Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 34 Mission day, the ‘milk run’ begins…..


Loc: Briefing Room A, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (54)

Nick: <points to map on viewscreen showing rally local> Teams Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie will be patrolling the triangle around the Tower.  Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot will each take one of the inner sectors of the circle. India, Juliette and Kilo will patrol outer rim of the sectors watching traffic patterns. One team in each trio will have a bomb dog with them.

Elena: <whispers> I hate dogs, I hope we don’t get one. 

May: <whispers back> They’re trained detectors, think of it as an agent, with fur.

Fury: <glares at the corner the whispers are coming from, continues> We’ll also have backup on standby if needed. Rescue is in the area and on-call.

May: <surprised and impressed> Usually it literally takes a natural disaster to get Sparkles to suit up.

Nick: This administration is as about as unnatural a disaster as they come, but she’s ready if we need her. <May nods>

Maria: <nudges Peggy, whispers> Kilo, that’s us.

Nick: The rally starts at 1300hrs but I want all teams in positions by 1100. Anything out of the ordinary gets reported& checked out, without blowing cover if possible. <looks over to Elena, Daisy and Phil> Enhanced agents are NOT to use abilities unless it’s a matter of public safety. Questions?  Good. You have you team assignments, time to suit up! (45)

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