Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 24  Only the Best Tools and Toys for Aunt Pegs and The Resistance…..


Loc: Office of Agent Carter, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th


<Three HUGE baskets of freshly baked muffins cover Peggy’s desk, and the smell wafts down the hall. Behind the baskets are a stack of files, beside the desk sit two boxes of gear. Tony sits on the corner of the desk with a grin>

Peggy: Good Lord Anthony! What is all this!  <immediately reaches for a muffin and begins to devour it. Talking between bites.> Mmm, still warm! These are wonderful, but you shouldn’t have!

Tony: <grins happily, watching her reach for another> Since you said YOU didn’t want to travel, I flew over to a place I know and picked them up. 

Peggy: <shakes her head, points to the boxes and files> And all this?

Tony: <falsely modest, waves a hand> Oh, you know, mostly just some things I had lying around I thought you might be able to use and some stuff I built last night while I was bored.

Peggy: <eyebrow raises> Hmmm, yes I see. And the files?

Tony: Specs for some tools I thought you could use for The Resistance. That top one is a real gem. <Peggy picks up the file, still munching on a muffin, Tony continues> I’ve been in contact with Eric Ries, he’s a startup entrepreneur. <Peggy looks confused, Tony shakes his head> Don’t worry about that. He’s created a way to turn text messages into faxes. <Peggy, still confused, Tony sighs> Faxes are like letters but sent over phone lines. Resistbot -cool name, wish I’d thought of it. Using Resistbot, your people will be able to send instant letters to their House Reps and Senators offices. All they have to do is text the word ‘resist’ to 50409 and answer a few questions. It pinpoints who their Members of Congress are, and creates a fax of their message that prints up right in the office.

Peggy: <so impressed, she’s forgotten about muffins> That’s bloody brilliant! Nearly everyone has one of those cell phones it seems, but there are some times I’m sure, where calls are not an option. 

Tony: Oh yeah! Beta testers have been using it on the subway, in line at the store, anywhere they can. We’ve also discovered that it’s a great option for those with hearing or speech impairments or anxiety.

Peggy: We’ll we’ve already been using to send letters, but that requires a computer, so this is a beautiful addition. I’ll make sure our contacts with the grassroots Indivisible groups get a hold of this right away. What else? <starts flipping through more files> 

Tony: Well there’s the 5Calls app, provides contact numbers and scripts for those who can and do make calls. Also there’s Postcards For America sending daily cards to various political officials on the different Calls to Action over legislation and policies.

Peggy: Such wonderful tools, Anthony! I’ve already got our teams using Resistance Toolkit and Resistance Manual I can’t wait to pass all this on! <stands up, almost tripping over one of the boxes> What’s all this now though?

Tony: <jumps up excitedly> Oh! Right! Early birthday presents! <starts digging through the first box> Ok, that phone, and the laptop Fury’s got you using are garbage. At least six months out of date. <Peggy wrinkles her brow in confusion, as Tony pulls out a sleek new Stark Industries laptop, tablet and phone out of the first box.> All set up, and ready to go, you just need to input your preferences. Wasn’t sure if you’d want an AI assistant or not, so that’s on a flashdrive, here. <holds up a little chip, Peggy just stares, completely lost as Tony rambles on>

Maria: <pops her head in the door, drawn by the smell of muffins> Are those blueberry?

Peggy: <tosses a muffin to her> Anthony apparently flew them in, silly man. He’s brought some wonderful new tools for our Resistance teams. I’ll be networking with the Indivisible groups later today, as well as our online recruits. I also have to contact Flippable  so we can start working on the push for special elections, like that Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

Maria: <smiles> Sounds like you’re going to be quite busy. <Peggy nods, reaching for yet another muffin> Too busy to get geared up for your first field assignment?

Peggy: <excited, almost drops the muffin> Certainly not! What’s the assignment?

Maria: We’ll get the details at the briefing tomorrow morning. Sometime this afternoon you’ll have to go down to the lab and meet FitzSimmons. <Heading back out the door> Thanks for the muffin Tony! Oh, and Fury wanted me to remind you, you can’t park <looks at Peggy> that ‘thing’ on the roof.

Tony: <opens the second box> Well, looks like I have perfect timing, as always. <pulls out what looks like a standard SHIELD tac suit> Dual weave micro kevlar threading, and can be linked wirelessly to the computer system if you do choose to use the AI I gave you. Streamline, yet pockets stashed everywhere, whether you’re hiding extra clips of ammo, lipstick, or data files.

Peggy: <starts to look impressed> One can never have too many pockets, or too much ammo.

Tony: <pulls a final small box out, opens it, displaying a fine ladies watch> Lastly, this. 

Peggy: <unimpressed> It’s very pretty, but rather unnecessary for fieldwork, isn’t it?

Tony: <shows her his own watch> You of all people should know that pretty can hide power Aunt Pegs.

tony watch.gif


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