Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 19 Shopping and girl talk…..

[Bloomingdale’s Security Footage 03022017]

Loc: Lexington& 59th, Manhattan, NY (34).gif

Maria: I TOLD you not to look at the price tags!

Peggy: Good Lord! Do I dare ask how much a simple cup of coffee would cost?

Maria: <laughs> Depends, do you have any heart conditions I should know about?

Peggy: Had I known, I would have chosen much less. <looks over at the stack of outfits> How am I going to pay for all of this?

Maria: <grins, pulling out a Stark Industries Credit card> I’ve still got an expense account with a former employer. Besides, you were actually having FUN trying on everything! 

Peggy: <grins, nodding her head> Oh all right, I admit it! I suppose shopping can be more fun with a friend. I do so love these new fabrics. Especially the undergarments! 

Maria: So I noticed. <pointing at a separate stack of assorted bras& panties> I suppose those are not what you’re used to either. 

Peggy: I wish I’d had things like that to wear under my uniform back in the war. It would have made undressing so much easier when Steve and I would sneak off from the rest of the commandos.

Maria: Wait, what?! Are you saying that you and Captain America….. 

Peggy: <grins> 

Maria: But what about those ‘old time values’ about waiting for marriage and all that stuff?

Peggy: We were on the front lines, in the middle of a war. It was a dark time, <eyes water just a bit> and one never knew if they’d see the next dawn. Steve and I stole as many moments of happiness as we could. I know if he’d lived, we would probably have married and settled down with a home and a family. In the midst of a war, we cherished what we had.

Maria: Wow, I never thought of it like that. <ponders, remembering> No wonder Cap was so upset <catches herself> so upsetting for you to lose.

Peggy: <takes a deep breath> Yes, he was. But oh the memories! <smiles again>

Maria: <trying to distract> So, what do you feel like eating after we’re done?

Peggy: Hmm, all this shopping has left me starving! I really have no idea, there’s so much variety now!

Maria: <flags down a rather snooty sales person> We’ll take all of it, can you have it delivered? <flashes the Stark card, mans eyes widen& he nods as she gives him the address>

Peggy: <watches> That little card turned that snobby wanker into a groveling monkey, what is it?

Maria: Money still rules the world, it’s just not always in paper form anymore. I’ll explain over dinner, but THEN, I want to hear more war stories.

Peggy: <shakes her head> Always with the war stories, I’d have expected by now you’d have grown tired of them by now.

Maria: <heading towards the exit> After hearing about you and Cap? Are you kidding?

hill you fondued cap

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