Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 28 Mission Briefing…..


Loc: Briefing Room A, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (41)

Peggy: <looks up, yawning> Hmm, yes?

Fury: <looks over at Peggy> That is, if you can stay awake long enough for briefing. <sarcastically> I’m sorry, are we keeping you from your beauty sleep?

Peggy: <growls, reaches for coffee> Some of my recruits are in odd timezones. I was up a tad late, ah, answering questions about the latest resources we sent out.

Fury: <gives her a look of not quite disbelief> Mmmhmm. <turns back to the rest of the agents at the table> Wednesday’s operation will be standard undercover rally security. We expect a good size crowd, estimates are looking at 800-1000. 

Maria: <interrupts, looks around the room at the other agents, mostly female> You DO realize the irony of making us work that day? <Peggy looks on, confused>

Fury: <puts up a hand to stop her> I’m not MAKING anyone work this one, strictly voluntary. But, <pauses> many of my best agents, <looks around the table> are women. Those that sign up, will be protecting rally organizers and attendees. Protecting those standing up for Women’s Rights. Can YOU think of a better reason to work on A Day Without Women?

Maria: <smirks> Depends, do we have enough evidence for DOJ to take Tweeter-In-Chief into custody? Because I’ll volunteer for that one too, I’ll even bring the tiny handcuffs.

Fury: <grins> Get in line. The volunteer list for that one reaches from here to Times Square, but we’re not ready for that, yet. We’ve got other teams still digging. I’ve got our liaison with FBI, Agent Scully passing info on to Comey as we can find it.

Peggy: <lost> I’m sorry, but what is A Day Without Women?

Maria: <leans over> I’ll explain over brunch after the briefing.

Fury: <slightly annoyed> MAY I continue? 

Maria: <nods> Sorry Boss, I’ll get her up to speed later.

Fury: AS I was saying, we expect a decent crowd around Columbus Circle and the Tower. We’ve also heard reports of possible instigators planning to cause trouble. We don’t need anyone starting riots in downtown Manhattan and blaming it on the Resistance movement. Now I’m looking for about 12 teams, in twos and threes. You’ll be blending into the crowds, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. That means people, packages, vehicles, behaviors, etc. Icers ONLY people! Too many civilians to risk standard guns. Anyone interested in this operation will be e-mailed details the night before. Volunteers? <Every agent raises their hand, including Maria and Peggy> Good, I’ll be joining you all bright and early Wednesday morning. Dismissed.

Peggy: <yawns, turns to Maria> You mentioned brunch?

Maria: <shakes her head> Are you ever not hungry, Carter?

Peggy: <shrugs> During the war, the enemy wasn’t about to stop fighting to allow for set meal times. On the front lines we grabbed what we could, when we could.

Maria: You know we’re not at war anymore?

Peggy: That’s debateable, my dear. Now shall we find more coffee?

Maria: Depends, you gonna tell me about that recruit that puts a smile on your face every time I see you look at your phone?

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