Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 23 An Awkward Family Reunion…..


Loc: Office of Director Fury, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th

Tony first meeting.gif

Peggy: <instantly recognizing Tony> My God! You look so much like Howard, but, why is your moustache so sad? Anthony, is it?

Tony: <perks up immediately, smiling> You and Mom were the only ones who ever called me Anthony. 

Peggy: <laughs> I look forward to meeting the woman who can get Howard Stark to settle down.

Tony: <saddens a bit again> She’s gone. <realizing> Oh, wait, right, yeah, yeah. You’ll like her, she didn’t put up with his crap any more than you did.

Peggy: <laughs harder> Keeping your father in check feels like a full time job sometimes. I’ll be glad for the help! <pauses> HOWARD a FATHER, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea.

Tony: <twitches slightly, smiles uncomfortably, Peggy notices, but doesn’t comment> Yeah, You used to tell me stories of your adventures and the trouble he’d make. 

Peggy: Did I now? I’m guessing you and I  must have spent a great deal of time together.

Tony: Well, Howie, <Peggy’s eyebrow raises at the underlying disdainful tone in his voice> had tons of connections, but he didn’t have too many people he was close to. <voice loses it’s harder edge> You were my Godmom.

Peggy: <realizing that perhaps Howard had not been ‘Father of the Year’> Well, I suppose SOMEONE had to be a good influence on you.

Tony: You tried. I was probably as much of a handful as Howie.

Peggy: <snorting with laughter> Well then, now that I’ve been warned, I’ll have to remember to tell him no when he asks me.

Tony: <hurt, and shocked, realizing the potential impact on his own past> Wait! I didn’t MEAN…..

Peggy: <still laughing, puts her hand on his arm> I’m JOKING! <grins> I’m actually starting to look forward to being a godmother. Though keeping this a secret from Howard will be amusing.

Tony: <calms, laughs a little himself> Ok, good one. You got me, for a second there, Aunt Pegs. 

Peggy: <softens> ‘Aunt Pegs’, yes, I think I rather like that.

Tony: You always did. <changes subject> So Fury tells me you’re here to fight Don The Con and his GOPHydra goons, what exactly has he got you doing?

Peggy: Well, after they brought me up to date on the new technologies and some history, I’ve been working on strategizing, data, and networking new recruits. What I really want to do though,

Tony: <interrupts, grinning> Is get out in the field. You never did enjoy deskwork. I remember overhearing you and my old man arguing about it occasionally. You were in your sixties and still going out on missions. You said being out there ‘helped keep you young and on top of the game’.

Peggy: Well I’ve always felt that I can’t just expect others to go out and do the work if I’m not willing to go out there myself. And yes, I suppose the adventure and excitement would make me feel young at that.

Tony: <smartass tone> Well you certainly look younger than I remember. How old ARE you right now Aunt Pegs?

Peggy: Hmph! In my day, it was considered rude to ask a woman her age. If you must know, <pauses, wrinkles her forehead thinking> Well, I suppose I’l be either 28 or 96 next month depending on how you look at it. Time travel does make things a great deal more complicated, doesn’t it?

Tony: <suddenly excited> That’s RIGHT! Your birthday’s next month! Hmmm, What do you get for a time traveling aunt who’s now almost half your age?

Peggy: <smirks, eyebrow raised, only half joking> New weapons and tac gear for field work? I’m sure Stark Industries must still be the top weapons producer in the world.

Tony: Actually, I moved away from the weapons industry a while back. I realized that guns don’t make the world better -people do.

Peggy: <pride shining on her face> You sound like Steve, I wish you could have met him. <Tony turns away for a moment, hiding his uncomfortableness> While it would be nice to have Starktech out in the field, I’m rather proud of you. Howard would never have come to that realization. 

Tony: Well, we stopped making bombs and guns, but I still do tech. <boasting excitedly> I’ve got stuff that would blow Howie’s toys out of the water! Let me see your phone. <she hands it over, he scoffs and shakes his head, hands it back> What is Nick thinking? At least it’s not a Note7.  I’ll send a new phone and some other things over for you tomorrow. Oh, and I was supposed to bring over the specs for a new text to fax tool for Fury. I’ll just add that to the list. <rambling now> Do you still like blueberry muffins? 

Peggy: <giggling, caught up in his excitement, nods>

Tony: Perfect! Ten o’clock tomorrow morning, you, me, brunch and shoptalk.

Peggy: <still giggling, shakes her head> You’ve got that same energy and excitement as Howard. Brunch and shop talk sound wonderful, just tell me we’re not hopping a plane in the morning. He’d always want to fly of to some exotic place for ‘the world’s best something or other’.

Tony: <sheepish look of embarrassment and guilt> I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about Aunt Pegs, I’d NEVER do anything like that.



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