Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 32 Grant& Maggie:  Milk Runs, Nicknames, Secrets and Misdirections


Loc: Office of Agent Carter, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th


Steve: Hi Maggie! How was the briefing?

Peggy: Good. I’ll finally be getting out in the field Wednesday. I’m quite looking forward to it! Granted it’s just undercover rally security, but it’s a chance to get out there and help. 

Steve: Sounds like an easy milk run, and you ARE a big help, no matter what Fury has you doing.

Peggy: <grimaces> Ugh, please don’t use that phrase, Grant. The last time I was on a ‘milk run’ I ended up in a knife fight atop a moving dairy truck filled with Nitramene bombs.

Steve: Ouch! Ok, hopefully it won’t be that exciting, lol. Oh! I was finally thinking about a screenname for my acct. SGR1918 just seens kinda plain, almost like a bot. What do you think of ‘Nomad’?

Peggy: Nomad sounds like a lone wolf vigilante, wandering with no home. Doesn’t suit you. You have a home, you have friends, and you have the Resistance. Makes me picture a battle scarred, scruffy old man with a cricket bat on a beat up, broken down old motorbike.

Steve: Hmm, I didn’t think of it that way. What’s wrong with scruffy guys on bikes?

Peggy: Haha, nothing, but it just doesn’t strike me as YOU. Though I admit, I’m quite fond of motorbikes, lol. You must have had a nickname in the 107th. EVERYONE in the Commandos had a nickname. That’s where I got ‘MissUnionJack’

Steve: <thinking to self, Crap, I can’t use Captain America. For one thing, she won’t believe me, and for another, I’m still technically a wanted fugitive. Not much of a symbol of inspiration there>  Um, most of the guys usually just called me ‘Cap’ because of my rank. Once in awhile when they thought they were being funny, they’d call me ‘Spangles’ -don’t ask. Tony used to call me The Old Man, but…..

Peggy: <giggles> ‘Spangles’? Now THAT is a story I’m going to NEED to hear one of these days. Hmm, what about The Patriot? 

Steve: I think there’s already someone out there called that right now.

Peggy: Well, what motivates you, Grant? What inspires you? What makes you want to protect this country?

Steve: <thinking> The people, the values, the flag and everything it stands for. 

Peggy: Ha! That’s it! What do you think of ‘Stars&Stripes’

Steve: That’s really good, Mags! I like it!

Peggy: Good, I’m glad I could help.  🙂

Steve: We make a pretty good team.   😉

Peggy: <smiles to herself> Yes, it seems we do. It’s nice to find someone you can work well with and enjoy their company too. Are you still thinking about re-joining SHIELD? 

Steve: <stares at the screen intensely for a few minutes> It’s an idea that’s growing on me. Seems like Nick has things back on track, working for the greater good.

Peggy: <sees her chance to dig for info> You mentioned that before, about SHIELD being ‘back on track’. What happened? I heard talk of a Hydra operative infiltrating SHIELD, how did he ever manage that?

Steve: <angry and sad, remembering> Which one? I mean, when the helicarriers fell on DC, most of STRIKE and a lot of Command had been compromised by Hydra. Pierce and Zola recruited a lot of bad apples, and killed some damn good agents. 

Peggy: <shocked and confused> Falling helicarriers? What in the world are you talking about, Grant? You’re telling me Hydra wormed it’s way into the heart of SHIELD? Why wasn’t Zola still locked up in the Rat? 

Steve: <brow furrowed, suspicious> Maggie, HOW do you NOT know about any of this? It was all over the news when it happened. 

Peggy: <realizing she’s been kept in the dark about a major historical event> Well, I really didn’t pay much attention to the news when I was younger. When Nick recruited me a few months ago, he skipped me past the history class at the Academy.

Steve: <not buying it> Maggie….. that only happened 3years ago. 

Peggy: <scrambling> Oh! I wasn’t even in the country at that time, I had quite a bit going on, and I must have missed it.

Steve: <pondering, trying to puzzle it out> Mags, you couldn’t have missed it anywhere on the planet….. unless….. you’re not originally from around here, are you?

Peggy: <stares at the screen, unsure what to say>

Steve: …..Maggie, are you an Asgardian?

Peggy: <breathes a sigh of relief, thinks to herself, Ok, ok, I can work with this. begins to spin and side step. I’m not lying to him, I’m just not going to correct him. typing> Oh, no, um, I’m no god, but I guess you could say that I’m an ‘out of town guest’.

Steve: <relaxes a bit> Well, geez. Why didn’t you say so sooner. No wonder you had no clue when I was talking about classic rock music the other day. You’re not the first ‘out of towner’ I’ve met. Heck, I’ve gone drinking with Thor.

Peggy: <mumbling aloud, Good Lord Margaret, you’re bloody damn lucky he bought it! typing> Haha! Yes, I’ve heard he’s quite an impressive fellow. Perhaps you could introduce me sometime. 

Steve: <slightly jealous> Well…. he’s not around often, and when he is, there’s usually something big and bad going on.

Peggy: Well, haha, in that case, I almost hope not to get the chance to meet him after all. Though with the way things are going, sometimes it feels like big and bad may be just around the corner.

Steve: <yawns> I really hope you’re wrong, Maggie. Still, with the news you keep sending me, I really can’t wait to get home and be more involved.

Peggy: The more good people we get involved, the better. <looks at the clock> Grant, I’m keeping you up again, aren’t I?

Steve: <yawns again> Our talks are worth losing a little sleep over.

Peggy: Go to bed ‘Spangles’ lol. You’re no good to anyone if you’re exhausted.

Steve: <laughing> SMH, I should never have told you that. Good night ‘MissUnionJack’


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