Peggy Carter: Agent of Resistance

Pt. 45 Women’s Health: Sex-ed from a Vulcan…..


Loc: Medbay, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th


Peggy: <sits on edge of exam table, a pair of earbuds plugged into her watch, swaying to the music, softly singing offkey to herself> “If you should ever leave me. Though life would still go on, believe me. The world could show nothing to me. So what good would…” <Dr Selar enters, startling Peg, takes out the earbuds, blushing> Oh, I’m sorry, I was just trying to relax with some music.

Dr. Selar: <nods noncommittally> Music had been proven to be beneficial to the mental health of many species. <pulls a small hypospray cylinder from the pocket of her smock>

Peggy: <visibly uncomfortable> Shall I disrobe, then?

Dr. Selar: <presses the hypospray against her arm, Peggy feels a slight prick as a faint quick hiss can be heard> That will be unnecessary. I have just administered your updated immunizations. With exposure to both a 21st century environment as well as personnel from multiple timestreams and dimensions, your previous immunizations were insufficient protection. It is actually impressive that you have not contracted anything during your time here so far.

Peggy: <looks at her arm, and then back at the cylinder> Just one shot? In the arm? Had I realized it would be so quick and easy, I might not have ignored your messages so long.

Dr. Selar: <pockets the hypospray, pulling another smaller cylinder from the same pocket, begins to slowly wave the device over Peggy’s shoulder and arm> My observations of humans have shown they often have an irrational fear of medical professionals. 

Peggy: <scowls, rolling her eyes> Not all are as efficient and professional as you are Doctor. The last doctor I saw was a sodding plonker, who tried to insist that I needed an internal exam. For a gunshot wound. To my shoulder. I still had one good arm and quickly dissuaded him of that notion.

Dr. Selar: <cocks head, eyebrow raised> That would be a most inefficient method for treating such an injury. His physician’s licence should have been revoked.

Peggy: <eyes still rolling> Indeed. The last time I was injured, I had a nurse friend patch me up instead. Much better bedside manner. 

Dr. Selar: What was the nature of that injury?

Peggy: <lifts shirt, exposing a scar on the lower side of her abdomen and a matching one on her lower back> I had a rather unfortunate fall that resulted in being impaled on a piece of rebar.

Dr. Selar: <scans the scar site> Bypassed all internal organs. The healing pattern of the scar tissue indicates the wounds re-opened at some point. This leads to two possible conclusions. Either your nurse friend was not as capable as you say, or, you were unwilling to follow medical orders and refused to refrain from hazardous activities. Based upon your service and medical records, the second conclusion has the higher probability of accuracy.

Peggy: <avoids making eye contact, making excuses> It was the middle of an investigation. A brilliant but mad Hollywood starlette was trying to open a dimensional rift that would have destroyed the planet. I couldn’t very well sit back drinking tea and doing cross stitch while waiting for medical clearance.

Dr. Selar: <picks up her data pad, reads> Yes, your files confirm that event, however it is recommended in the future that you adhere to medical advisories regarding recuperation. 

Peggy: <sighs> I make no promises, but I will try.

Dr. Selar: <resumes scanning shoulder> Your dislocation IS healing at what seems to be a mildly accelerated rate. The muscles are already returning to pre-injury condition. Even with the advanced SHIELD medical technology of this time period, an injury of this nature should require six to eight weeks to heal before physical therapy  is recommended. At your current rate of recovery, you will be ready for therapy by this time next week. 

Peggy: <a smile brightens her face> Excellent! <points at the sling in disgust> This ‘thing’ is maddeningly bothersome, especially when showering, or dressing, or any number of everyday tasks!

Dr. Selar: <focuses on scans> You also register a slightly higher than human average metabolic rate. That is one possible explanation for the accelerated healing.

Peggy: <thoughtful, brow furrowing slightly> Ah, yes, Howard and I were exposed to Vita-Rays quite often in our work. He said that a slightly heightened metabolism was a mild side effect. He’d tease it accounted for my appetite, and used it as an excuse for his excesses with alcohol. Granted neither of us could keep up with Steve, but HIS exposure was much more intense than ours AND combined with Dr. Erskine’s serum.

Dr Selar: <nods> Fascinating. I will make time to research more on these Vita-Rays and their effects. <looks over the data pad again> Are you currently sexually active?

Peggy: <eyes widen in shock, jaw drops, taken aback by the sudden intrusive question> I don’t know how you Vulcans behave, but that’s quite personal, don’t you think? 

Dr. Selar: <looks up, matter of factly> Despite human societal inhibitions and discomfort on discussing the topic, sexual health is as important as mental, emotional and general physical well being. 

Peggy: <still uncomfortable> Ah. Well if you must know, then, No.

Dr. Selar: And when was the date of your last menstrual cycle? 

Peggy: <pauses, thinking> Um, about three weeks ago if I recall. It’s not quite a regular schedule. I had quite the uncomfortable but enlightening discussion with Maria when she had to procure items for me. The sheer volume and variety of feminine hygiene products in this day and age are overwhelming. <blushes, embarrassed> 

Dr. Selar: <continues> Do you experience any abnormalities? Excessive flow, mid-cycle spotting?

Peggy: Ah, no, nothing of that sort. Though I do occasionally miss a monthly. Not being, ah, ‘active’ as you said, I generally take that as a gift and move on. 

