Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 33 This is a dangerous game you boys are playing…..


Loc: Office of Director Fury, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th


Maria: <glares at Nick and Phil> Steve Rogers is one of Carter’s Resistance recruits.

Nick: <matter of factly> AND?

Phil: <nods> We’re well aware.

Maria: So, who’s brilliant idea was that?

Phil: It was a joint decision. I admit, we didn’t know Romanoff had encouraged him to join the Resistance, but once we found out, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. When he created his account, it red flagged in the system immediately. We deliberated what to do with it.

Nick: Rogers is a asset we need. But he’s stubborn. He wasn’t about to listen to one of us. He needed a gentle nudge or two in the right direction. Carter’s got the kind of personality that motivates people.

Maria: <growling> So, you’re using Carter, to manipulate Rogers. Was this the plan the whole time?

Phil: <puts hands up defensively> Peggy was already here. It was just luck that we had her working with recruits and he signed up. So we took advantage of it. 

Nick: This administration and it’s connections to Russia, Hydra, and the Romulans is a bad situation that’s going to get worse, before we can make it better. We need all the help we can get. 

Maria: How much help do you think they’ll be when they figure it all out? Stark already found out, Carter’s getting more curious by the day, and I guarantee Rogers knows something weird is up. This isn’t a battle plan, it’s a goddamn house of cards! 

Nick: YOUR job is to worry about Carter. We’ve got her security clearances locked to keep her from searching for anything regarding Rogers and any other information we don’t want her taking back to 1948. You just need to keep her focused on the Resistance.

Maria: What happens when the Accords are rescinded and Steve wants to come home to meet her? He’s already promised to take her out for shawarma when he gets back.

Nick: <looks to Phil, sarcastically> Now my feelings are hurt. WE never get invited for shawarma. <Phil smirks, trying not to laugh>

Phil: We already have plans to keep them separated and occupied. Daisy’s been counterhacking and has narrowed down locations on some Hydra botfarms in Russia. Cap will be too busy shutting them down to worry about missing date night.

Maria: So you ARE planning a more hands on approach to dealing with Hydra. Are we re-assembling the Avengers? Given the events of last year, CAN they be re-assembled? They were always a powder keg, but now…..

Phil: With the dimensional barriers thinning more day by day, both sides are gaining powerful allies. The Doctor and others are bringing help from everywhere and everywhen. We’re working on something BIGGER than just our Avengers.

Maria: As volatile as the Avengers can be, you want to build something BIGGER? Are you OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MINDS?

Nick: Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Dealing with Loki looks like a walk in the park compared to that orange faced shitgibbon. 

Maria: And Carter and Rogers? Just two more pawns on the chessboard?

Phil: I don’t like keeping them separated any more than you do, Maria. But I’d like to think that in our place, they’d do whatever was necessary. They understand about making sacrifices for the greater good.

Maria: This is a dangerous game you boys are playing. If it blows up on us….. (50)

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