Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 20 Date Night jitters…..

[Avengers Tower Security Footage 03022017]

Loc: Avengers Tower, Penthouse, Broadway& W 58th St, Manhattan, New York (35)

Happy: Well, You’ve quit drinking, again. You’re not up all night tinkering in the workshop for days anymore. You’re using that therapy simulator to work through issues. 

Tony: <nervously> So I’m doing pretty good, right?

Happy: <noncommittal> You’ve made improvements. 

Tony: Do you think the flowers I sent were too much? 

Happy: I think the new jet you bought her to hold them all may have been a bit over the top.

Tony: Hey! At least I didn’t send strawberries, I’m learning!

<Happy’s tablet chirps>

Happy: Um, Boss, did you know Maria Hill’s expense account was still active?

Tony: <raises an eyebrow> And what is Fury’s Girl Friday charging up?

Happy: <hands Tony the tablet> Apparently a new wardrobe.

Tony: <looks at the invoice, eyes widen, dials phone, syrupy snarky voice> Hi Maria! Long time no talk. What’s new? <listens> Do you perhaps just happen to still have that Stark expense card Pepper gave you? You didn’t lose it or have it get stolen? <listens, blushes slightly> Ok, ok, fine, but almost 5grand on new clothes? <Looks back at invoice again> Outfitting a new operative? With the amount of lingerie you just bought? <snark returns to voice> Iiii’m gonna need to see the surveillance videos from this operation. 

Happy: <points to watch, whispers> Tick Tock Boss, can’t be late.

Tony: <wrapping up> Ok, yeah. We can talk about it tomorrow, late meeting, gotta run. No more shopping sprees until I see that video, k? (37).gif


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