Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 43 Everyone needs a little Self Care now& then…..


Loc: Office of Agent Carter, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th


Tony: <enters Peg’s office, finds her lounged back, asleep in her chair at desk, sets down smoothie, speaks softly trying not to wake her> APRIL, does she do this a lot?

APRIL: What exactly are you referring to by ‘this’ Tony?

Tony: Work herself to the point of falling asleep in her office instead of her quarters?

APRIL: These are her quarters as well as her work space. With the influx of new Resistance members from other dimensions and timelines, Boss decided to relinquish her quarters to make room for others. She said it made no sense for her to be taking up an extra room when she spends most of her time in here working.

Tony: <hangs his head, shaking it in annoyance, muttering> She always was a workaholic, some things never change. <examines the room, a couch, a small closet/cabinet, a microwave and coffee pot on a small table, and a fake potted plant the only furnishings besides the desk and chair, he looks closer around the room, a wadded up blanket sitting on the floor between the end of the couch and the closet is the only sign of a personal effect> I know she won’t be here forever, but this is no way to live. <reaches over, gently shaking her good shoulder> Burning the candle at both ends like usual?

Peggy: <jumps up startled, her good hand immediately reaches for the gun holister she has taped to the underside of the desk, Tony jumps back, hands in front of him defensively, Peg blinks, the sleep clearing from her eyes, realizing who it is as her hand touches the gun, glares at him, reaching for the smoothie on the desk instead> You might have knocked before entering, Anthony.

Tony: <relaxes, lowers his hands, folding his arms and scowling at her> Do you ever leave this room?

Peggy: <still waking, irate and defensive> I leave here quite often! However there’s always so much to keep up on, that I thought it best to give up my quarters to one of the other visitors. I keep rather odd hours at times, and I prefer to be close to the action. It just makes sense.

Tony: <still scowling> So what DO you do to relax? Assemble firearms?

Peggy: <at a loss> I ah, well, I watch the news. 

Tony: <shakes his head> That’s work. Doesn’t count.

Peggy: I was going to the workout room here until, <holds up arm still in sling> and with Maria still in Medbay, I haven’t had anyone to go out and explore the city with.

Tony: <saddened for a moment> You really haven’t had time to make many friends, have you?

Peggy: <sighs, thinking of the friends she left back in her own time> It’s not wise for me to make too many attachments in this time period. I have you and Maria. There’s also a recruit I chat with quite often, Grant. He’s been sending me music playlists that I quite enjoy.

Tony: <burst out laughing> You’ve got some guy sending you mixtapes?

Peggy: <still blinking the sleep from her eyes> I’m sorry, I don’t understand, what is a mixtape?

Tony: <still chuckling, waves a hand> Nevermind. Should I be concerned about this Grant guy and his intentions towards my dear Auntie?

Peggy: <blushes, smiling> It’s nothing like that. He’s become a good friend, someone I enjoy talking to. Oh, and the music he’s been sending me is fantastic! Such variety! Have you ever heard of the Beach Boys, the Beatles, or perhaps the Rolling Stones?

Tony: <whole face squints as he laughs more> Yeah, I think I may have heard a song or two from them. Remind me to introduce you to Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Queen sometime.

Peggy: <nods, intrigued, filing the names away for later, drinking deeply from the smoothie in her hand> So, Anthony, what exactly brings you here besides dropping off one another one of these wonderful smoothies? 

Tony: Actually Fury asked me to swing in, said he wanted to talk to me about how I could help the Resistance more. No details, cryptic as usual, but since I can’t stand the thought of Don the Con treating the country like another one of his bankrupt companies, I’m here. Just thought I’d check in on you on the way to his office. <teases> Didn’t expect to find you sleeping on the job. <thinks for a moment> Maybe you should move into the Avengers Mansion. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of room. You wouldn’t be alone, staring at the same four walls working yourself to death. <Peg tries to interrupt> And APRIL goes wherever you go, so it’s not like you won’t be able to keep up to the minute with everything going on.

