Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 31 Who is this Grant guy? 


Loc: SHIELD Secure Transport en route to NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (46)

Peggy: <blushing> He’s just another recruit. He’s in an odd timezone from the rest of my group. He misses some Q&A sessions I have with the rest of my group after sending out updates and resource links. So I chat with him one on one to help him.

Elena: <in backseat, grins at May next to her, shaking her head with a laugh> Ha! Work relationships. They’re fuego, no? Either you keep each other warm, or somebody gets burned.

May: <shakes her head, stares out the window> Or shot, or stabbed, or blown to bits.

Maria: <skeptical> uh huh. That’s why you’re up at the crack of dawn and already in your office when I walk in every morning. What timezone is he in? If he was west coast, you’d be staying up late, not getting up early.

Peggy: He’s from Brooklyn, but he’s out of the country at the moment. I’m not quite sure where, though he’s about 8hours ahead of us here.

Maria: <growing curious> What’s he do that takes him out of the country?

Peggy: Well, right now it seems he’s drifting, looking for direction. Ex-military, ex-SHIELD, and ex-some other organization he didn’t name. <Women all react at once>

Maria: <shocked> Wait, he’s EX-SHIELD?!

Elena: <surprised> From what I have seen, it’s not very common for an agent to leave SHIELD, unless something bad happened.

May: <suddenly sitting up and leaning forward> WHEN did he leave SHIELD? 

Peggy: <confused at everyone’s reactions> He, he didn’t say. All I know is that he still respects Nick, despite too many secrets. He also said to stick with Maria, because she’s good people. Apparently his friend Natalia is trying to talk him into re-joining. You’re all VERY concerned. Elena’s right, isn’t she. Something BAD happened at SHIELD, didn’t it?

May: < relaxes, leans back again> Well, if Nat is trying to get him back in, we know he’s not a Hydra infiltrator at least. <Peg’s brow furrows>

Maria: <ignores Peggy’s question, still wary> That’s ALL he’s told you about his past?

Peggy: <alarmed now, starts rattling off info> He fought with the 107th, and still lives like military. Had a girlfriend who died of illness almost a year ago, never says her name or what she was ill with. Hates soft beds- I don’t blame him. He loves ice cream, and art. Favorite colour is blue. He seems to have old fashioned values and is about as tech savy as I am. Misses Brooklyn and is looking forward to coming home. Tells me he’s going to take me out for shawarma when he gets back to NY. One of his friends is in a medical coma, or as he put it ‘on ice’ while being examined by neurologists. Another friend and he had a falling out and aren’t speaking. Never mentions the name of the other organization he joined and then left after he was with SHIELD. Spends a lot of time working out at a gym near him. This Natalia everyone seems to know is like a little sister to him. Ah, I think that’s most of what I remember. Do you know him Maria? Is he dangerous? What happened with SHIELD that has you all on edge?!

Maria: <putting pieces together, trying to cover> Sorry Peg, at first I thought he was someone else, ah, a former agent named Ward. Turned out he was a double agent for Hydra. 

May: <meets Maria’s eyes in the rearview mirror, steel in her voice> Ward. Is. Dead.

Maria: <glares back, signaling with a slight eyebrow twitch that May recognizes> Wouldn’t be the first time he’s come back. 

May: <relaxes a little, plays along> True, but this guy doesn’t sound like Ward at all. Not enough of a narcissist or show off. 

Maria: <sounding relaxed again> Didn’t mean to worry you Peg. He actually sounds like a decent guy. In fact, I’ll have a talk with Nick about your friend.

Peggy: <relieved, but confused> This Ward sounds like a nasty piece of business, how in the hell did he manage to get into SHIELD if he was a Hydra operative?

Maria: Sorry Peg, that’s past business that I can’t talk about. We’ve taken care of the problem and it won’t be an issue in the future.

Peggy: <sighs in frustration, thinks to herself> You might not be able to tell me, but maybe someone else will. I need answers. <looks out the window in silence the rest of the trip back> (47).gif

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