Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 25 Sisterly advice…..

[Palace Security Footage 03042017]

Loc: Guest Quarters, Palace of King T’Challa, Wakanda

steve comp 2

Nat: <sneaks in, reads over Steve’s shoulder> MissUnionJack? Really? You certainly have a type Rogers.

Steve: <looks up from tablet, looking guilty> It’s not LIKE that. She’s with the Resistance. She’s been sending me info and tools and news. She’s good to talk to.

Nat: <grinning> Uh Huh, AND turning YOU into a blushing teenager. It’s good look on you though. Much better than that brooding doom and gloom monster I saw last time I was here. So I see you took my advice about getting involved.

Steve: <still blushing a little, happy to change the subject> Yeah. Not sure if I’m quite ready to get back into the world just yet, but I can’t sit on the sidelines completely. 

Nat: Well it’s a start. Way better than moping about, dwelling on the past. 

Steve: You come all the way to Wakanda just to check up on me? 

Nat: What can I say? I miss my family. <playfully punches his arm, Steve smiles> Plus I happened to cross paths with T’Challa, who said you might appreciate some good news. Looks like they’ve almost come to an agreement on lifting the Accords. With the current state of things back home, people are worried that the administration might try to press the Enhanced citizens into service as a super powered force, either to police the populace, or invade other countries. Concerned is an understatement.

Steve: <angry and energized, almost snaps the tablet in his hands> No way in HELL we’re going to let that happen!

Nat: <teases> Language. <grins> Now THAT’S the Captain America I know and love. Think maybe you’re ready to get back in the fight after all?

Steve: <tilts his head> I think I’m getting there. 

Nat: Well then, here’s some more bad news to get you fired up. Remember that off book mission Fury sent the rest of us on? 

Steve: <nods> He thought Hydra would pop back up. You found something?

Nat: Fraid so. Links to the Russians, AND the GOP. The election was hacked so they could put their crazyass puppet in office.

Steve: <shoulders sink, whispers> Fuck.

Nat: <shakes her head> You’re becoming quite the little foulmouth. What happened to my big brother the boy scout?

Steve: <shrugs> I guess I’m just trying to fit into the times. What is Fury doing about it?

Nat: <Points to the tablet> That. <Steve looks down at it, confused> This isn’t a hidden lab or a secret stronghold. We can’t go in guns blazing. They’ve got to be taken down democratically. Law and Order. So, SHIELD has been working with the Resistance.

Steve: <realizing> So when you sent me that note…..

Nat: I didn’t know for sure you’d follow my advice, but it seemed like the best way to ease you out of your shell and back out where you could make a difference. Baby steps.

Steve: <sighs, knowing she’s right> And now? 

Nat: Well, we’re reaching the point where we just might need a little old fashioned American inspiration and guidance. 

Steve: The Accords aren’t repealed just yet. I’m still kinda stuck here. A Nomad with no place.

Nat: But when they are, you’ll just have to come in for debriefing, and you’ll be a free man. You CAN go home. Heck, Fury said he’ll even give you your own team to lead as you see fit. No oversight, you give the orders. <smirks> Maybe you could recruit that MissU you’ve been chatting up.

Steve: <amused glare> Still trying to play matchmaker for me?

Nat: <grinning playfully> What? Maybe it’s time for you to get back out on the dance floor. You never know.

Steve: <hangs his head, shaking it, and sighing> Romanoff…..

Nat: <snickers> Love you too, now give me a hug, I promised Clint I’d stop by one of these days soon. Nathaniel’s about to hit the terrible two’s soon, and they need all the help Auntie Nat can give.

nat steve laughing.gif

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