Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 26 What in the WORLD is a FitzSimmons?…..


Loc: Science Labs, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (33)

Peggy: <frowns> Non-lethal? Well I suppose that would make sense in some instances. Though I’d rather a sturdy PPK. 

Fitz: Too many civilians will be in the area on this one I’m afraid.

Peggy: <nods> I see. What else can you tell me about this assignment, Mr. Simmons?

Fitz: <stammers nervously> Oh, no, uh, no I’m Fitz. Simmons is, is my girlfriend, I, I, I, mean my partner, ah teammate. Coworker? Yes, she’s my co-worker, <pauses, tilts head, looks away> and we date. 

Peggy: <grins, chuckling> I’m not one to judge. 

Fitz: <still nervous> Yes, well. <turns back to table, blushing> This is your standard earbud radio piece, nothing short of an EMP burst <Peggy looks at him quizzically> will knock out communications in the field.

Peggy: <picks up the tiny earbud, looking it over> It’s so tiny! How do I carry it? 

Fitz: <remembering the tech is all new to her> Oh, right. It fits in your ear like this. <Reaches over, pulls her hair back and pops it in her ear, then pops another in his own> Can you hear me?

Peggy: <smirks> I’m standing right next to you, silly boy. 

Fitz: <shakes his head in embarrassment, walks to the next room of the lab, whispers to himself> Good going Fitz, Jemma will never let you hear the end of it. Bad enough she’s not here to meet her idol, you have to go and make a fool of yourself in front of the founder herself.

Peggy: Oh my! They do work quite well! Who is Jemma?

Fitz: <still whispering> Bloody hell. <returns from other room>  Jemma is Simmons, And she’s quite a fan of yours. <hands Peggy a small tube> So much so, she re-created this for you. Not that you should need it for standard security or protection details.

Peggy: <looks at the tube in her hand> My ‘Sweet Dreams’ lipstick! Oh she is a darling, you must tell her I said so!

Fitz: She’s also working on one for undercover interrogations, she calls it ‘Chatty Cathy’.

Peggy: <beaming> Brilliant! I wish she were here now to thank!

Fitz: Yes, well sadly she picked today to go to the helicarrier and meet with some of the scientists from some of the other groups. Not all of our visitors are human, and she was interested in learning more about their physiological make ups in case of emergencies.

Peggy: Smart woman, I’ll have to stop by here again when she’s around. Any other new gear I’ll be using?

Fitz: <hands her a handful of small disks with the SHIELD logo on them> These are taser disks. They can render a target unconscious by releasing electrical discharges. However we have discovered through trial and error that they do not always work on Enhanced individuals or some otherworldly visitors. <grins sheepishly> Never try to tase the God of Thunder, he doesn’t find it as amusing as you or I would.

Peggy: <brow furrows as she glares>  Thor? From Norse mythology? Now you’re just pulling my leg. 

Fitz: <grins wider> The world seems to get bigger and stranger year by year.

Peggy: <shakes her head> Hydra I understand, but gods and aliens? These are things that were never a part of my training.

Fitz: A lot of it has been learning as we go, but we’ve got a good team here. It’s like a family.

Peggy: <nostalgic look for a moment, grins> That’s the best kind of team to have. <phone buzzes, she looks down and sees a message waiting from Grant> I’m afraid I have to get back to my recruits. They’ve had questions for me all day about the new tools I’ve been sending them. 

Fitz: <grabs a clipboard> Oh! You’ll have to sign for your equipment before you go!

Peggy: Thank you for all your help, Fitz. <scrawls her name across the paper, collects the new gear and leaves>

Fitz: <looks at the clipboard, mumbling to himself> Jemma’s going to kill me for letting her miss out on this. Well, at least I got her an autograph.



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