APRIL: Tony is right about taking care of yourself, Boss. I’m interfaced with all your devices, so I’m wherever you need me. We did just send out a reminder post to the teams about Self Care. Currently, you are setting a poor example for your recruits. 

Peggy: <scowls, growling> NOT HELPING APRIL. <sighs, hanging her head, looks back up> I suppose it’s something to think about. Though I’m not even sure Nick would allow it. Give me a bit of time to mull the idea over, will you?

Tony: <nods, heading for the door> I’ll mention it to Fury after I find out what he wanted to talk to me about. Don’t work to hard, ok, Aunt Peg?

Peggy: Very well, after I catch up on my messages and news reports, perhaps I’ll relax and chat with Grant for a bit.

Tony: <eyebrows raised> Just, don’t do anything I’d do.

Peggy: <smirks> APRIL? How long would it take for you to compile a list of things Anthony would do?

APRIL: I’d have to shut down everything else I’m currently running, but I could do it in approximately…<Tony interrupts, >

Tony: Ok, ok, fine. You know what I mean. I thought you were on MY side APRIL! <heads out the door>

Peggy: <takes another sip from the smoothie, rises from her chair, stretching> Alright APRIL, pull up the screens. What do we have on the agenda today? <nine holographic screens appear, scrolling news, e-mails and messages.

APRIL: Monitoring events in South Korea while VP is there. Teams are currently building on the energy from the Tax March two days ago. We’re still investigating the riot in Berkeley from that day. Celebrity endorsements are rolling in for the Ossoff campaign. Also you have a reminder set for a medical visit with Dr. Selar. She has sent reminders every day for the past week. In addition to checking on your injuries, you’re apparently overdue for a general physical as well as up to date immunizations for this time period.

Peggy: <rolls her eyes> Pin that last item in a corner and we’ll get back to it.

APRIL: Boss, you’ve said that every day for the past week. Remember. Self. Care.

Peggy: <huffs> BOLLOCKS! FINE! Send a reply that I will be down to Medbay in two hours. Perhaps I’ll be able to get this damnable sling off if I let her stab me with her beastly needles.

APRIL: Sent. I’ll set an alarm. Lastly, there’s another message from Stars&Stripes.

Peggy: Well why didn’t you mention that first off?!

APRIL: Because the last time you messaged him you blew him off with a short note saying you were busy catching up on missed work and you would contact him soon. 

Peggy: <frowns> I was rather dodgy, wasn’t I?

APRIL: You weren’t lying. Other than breaks to eat and go to the locker rooms to shower, you’ve been filling most of your waking hours with work since I was activated. I didn’t volunteer that information to Tony, but based on your current rate, you will push yourself into an unhealthy state of exhaustion in approximately 8.7 days. 

Peggy: <sarcastically> Well then, it sounds like I still have plenty of time to get some work done before I collapse. Pull up the message from Grant.


Steve: Hi Maggie, I know you’ve been busy, there’s always a lot going on. How’s the arm? Got the memo you sent about Self Care, hope you’re taking your own advice. I’ll be around if you have time to talk, also got a new batch of music to send your way. I just found a band called Queen, they’re British and really good. 

Peggy: <mumbling to herself, Really? Eh tu, Grant? typing left handed slowlyI’m sorry I haven’t been in touch. It’s been a madhouse around here and with only one good arm, I’m a bit slower than usual. I admit I’m not the best at taking my own advice. Though I have been enjoying the music you’ve been sending. It’s about the only break I’ve been allowing myself.

Steve: Hi Mags! I’ve missed you. You really should take more time for yourself. Remember- ‘There’s always someone who can help take up the slack so you can take a break.’

Peggy: <mumbling still, Using my own words against me? You tosser!> Yes, well, there hasn’t been much opportunity to get out of the safehouse and explore the city since I was injured. I’m afraid there’s not much for me to do around here but work, sleep, and occasionally listen to music. Anthony actually just mentioned that band you spoke of when he was here earlier.

Steve: HA! I’m surprised he didn’t start playing Black Sabbath. Do you know, he has his own theme song?

