Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 29 A history lesson…..


Loc: Parking Garage, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (43).gif

Maria: <laughs> Elena here has an appetite that could rival even yours, Carter. Of course, she’s an Inhuman with an enhanced metabolism, but still. Meet Elena Rodriguez and Melinda May. Agents from our D.C. base known as The Playground. They’re normally part of Phil’s team.

May: <nods, getting behind the wheel> Elena and I are only in town for the week. We wanted to be here for Wednesday’s assignment.

Peggy: <joins the rest of them in the car> So, what is this ‘Day Without a Woman’?

Maria: March 8th is International Women’s Day. Women around the world along with our allies are acting together to promote equality, justice and human rights for women AND all gender-oppressed people with demonstrations around the world.

Peggy: From what I’ve seen of this time so far, women have already come quite a ways toward equality. 

May: Most of what you’ve seen so far has been SHIELD, which has always been ahead of the curve on Women’s Rights. Mostly because of YOU, Carter. Out in the world though, there’s always more work to be done.

Elena: <nods> Si! In Columbia where I am from, there is still much struggle. We are used to the ‘macho man and the subservient woman’. Human rights activists live with constant threats against their very lives. We ARE making progress. We have many new laws protecting women and their rights, and many women are entering public service to help these changes. But there is still much violence and inequality. Too many are trapped by the old ways, the old views. ‘A nuevos tiempos, nuevas costumbres’ is difficult for many.

Peggy: <confused> I’m sorry, I don’t speak spanish.

Maria: <translates> ‘New times, new customs.’

Peggy: Ah, yes. Bringing change IS difficult. During the war, millions of women joined the workforce to fill jobs while men were overseas fighting. After the war was over, the men came home and expected to just return to the way things were before. After tasting freedom and independence, we wanted more. We had discovered that we had more value to society than just wives and mothers.

Maria: I hate to break it to you Peg, but for the most part, a lot of those women DID end up going back to being wives and mothers. But they raised daughters who wanted more. Things didn’t start progressing until the 60’s.

May: That was when the Equal Pay Act and Title VII came about. Even today the wage gap is still an issue in a lot of professions. 

Peggy: Still? That wanker Thompson was making twice as much as I was at the SSR. I was doing better work then him AND he was constantly trying to get me to do his filing and reports! Plus he had an expense account to launder his suits, while I was purchasing my nylons out of pocket. You’d not believe how many pairs I’d put ladders in during a week of field work!

Maria: <laughs> Well our dress code is a bit more practical these days. <tilts head, rolls eyes, grimaces> Unless you’re on an undercover op. <sarcastically> Always a blast trying to chase someone down while in stilettos. 

May: Oh hell no! Moment it looks like I’ve gotta give chase, I kick em off. Might kill the feet, but they make great throwing weapons if you can’t hide a knife anywhere.

Elena: <laughs> Dios No! No heels for me! Can you imagine? 

May: <actually cracks a smile> Right. That’s an accident waiting to happen.

Peggy: <looks over to Marie, confused>

Maria: <waves a hand> Don’t worry about it.

May: <parks the car, turns and grins> Tacos and tequila, anyone?

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