Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 27 Maggie and Grant, Late night talk…..


Loc: Office of Agent Carter, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th


Peggy: <sitting at her desk, eating chinese take out, looks at her watch, realizes that for him it’s 3am> You’re up rather late, aren’t you?

Steve: <yawns as he types> Well, I don’t really have a set schedule, and I kinda missed talking to you.

Peggy: <blushes> I confess, I enjoy our talks as well.

Steve: <grins happily> So, this may seem like a weird question, Maggie, but are you with SHIELD?

Peggy: <stares at the screen, biting her lip, evades> Why Grant, what would make you ask a question like that?

Steve: I, well, I used to work for them, and I have a friend that still does. She told me that they’ve been aiding the Resistance. With all the great resources you’ve been sending my way, it made me wonder.

Peggy: You used to work for SHIELD? What made you leave, if you don’t mind me asking?

Steve: <sighs, thinks for a minute, not wanting to reveal his part in the fall> I ah, moved on to another organization. SHIELD just wasn’t the right fit for me anymore. I still have a lot of respect for Nick, but sometimes all his secrets can be a bit much.

Peggy: <relaxes> Yes, I suppose they can. He’s rather infuriating at times. Sometimes I believe he can see through that eyepatch.

Steve: <laughs> So you DO work for SHIELD. Hill still his right hand?

Peggy: Yes, she’s an amazing agent, and we’ve become quite the chums working together. She’s been helping me acclimate to everything and showing me around New York a bit.

Steve: Maria’s good people. She won’t steer you wrong. But I thought you said you moved to Brooklyn after…..

Peggy: <scrambling to cover> Well, yes. But as you know, this city is ever changing. Besides, while I did move to Brooklyn, SHIELD now has me in Manhattan, which of course is like a completely different world.

Steve: Yeah, I spent a lot of time in Manhattan when I worked for them too. Got to know the lay of the land, but you’re right, it’s no Brooklyn.

Peggy: You miss it, don’t you? 

Steve: <feeling nostalgic> I miss a lot of things, but yeah, Brooklyn is one of them. No matter how much it changes, there’s a part of me that still calls it home.

Peggy: Do you think you’ll be returning any time soon? Perhaps I could speak to Nick, if you were interested in re-joining SHIELD. That is, IF you were interested. 

Steve: <smiles> Yeah, you’re not the first person to suggest that. It’s something I’ve been thinking about. It seems like SHIELD is back on track to helping the world, the way the founders intended. Natalia’s been trying to get me back out into the world. The more I see and hear, I the less I feel I can sit on the sidelines. 

Peggy: <reads, confused, thinks> back on track? I wonder what he means by that? Still, it’s good to see someone getting more engaged. <types> THAT’S the kind of determination we need more of. Men and women willing to stand up, plant their feet in the ground, and say NO, THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

Steve: <thinks to himself> God, sometimes she sounds so much like Pegs. <types> Maybe I’ve been hiding from the world long enough. <thinks for a moment> How do I explain to her that technically I’m a fugitive in hiding until the Accords are taken care of? <continues typing>  I’ve still got some things to wrap up here, and I’m not sure how long it will take. But coming home and being more involved with the Resistance? Nat thought this might be what I needed to pull me back out of my shell.

Peggy: <being nosey> So, this Natalia friend of yours….. it sounds like the two of you are quite close. 

Steve: <blushes, then grins mischievously> Do I detect a tone of jealousy, Maggie? 

Peggy: <embarrassed, tries to cover> Haha, very amusing! Aren’t you an arrogant wanker? I was just curious about her because you said she was an agent. I don’t recall meeting her yet, though I’ve seen so many new faces around here as of late, it’s hard to keep track.

Steve: <chuckles> Arrogant wanker? Now THAT’s a term I haven’t heard in forever! I just had to ask, because the last time I accidentally made a woman jealous, she shot at me. You probably haven’t met Nat yet, because Fury likes to send her out on a lot of undercover field work. She’s like the little sister I never had. Though sometimes she can be a pain in the butt.

Peggy: <thinking back to her older brother Michael and laughs> Then she sounds like a proper sister! I hope I DO get a chance to meet her! I’ll finally be going out in the field soon myself. It feels like I’ve been cooped up in here forever, mostly chained to this bloody desk.

Steve: <looks at the clock, eyes growing heavy> You’ve been doing great work, Maggie. I know you’ve certainly helped me a lot! I’m sure Fury has had his reasons for not putting you out in the field sooner, though knowing him, I doubt he’s explained them.

Peggy: Yes, we both know he seems to like his secrets. It was only recently that I was even given an opportunity to explore Manhattan. Maria took me to this little restaurant on 58th st. Wonderful pasta! 

Steve: Maybe when I get things wrapped up here and can come home, I’ll give you a tour. I’d love to show you Paley Park. I go there a lot to sketch. It used to be a dance hall. 

Peggy: A dance hall? I didn’t know there still were such things.

Steve: Oh, sorry, a night club.

Peggy: Sometimes, you sound like you’re from another time, Grant. Would I be rude to ask how old you are?

Steve: <thinking> How the HELL do I answer this one? <laughs> hmm, maybe if I’m honest, she’ll just think I’m joking. <types> Well, I’m 98, but I don’t feel a day over 31, haha. Now, fair is fair, your turn, Maggie.

Peggy: <shakes her head, mumbles to herself> I should have seen THAT one coming. <sighs, typing> Fine. I’ll be 28 next month. 

Steve: <nervous> Well, maybe if I’m home by then, I could take you out to celebrate. Ah, if you WANTED to. I mean, that is, if you don’t have plans with anyone else. Do you? Have plans with someone else?

Peggy: <laughing to herself> He REALLY doesn’t know how to talk to women. <types, teasing> NOW who sounds jealous, Grant? 

Steve: <embarrassed> Sorry. Uh, I just thought that since working for SHIELD doesn’t leave much down time to meet friends, maybe you’d like to go out sometime. As friends. I mean. <head drooping sleepily> Sorry, I’m getting tired and things don’t seem to be coming out right.

Peggy: <yawns, checks her watch again> Good Lord! We’ve been talking for FOUR hours! You must be exhausted! I should get some rest myself, I’ve got a mission briefing in the morning. 

Steve: Oh man! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to waste your night away! We should both get some sleep. 

Peggy: <looks at the forgotten box on her desk> The only thing wasted is my chinese take out, which seems to have grown cold. I do enjoy our talks. 

Steve: <smiles> Remind me when I get back, to show you this little shawarma shop I know.

Peggy; <yawns again, grins> I’m never one to turn down a good meal! But I DO have that briefing in the morning, and it’s nearly morning for you. We should definitely get to bed. Good night, Grant.

Steve: <rubs his eyes in exhaustion> Get some rest Maggie. Sweet dreams.  🙂   <shuts laptop, puts head down, mumbling to himself> Did I just ask her out? Oh crap, I can never tell Nat. She’d laugh her ass off and call me a dork. I need…. <falls asleep with his head on the computer>

steve comp 3


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