice> Oh, yeah, I’m just not a fan of the cold. 

Peggy <thinking> You’ve said you’re an enhanced, that’s why the Accords are keeping you in hiding. You’re not that young man who lights himself on fire, are you?

Steve: <shakes his head, sighs, eyes rolling She’s never even seen me, and I’m still getting mistaken for that Johnny Storm kid> No, Mags, that’s not me. Though I guess some people see a passing resemblance. 

Peggy: Oh I’ve never seen him, Grant. I’ve only heard stories. Unlike you, he sounds like quite the hot head and rule breaker, but my curiosity made me ask. You understand, don’t you?

Steve: Hahaha! Ya know, Mags, think that investigative curiosity to dig for answers must be built into the DNA of every SHIELD agent. That and keeping secrets of their own. If she were still around, Peggy wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peggy: <curiosity in overdrive now> Peggy…. Carter? You knew her?

APRIL: <interrupts as Peg stares at the screen, waiting for a response> Boss, physical therapy appointment in the workout room in ten minutes. You’ll want time to change.

Peggy: Drat, I’m sorry Grant, I’ve got therapy shortly, then meetings and a late dinner with Tony and Pepper. Continue our game tomorrow?<dashes out of the office without waiting for a reply>

Steve: <sits silently staring at the screen, whispering to himself> (64).gif

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