Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 21 Stories and secrets revealed…..

[Traffic Cam Footage 03022017]

Loc: Serafina Osteria, E 58th St, Manhattan, New York (38).gif

Peggy: <laughing> So there I was, sitting on the edge of the desk. BURSTING out of my blouse, skirt hiked up to FOREVER, Steve’s biting my neck and distracting me as I fumble with his belt. The door burst open, Steve grabs his shield to hide me, and Barnes goes ‘Dugan sent me to find, oh crap, I saw nothing!’ turns and bolts from the room, leaving the door WIDE OPEN! I think that was the only time I ever saw him blush. Steve and I were furious, because we both knew Dugan did it on purpose as a joke.

Maria: <crying with laughter> Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!

Peggy: <still laughing hysterically> I can ONLY get away with telling that story because neither of them are around to be embarrassed by it!

<Maria’s phone buzzes>

Maria: <looks at it> Shit, I gotta take this call. <answers, falsely cheery> Hi Tony! <listens> Um, nothing much, what’s up? <listens, voice turns a bit snarky> Well, I’m still your Security Consultant, Pepper told me to keep it as 12% of my fee. <grins> Well I’ve got a new operative that needed gear, she came to us with nothing and only the best would do, you understand. <frowns> Yeah, not gonna happen Stark. <rolls eyes> Uh huh, yeah right, still no.

Peggy: Tony Stark? Would that be?

Maria: Howard’s kid? Yeah. The less you know, the better. Fury will kill me if he finds out I even told you Tony exists.

Peggy: <sighing> Yes, yes, I know. <twirls hand> Round trip, timelines, too much knowledge. You’ve already told me he exists. At least tell me one thing. Is he a good man?

Maria: From what I’ve heard, he’s a lot like his dad.

Peggy: <smiles, laughing> Well, that’s a mixed bag of kippers, right there.

<the women continue to chat. Meanwhile a limo stops in traffic nearby. Window rolls down.>

Tony: Uh, Happy? I know I’ve had some concussions in the past, but why does it look like Hill is on a date with what looks like my dead aunt? <Happy’s eyebrows raise, Tony takes a picture before the limo continues> Fury and I are so having a talk in the morning. Well, the afternoon if tonight goes well.

Happy: <mumbling under his breath> I swear to God if he fucks things up tonight, I’m quitting. Maybe Jon Favreau needs a driver.


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