Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 30 Tacos, Tequila &More Talk of Women’s Rights…..


Loc: Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar, Adams St, Brooklyn NY


Peggy: <between mouthfuls> So tell me more about this Women’s Rights movement. You said it started in the 60’s working towards fair and equal work and pay. Where did it go from there?

Maria: Well, women had more opportunities in the workforce, but pregnancy and motherhood were still often career-ending. So women fought for more control over their bodies and the choice of if and when to have children. Discrimination against pregnant women and forced maternity leave became illegal. Supreme court upheld unmarried couples right to use birth control and Roe vs Wade legalized abortion in 74? Or was it 73? <looks across the table to May>

May: <reaches for the chips and salsa> It was 73, the year after Title 9 made sexual discrimination for federally funded education programs illegal.

Peggy: <impressed> It sounds like women have been standing up and making their voice heard. I’m very glad to hear so much progress!

Elena: <nods> It is a good example and a trend I hope to see grow in my country. Unfortunately I fear it will take many generations still, just as it has in the US.

 Maria: It HAS been a long road, but we get closer to equality with every step. Those changes in the 60’s and 70’s made it easier for women to advance both educationally and professionally in the 80’s. 

May: A lot of firsts for women came from that. Sandra Day O’Conner was first woman on the Supreme Court. DOCTOR Sally K. Ride was the first woman in space. Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman nominee for Vice President on a major party ticket. They were some of my heroes growing up.

Peggy: Did Ferraro win?

May: No, but it was a start. 

Maria: That was also about the time that laws protecting against sexual harassment and sexual discrimination in the workplace became commonplace.

Elena: Yes, though SHIELD had those protections as policy as early as the 50’s, along with many others. I learned much about our history in my first year Academy class ‘Shaping The SHIELD’ <May and Maria look at her in surprise>

May: When did you have time for the Academy?

Elena: <laughs> What? I may live in Columbia, but many of the Academy classes are available online. Though I will have to take Ballroom Dancing in person. <May grimaces>

May: Hated that class. 

Elena: Funny, Coulson said you had top scores in it.

May: <glares> I did my best to think of it as another form of hand to hand combat training. Speed, agility, and the ability to match or counter your opponent’s moves.

Maria: It’s more useful than you’d think.

Peggy: <eyes wide> So, there’s a whole Academy now, just to train agents?

Elena: Si! Actually, there are three divisions of the Academy. Communications, Operations, and Sci-Tech. Each division was inspired by a founder. Colonel Phillips was Coms, Howard Stark was Sci-Tech, and <looks at Peggy> you were Ops.

Peggy: <nods> Well, Howard makes sense, but why me for Ops?

Elena: Because you eventually supported him on Operation Pap….

Maria:  <cuts her off and stares, deflecting> Because you were the most skilled and knowledgeable field agent. Phillips could coordinate, but YOU were the one with the field experience and the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes in plans.

Peggy: <purses lips, glares back at Maria> I see. One of those parts of my history on the classified list. I suppose I’ll just have to wait until it actually happens for the truth to come out.

Elena: <frowns> Lo siento. I forget there are things you cannot know about. Between my class and Coulson, I’ve been learning much about SHIELD’s history. But YOU get to look forward to living it!

Peggy: Coulson? Does Phil really have time to teach a class if he’s part of the Directors’ Council?

Elena: Oh, no. He’s just a history buff. He has a collection of old cosas memorables. <thinks for a moment> Memorabilia! Yes, memorabilia of SHIELD and SSR. Just before I signed the Accords, he gave me this.<pulls something out of her pocket, placing it in Peggy’s hand> To remind me I was joining a team, becoming part of something bigger than myself, part of something with a strong history. 

Peggy: <looks at the round disk and smiles happily in recognition> They still give new recruits SHIELD pins?

Elena: No, that one is muy especial. Coulson kept it safe for a long time. Turn it over.

Peggy: <flips the pin, shocked to see her own name engraved on the back> But? <pulls a newer, shinier version of the exact same pin out of her pocket>

Maria: <shrugs> Time travel makes things weird, remember? 

Peggy: <to Elena> You said he gave it to you before you signed the Accords. Which Accords? <looks to Maria> Or is that also on my ‘no know’ list?

Maria: <sighs> The Sokovia Accords govern all Enhanced individuals and teams regarding the use of their powers and abilities. It’s been controversial since it’s ratification, and the World Security Council is currently in deliberations on either amending or rescinding it. I CAN’T tell you any more than that though. There’s a lot tied into it that IS on your restricted access list. 

Peggy: <frustrated> There are times it feels as if these restrictions are more hindrance than their worth.

Elena: <tilts her head> True, but they’re there to protect things. Like your future and our history. <points at the pin>

Peggy: <smiles at Elena, hands back the older pin> Well then, I guess I’ll have to take extra good care of the future for you until it’s yours, my dear.

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