Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 36 The Milk Run, Part 2: Foxtrot and Rescue…..

[NYC Traffic Cam Footage 030817 1245 hrs]

Loc: W Columbus Circle, Manhattan NY


<A nondescript man and woman blend into the crowd, sitting on a bench in Columbus Circle. She with an umbrella hung over her arm, pretending to read a book, he focused on a tablet>

Simmons: It’s nice to get out of the labs once in awhile and actually spend some time together, don’t you think?

Fitz: <engrossed in tablet> Hmm? 

Simmons: A simple day out, no aliens, no monsters, no psychotic androids, just us.

Fitz: <stiffens at the mention of androids> Uh, right. You do realize we’re on a mission, Jemma?

Simmons: Of course, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the day. We really DO need some quiet time to talk. You’ve been distant ever since the Framework and Aida…..

Fitz:<tablet beeps> Not now Jemma! <looks up across the street, where a hidden DWARF drone is scanning the area>

Simmons: When Fitz? You have to talk about it at some point, or you’ll never get over it.

Fitz: <irritated and distracted> I said NOT NOW! Look! <shows her the tablet> Sneezy is picking up trace amounts of <Simmons cuts him off reading the chemical analysis>

Simmons: Nitramine! <looks closer> It’s the upgraded formula from the Watchdogs, so hydrochloric-sodium acetate will only delay the detonation. Where is Sneezy scanning?

Fitz: <tilts his head, nodding across the street toward a line of parked media vans preparing to cover the rally> In Juliette’s patrol zone, but I don’t see them. 

Simmons: <puts phone to ear& taps earbud> Juliette, dear, where are you? There’s something going on in your neighborhood I think you should check out. <no response> Juliette? Juliette? <looks at Fitz, concerned, shakes her head, leaves channel open>

Fitz: <fiddles with tablet> I’ll send Doc over there to get a visual. <another stealthed DWARF starts scanning the area> No sign of Juliette team. 

Simmons: <looking over his shoulder> There! Scan back, that truck that says ‘Arabic Nation News’. They’re trying awfully hard to be subtly caught on everyone else’s cameras, but not really filming anything of their own. Give me x-ray on that area. 

Fitz: <filters scan to x-ray, reveals two bodies and a bomb inside van> Looks like we found Juliette team, and our nitramine. <one of the news crew walks into scan> AAND take a look at our friends.

Simmons: <notices slight skeletal abnormalities> They’re not even human! They’re, <opens her own tablet quickly, searching through files> Romulans. We need to take them out& get that bomb neutralized. 

Fitz: <casually puts an arm around Simmons waist as the two stroll through the crosswalk towards the van, whispers> Will the Icers work on them?

Simmons: Luckily their physiology is similar enough that the Icers should knock them out.

Coulson: <comes across earbuds> Bravo team monitoring from base. Foxtrot do you need RESCUE?

Simmons: <nervously> We’re still assessing the situation, please hold. <casually walks up to one of the two Romulans without being noticed, Icer hidden beneath the umbrella over her arm. Two shots at close range, one Romulan goes down, as the other turns, pulling a knife, swinging at her. Fitz comes from behind, smashing the second Romulan in the side of the head with his tablet.>

Romulan: <grabs partner in one hand, touches chest with other> Mos’sanhae faikaru! Htirrn lehrei dha lai! Haeuai kre! <the two disappear in a shimmer of light> {*loosely translated Romulan: Abort mission, enemy agents in area, two to beam up*}

Fitz: <looks at the spot where the Romulans were an instant ago> Well, that’s a nifty trick.

Simmons: <looks around> We’re bloody damn lucky everyone is focused on the start of the Rally. <opens van> Still, we’ve more work to do. 

Fitz: <gently pulls the unconscious agents out, he and Simmons sit them on a nearby bench> Now lets see about this bomb.

Simmons: This is enough nitramine to implode half of Central Park and the surrounding area! 

Coulson: <still listening in over the earbud> Foxtrot! What is the status of the bomb!?

Simmons: <eyeing the yellowish orange glow emanating from the bomb> There’s not enough time to get enough liquid nitrogen here to disarm it! I estimate ten minutes to implosion, max.

Coulson: RESCUE is already en route.

<30 seconds later a woman in an Iron Man style suit lands beside the two>

Rescue: What’s the best disposal method?

Simmons: You’ll have to take it out to sea. Two hundred miles into open water should be a safe distance. You’ll have to be fast, yet gentle. Too much jostling will cause it to implode sooner. I’m not sure even your suit’s propulsion could get you out of the blast range.

Rescue: <nods> On it. <picks up the van, lifting off into the air, takes off south east of area>

<people in the area DO notice a van being airlifted out, turn &look at FitzSimmons>

Fitz: <shrugs, hooks a thumb up at the van flying away> No Press Pass.


<halfway across the city, Rescue’s com channel beeps>

Suit’s AI: Ma’am, it’s Tony.

Rescue: <sighs> Tony? You’re supposed to be running the company today so I can have a nice relaxing day off.

Tony: I thought ‘relaxing day off’ meant a mani pedi with the girls, not bomb disposal.

Rescue: <reaching edge of water, continues flying> You’re one to talk. How may ‘golf trips’ did you take that were really Avenger missions that you didn’t want me to worry about you on?

Tony: <stammers> ahb, ahb, ah, that was different!

Rescue: <irritated> Oh really? You do realize that this bomb would take out half of Manhattan, including the mansion you’re currently arguing with me from? <truck begins to glow as Rescue nears minimum safe distance> Oh crap! <speeds up, tosses the truck and turns full reverse>

Tony: <shouting across the com> Pepper? Pepper! I love you, talk to me babe! 


Tony: <still shouting> PEPPER! God damn it! Don’t leave me hanging like this!


Tony: <whispering> Pepper?

Rescue: You think you’re the only hero in this family?

Tony: <sighs in relief> NEVER do that to me AGAIN!

Rescue: <smiles just a little> Now YOU know how it feels. I’m heading back, suit is going to need a few armor panels replaced that got pulled off during the blast, but otherwise, it’s all under control.

Tony: <annoyed, relieved and proud> You did great hon. Next time though, give me a heads up maybe? 

pepper suit.gif

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