Peggy Carter: Agent of Resistance

Pt. 44 Time to step up, Tony…..


Loc: Office of Nick Fury, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (61).gif

Tony: <walks into Nick’s office, stands over desk>  You know Peg’s sleeping in her office?

Nick: <lean back in chair, points over to his couch, a pillow sitting atop a neatly folded blanket> She’s not the only one.

Tony: That’s no way for anyone to live, even you. She’s still recovering from that last mission. She needs a space of her own. I want her to move into the mansion.

Nick: <smirks, eyebrow raised> Funny you should suggest that. You’ve got quite a bit of room there just going to waste. 

Tony: <realizing he’s right where Nick wants him, hangs his head> You want me to open a Resistance halfway house for your ragtag band of strays.

Nick: <sits up, elbows on the desk, hands folded> Actually, it’s a bit more complex than that. I’ve got more and more of the ‘out of towners’ showing up every day. It’s not just the Rebel Alliance, Starfleet and Galactica crews anymore. Their people are quartered on their ships and organized by their own leaders who coordinate with us. With the multidimensional barriers thinning though, I’ve got my hands full and then some with the rest.

Tony: How many are we talking about?

Nick: There are hundreds of them, scattered amongst the helicarrier, various SHIELD safehouses and bases around the world.  We’re approaching max capacity and severely understaffed. I’ve got a demigoddess, slayers, demon hunters, a flying mouse, a kid who calls herself a ‘Pokemon’ trainer, witches and wizards, men and women dressed like bats and cats, REAL cats- one of them is apparently a detective? Oh, and I found you your goddamn mermaid too.

Tony: How can the Resistance be understaffed if you have so many newbies joining everyday?

Nick:<points at Tony> That’s where you come in. I need leaders. People who know this world, know the political landscape, know enough about enhanced and otherworldly beings, and can focus our people where we need them. Much as I hate to admit it, you’re at the top of a short list of people who fit that bill.

Tony: <hesitant> You want me to take a bunch of newbies and whip them into Resistance fighters?

Nick: A month ago you were practically chomping at the bit to be more involved. You even volunteered to take charge of a group. 

Tony: Yeah, well a month ago, I didn’t have both Pepper and Aunt Peg back in my life. I promised Pepper I’d find a better balance.

Nick: Considering how important their involvement was in the last mission, do you really think either of them would let you use them as an excuse? 

Tony: <sighs, rolling his eyes and nodding in agreement> They’d kick my ass clear to DC if they heard. Still, let me talk it over with Pepper, it’s her home too. 

Nick: <nods, grinning like a man who’s already won> That’s fair, just let me know when she says yes.

Tony: <points accusingly at Nick> You’ve already talked to her about it, haven’t you?

Nick: <flips a hand palm up, shrugs, tilts his head> It wasn’t my idea to begin with. But it’s a good one. So, are you in?

Tony:<thinks hard, realizing he can’t stay on the sidelines> This is bigger than any one person can fight. I’m in. Aunt Peg moves in with the rest of them? 

Nick: That’s her call, but I won’t stop her.

Tony: What about the rest of the Avengers? This is an all hands on deck situation.

Nick: Well, the ones who aren’t already with you are still in hiding.

Tony: <hangs his head> The Accords. 

Nick: <nods> We’re trying to get them rescinded, but General Ross has been a thorn in our sides on that particular subject.

Tony: Figures old Wonderdolt would get in the way. Of course you know how to find them all though.

Nick: <stands, walking toward a side door, stops> When the time is right, they’ll all find their way home. And I do mean ALL. Am I gonna have to keep you and Rogers separated on the playground?

Tony: I thought you were more concerned with keeping him separated from Aunt Peg. 

Nick: Oh, I have every intention of keeping Cap so busy out in the field that those two lovebirds won’t have a chance to connect, but I need to know you two won’t start a slapfight in the middle of a mission.

Tony: <takes a deep breath> The fate of the nation, hell the entire world is at stake here. I think Steve and I can play nice. I’ll just point him at the nazis and turn him loose like Hulk. 

Nick: <genuinely laughs> Cap, SMASH

Tony: <tears of laughter rolling down his face> Shit. I’m gonna have to remember to watch my language.

Nick: <grins, then turns serious again> You’ll have time to clean up your potty mouth, like I said, Ross is still stonewalling us. In the meanwhile, you should probably tidy up the mansion, I’ll be sending your new team over soon. Individual files on each member are already in your system.

tony files

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