Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 35 The Milk Run, Part 1: A Basket of Deplorables for Bravo…..

[NYC Traffic Cam Footage 030817 1100hrs]

Loc: NW Columbus Circle, intersection of Broadway &Central Park West, Manhattan NY

skye phil

<Phil& Daisy casually walking along Broadway>

Daisy: So, you just gave Robbie the Darkhold? 

Phil: It’s too powerful to be kept by SHIELD. The farther away the better. The Ghost Rider took it with him to some hell dimension to hopefully be destroyed.

Daisy: What about that weirdo Doctor on Bleeker St?

Phil: He prefers ‘Strange’, and it’s definitely in his mystical wheelhouse. However, I’d rather see Robbie destroy the book than let it sit on a shelf, waiting for the wrong person to pick it up.

Daisy: Well, as long as it’s gone. I mean, it even corrupted an LMD. One less piece of weird in our lives is a relief. 

Phil: You can say that again. <turns corner onto 61st st, notices a blind vet with a sign, sitting across the street, playing harmonica for handouts, with a seeing eye dog beside him. Phil grins> 

Daisy: <notices> Wow. Someday I hope I’m that good.

Phil: At the harmonica? Yeah, me too. <points to a food cart>  Ice cream?

Daisy: <laughs> It’s freakin March, we’re outside freezing our butts off, and you want ice cream?

Phil: <shrugs> Never a bad time for mint chip, my treat. <keeps walking toward food cart>

Daisy: <sighs, following> They’d better have rocky road.

<The pair get ice cream, continue walking toward Central Park West, stopping near the intersection to talk and eat, discretely watching the area>

Daisy: Any word on the Accords? It’d be nice to be able to work these jobs without worrying about good old Wonderdolt Ross and your buddy Talbot wanting to arrest me if I get caught using my powers.

Phil: <rolls his eyes> They’re close to rescinding them, but Ross is still encouraging the few holdouts. <holds up his prosthetic arm> You’re not the only one they’d arrest. Every Enhanced agent is taking a risk volunteering for these outings. I’m hoping His Majesty T’Challa can turn the holdouts to our side. He’s been our biggest supporter in this.

Daisy: <nods> Always good to have a king on your side. <notices a small group of five women looking out of place, tilts her head in their direction> Pink Pussy Hats and Princess Peach heels? Kind of a mixed message there. 

Phil: <looks over> Yeah, the red cap peeking out of the one’s shopping bag doesn’t help them blend in with today’s crowd either.

Daisy: Those bags look pretty heavy. What do you think? 

Phil: <looks regrettably at the half eaten ice cream, before tossing it in a nearby garbage, Daisy follows suit> Let’s go see if they need a hand carrying them. <subtly tapping his earpiece> Bravo team checking possible instigators. <taps it off again>

<The pair move casually through the crowds, shadowing the women. They stop near the entrance to the Tower, whispering nervously to each other. Phil and Daisy hang back, watching. Urged on by the others, one pulls a can of spray paint from a bag, reading instructions. Shakes it weakly. Phil and Daisy casually walk up to the group.>

Phil: You really want to put a little energy into it when you shake one of those. First time tagging? <woman looks at him with disdain>

Tagger: I don’t need help from a MAN. I know what I’m doing! Now get out of my way.

Daisy: <smirks, pointing> If you knew what you were doing, you wouldn’t have the can pointed at yourself. <Woman looks back down at the can again -nozzle is indeed pointed at her, rather than the building.>

Second Woman: They’re just trying to confuse you! Go on, do it!

Third Woman <becomes emboldened as well, reaches into her bag, pulling out a gardening brick, red cap falls out beside her in the process> I know which way is up with THIS!

Phil: <points down at the cap> You dropped something there ma’am. <matter of factly> You wouldn’t want someone to see it and think you were some kind of Deplorable, trying to make the Women’s Movement look bad, now would you?

<All the women look down at the cap and pale at his words>

Second Woman: <angrily> THEY make the rest of us look bad! We’ve got plenty of rights, they don’t know what they’re talking about! They need to stop attacking our Leader, he’s got nothing BUT respect for women! Look at his beautiful wife and daughter!

Daisy: <tries not to gag> Respect? Good old ‘grab ’em by the pussy’? If that’s what you want to call respect, then I don’t want any.

Tagger: <still holding paint can> You don’t know what you’re talking about, that’s all just fake news anyway!

Phil: <laughs> She must be watching the Bakshi Report. <woman aims paintcan at him>

Daisy: <holds hands out in what looks like a defensive posture, palms pointed at the can> Listen, we really don’t want any trouble, we just want you to stop, maybe think about what you’re doing here, and go home.

Tagger: Trouble’s all that YOU PEOPLE want, so that’s what you’ll get! <still aiming can at Phil>

Daisy: <hands still up, smiles> Are you sure you shook that can enough? <paintcan starts to tremble in the woman’s hand, shaking intensifies until the woman drops it> Then again, if you shake it too hard, it could explode. 

Third Woman: <drops the brick, backs away, grabbing one of the others, dragging them along> You! You’re one of those FREAKS! The government will deal with you, just like all the other undesirables that need to be kicked out of this country! America for Americans!

<the rest of the group drops their bags, hurrying down the street away from Phil and Daisy>

Phil: <sighs> You know that blew our cover, right? We’re done for the day.

Daisy: <indignantly> Hey! I tried to be nice! <picks up the discarded bags and items, angrily stuffing them in the nearest garbage can> And I HATE being nice to rude, closed minded, snobby, narcissistic, entitled…..

Phil <cuts her off, sympathises> Yeah, I know, I know. <puts an arm around her shoulders as they start walking back to the safehouse>

Daisy: <bitterly> I hope every one of their overpriced, poorly made, chinese sweatshop shoes breaks a heel.

Phil: <taps his earbud again> Bravo team returning home. Situation cleared, but our cover’s been blown. It’s up to the rest of you to keep an eye on things.


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