Peggy: <shaking her head in amusement> Somehow, that doesn’t shock me. He actually invited me to move into some place called Avengers Mansion. Sounds rather pretentious, though I AM surprised it’s not called Stark Mansion instead.

Steve: It used to be, before the rest of us moved in. <panicking after he hits send Oh crap! I shouldn’t have told her that!

Peggy: I’m afraid I don’t know anything about these ‘Avengers’. It’s one of those things Nick has been keeping me in the dark about. 

Steve: <backpedaling> Ah, well if Nick thinks it’s something you shouldn’t know about….. <thinking to himself, then it’s probably something she should, but she still doesn’t know who I am, and I’m afraid to find out how she’ll react.>

Peggy: Bloody hell Grant, since when do you defend Nick’s penchant for secrets?

Steve: I’m not saying I’m a fan, but, there ARE times when he has a legit reason to keep things under wraps.

Peggy: <trying not to be miffed> And I suppose then that’s all you’re going to say about it? <glaring at the screenI’ll find out one way or another>

Steve: On this one, yeah, I’m afraid so Maggie. Why does Tony want you to move into the Mansion anyway?

Peggy: He found out that I’ve been living in my office for the last week. The safehouse wasn’t designed for long term living, and there are quite a few new faces here with no place to stay. So I gave up my quarters. Anthony found me asleep at my desk and had quite the conniption over it.

Steve: Really Mags? You’re still recovering from your injuries and you move into your office? Jeez woman! I swear, if I were there, I’d drag you out of that office, and MAKE you have a good time!

Peggy: <takes his words the wrong way, still glaring at the screen> THAT almost sounded like a threat, Grant. Just HOW exactly do you think you’re going to force me to have a ‘good time’?

Steve: <blushes, realizing her interpretation of his statement> Sorry, no, What I meant was I’d like to get you away from all the work and stress. Walk through the park, feed the birds, maybe get some ice cream. Go out to Coney Island. Take you to a movie or a concert if that’s more your speed. I just don’t like the idea of you all cooped up in that office.

Peggy: <sighs, finally relenting> Perhaps everyone is right. Staring at the same four walls day in and day out seems to be making me extra cranky and defensive. To think that a month ago I was chomping at the bit to get out of here to explore and start field work. Now I’ve gotten myself so wrapped up in things, I can barely bring myself to leave the office long enough for a shower.

Steve: <groans, shakes his head, she’ll work herself to death at this rate> Maggie, Promise me, you’ll take a break to relax and do something fun tonight.

Peggy: <suddenly feeling defiant and flirty, trying to lighten the mood> And if I don’t?       😉

Steve: <shakes his head laughing, I never know what to expect from her> Then I’ll come home early, take you to Coney Island, feed you tons of junk food, and we’ll ride the Cyclone until you puke or I get arrested for sneaking back into the country before the Accords are lifted.

Peggy: <grinning> Well, I’d hate to have our first date ruined by either illness or incarceration. 

Steve: <eyes widen, smiles> First date? I kinda like the sound of that. 

Peggy: Well don’t get too cocky Soldier, I don’t snog on the first date.

Steve: <blushes> Oh, no, no, nothing like that. I wasn’t expecting to make out or anything, I’m just looking forward to spending time with you.

<An alarm buzzes in Peg’s office>

APRIL: Boss, you’re supposed to be in Medbay in five minutes.

Peggy: Damnit APRIL! Must I?

APRIL: The Doctor cleared this time in her schedule just to make room for you.

Peggy: Drat it all! Fine. 

<Turns back to computer> Grant, I’m so sorry to cut our conversation short, I have an appointment in Medbay. I promise I WILL try to take some time to relax tonight. Even if it’s just to put on some of the music you’ve sent me and curl up with a book. Enjoy the rest of the day, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Steve: Hope the Doctor’s appointment goes well, let me know. Kicking back with a book sounds like a good idea, I might just do the same tonight. I’ll send you some more music soon. Have a good day Maggie.

steve book

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