Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 22 Tony gets the Truth…..


Loc: Office of Director Fury, NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th (39).gif

Fury: <looks up from desk> And a ‘Good Afternoon’ to you too, Stark. I THOUGHT I was gonna play the ‘Stark brings me new tools for The Resistance game’. Looks like I’m playing the ‘Tony’s gonna storm in here and throw a tantrum about something game’ instead.

Tony: We shelved the LMD project years ago, the electrostatic veil prototypes were both destroyed, so who the HELL is walking around looking like Peggy Carter!

Fury: <shrugs> That Atwell girl from the Marvel documentaries? 

Tony: <glares> Nice try. Next you’ll be telling me those conspiracy theorists on Tumblr are right about you faking Aunt Peg’s death because Vita-rays are keeping her eternally young.

Fury: I don’t know WHAT or WHO you think you saw, but

Tony: <opens phone, pulls up picture of Maria and Peggy sitting outside restaurant>

Maria: <walks into office, looking at a tablet, not noticing Tony, interrupts> Boss, Carter and the Vulcans think they’ve pinpointed connections between Sessions and the Russians, I’m going to send the info to Comey at the FBI and our teams. Peg’s STILL itching for a field assignment. After yesterday’s outing I think we’re good on her not being recognized. <realizing the room is silent, looks up to see Fury glaring at her, finally notices Tony and the picture> Yeah, um, or I could just go to the shooting range and aim for my own foot.  <backs out of the office>

Tony: <tilts head, still glaring, arms crossed> Last chance, Nick. You’re lucky I had a good night, or I’d have shown up dressed in something other than a stylishly tailored 3-piece suit.

Fury: You’re not going to believe me.

Tony: <sarcastically> Because you’ve ALWAYS been so upfront and honest with me in the past.

Fury: How much do you know about time travel?

Tony: That Doctor over on Bleeker St? 

Fury: <shakes his head> Close, the one from London.

Tony: <scoffs> THAT’S an internet rumor older than the internet. Next you’ll be telling me that Elvis is still alive, Pop Rocks and Pepsi will make my stomach explode and mermaids are real.

Fury: <raises his eyebrow> I haven’t found any mermaids. Yet. But The Doctor is real. Your Aunt Peg set up an emergency protocol to hitch a ride with him if she was needed. With Hydra infiltrating the GOP, we need all the help we can get.

Tony: <still skeptical> And you just ‘forgot’ to mention it? How long has she been here?

Fury: She’s been here about a month. I didn’t tell you, because I was TRYING to be KIND.

Tony: <raging, slams his palms down on Fury’s desk> KIND!? You call this being KIND? 

Fury: <face saddens, puts a hand up, speaks softly> Yes, because when this is all over, she has to return to 1948. I didn’t want to give her back to you, and then rip her away again.

Tony: <realizes what Fury is saying, slumps backward into a chair behind him, head in hands, takes a moment to process it all, voice calmer> Shit….. So, does she know about Steve? 

Fury: <shakes his head> Timeline or not, do you think she’d go back if she did? You, Cap, SHIELD’s fall, The Avengers, Barnes and your dad….. We’ve provided her with a limited and edited history of the last seventy years. As much pertinent info as necessary for her to help us strategize and mobilize the Resistance. Any references to her future self’s past or people close to her are above her clearance level.

Tony: <breathes, still trying to absorb everything> She’s from 1948?


Tony: So, she, she wouldn’t even know who I am. She wouldn’t remember anything about me, because I haven’t even been born in her time.

Fury: Your dad was still playboying his way around Hollywood when Peg left. He hadn’t even MET your mother.

Tony: <winces> Ok, TMI there, thanks for those mental scars.

Fury: <tilts his head, grinning> The apple doesn’t fall far……

Tony: <ignores the joke, looks up> I want to meet her.

Fury: <sees the steel in Tony’s eyes, and knows ‘no’ is not going to be an answer, sighs> Are you sure about this?

Tony: Even if she doesn’t know me, I need to see her.

Fury: <nods, turns on his radio> Hill, limp your ass back to my office, pronto. Bring Carter with you. <looks back to Tony> You know you can’t tell her anything. 

Tony: <nods, softly> At least this time, when it’s time for her to go, I’ll get to say good bye.


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