Dr. Selar: There are a number of possible non-pregnancy related explanations. Excessive weight gain or loss, intense physical training regimens as seen in some professional athletes and military, prolonged mental stresses or physical illnesses can also result in a delay or cessation of cycle. If none of these are applicable, it may simply be a normal part of your schedule.

Peggy: <thoughtful, nods> Well there’s certainly always an abundance of stress in my life. Even more so since I came to this time period to join the Resistance.

Dr. Selar: <her face betrays a faint uncharacteristic hint of irritation> Indeed. This mission and the illogic of the current administration tests even my mental meditation exercises. <closes her eyes for a moment, breaths deep, opens them and resumes her questions> Do you anticipate becoming sexualy active at any time before returning to 1948?

Peggy: <startled, stammers> Nno! I, I’ve no time for dalliances! I’m not some shagbag flitting about for a bit of slap and tickle! Even if I DID have time, there’s no one…. <trails off, thinks of Grant and blushes slightly> 

Dr. Selar: <simply stares, arms crossed, an eyebrow raised>

Peggy: <backpedals, still blushing> Well, I mean, no one can say what the future holds. I suppose ANYTHING is possible.

Dr. Selar: Then it would be logical to prepare for the possibility. If you were to become pregnant before returning to 1948, the resulting changes to the timeline would be disastrous.

Peggy: <realizing> Oh Dear! I suppose I should get a new diaphram. I presume they’re much easier to come by nowadays? 

Dr. Selar: Yes. While barrier methods are still somewhat effective, I recommend a chemical method. 

Peggy: <looks at her, puzzled> Chemical you say? Not those those lysol douches some of the girls I roomed with at the Gryphon would talk about?

Dr. Selar: <eyes widen> THAT was a most ineffective and hazardous false remedy. No this current time period has multiple medical methods of birth control that are both safe and effective. 

Peggy: <breathes a sigh of relief> Thank goodness! Never could bring myself to try lysol. <shivers in disgust>

Dr. Selar: Due to the open ended nature of your visit to this time, I do not recommend an IUD or Implant. While both are long term methods of control, they require a medical professional trained in their removal to end their use. There would be no one in 1948 with the skill or knowledge to perform such a procedure. However there are a number of other shorter term options.

Peggy: Oh dear, yes I see how that could be problematic. What DO you recommend?

Dr. Selar: There are quite a few different types of oral medication, taken daily at regular intervals that are quite effective.

Peggy: <shakes her head> I’m rubbish with remembering medications.

Dr. Selar: A medicated patch that adheres to the body releasing a small dose of contraceptive absorbed through the skin and lasts for a week. A new patch is applied each week for three weeks, followed by a week without.

Peggy: <non-committal> Interesting.

Dr. Selar: The most logical choice for you may be a Depo shot. It is effective almost immediately, and lasts for approximately twelve weeks. If you return to your time before then, it will not require a physician to cease use. If you are still here, you can simply receive another shot.

Peggy: <smiles, nearly jumping off the table> That’s bloody brilliant! Quite logical indeed!

Dr. Selar: <pulls another hypospray from a different smock pocket> I calculated the odds you would chose that option and came prepared. <presses hypospray to her arm> This is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, however it is no protection against STD’s.

Peggy: <confused> STD’s?

Dr. Selar: <nods> Cases and varieties of sexualy transmitted diseases have risen since your time. While some are curable, and some treatable, there are some that are deadly.

Peggy: Oh! You mean like the clap and syphilis? Prophylactics were actually quite easy to come by during the war. We were losing enough soldiers to the Nazis, we couldn’t afford to lose more to a romp in the hay.

Dr. Selar: <almost looks surprised> A logical outlook, for humans. Indeed. If you become sexually active, the use of condoms is recommended. Were you to contract an STD from this time period, then return to 1948, you could cause an epidemic outbreak that medical science of that time would be unable to combat.

Peggy: Epidemic?! What kind of strumpet do you take me for?!

Dr. Selar: Some of these diseases can be blood borne as well as sexualy transmitted. Sexual intercourse and blood transfusions are just two of the ways they could spread. 

Peggy: <understanding> Oh dear Lord, I hadn’t thought of that, you’re right. It would be disastrous. I will most certainly take precautions. That is IF I find myself becoming ah, ‘active’.

Dr. Selar: <looks down at her data pad, nodding satisfactorily> The abrasions and bruises to your larynx also seem to be healed, you’ll be able to resume solid foods, though it is recommended you begin with soft items. I was told you have an affection for a snack food made of a starch root cooked to a hard texture in fatty oils. Those are ill advised.

Peggy: <sulks> Well when you describe them like that, they almost sound unappetizing.

Dr. Selar: We can discuss dietary recommendations at your next appointment. At that time you will most likely be ready for physical therapy on your shoulder. I expect barring a valid emergency, you will be here at this same time in seven days. 

Peggy: <nods sheepishly> Yes Doctor. I’ll be here. My I return to work?

Dr. Selar: Yes, I have other patients to attend to.

Peggy: <pops the earbuds back in, new song already in progress, softly singing offkey again as she exits> “The minute you let her under you skin, then you begin to make it better. Nah nah nah nah nah nah”

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