Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 18 A new city to explore…..


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th

hill thumbs up

Maria: Guess who got clearance to leave the safehouse and see some of the city? 

Peggy: <looks up from computer in excitement> Not to sound ungrateful, but it’s about bloody damn time! Fieldwork?

Maria: I wasn’t able to talk Fury into clearing you for the field -yet. I did however convince him that keeping you cooped up in here was detrimental to your mental health. Also, I reminded him that you came here with nothing but the clothes on your back. Even though I was able to find some spare uniforms and things, you still are in dire need of  shopping trip.

Peggy: <Realizing> Good Lord! It’s been more than a month since I arrived, hasn’t it? I didn’t realize when I left my time that this would be a long term operation. I’d have grabbed my go bag from the office. <laughing> Of course I’m sure my tactical gear would be as outdated as my shoes.

Maria: <They start walking through the building> We’ll get you tac gear later. I’m still working on Nick about field work, because as great as you’ve been on data, strategy, and training the newbies -you belong out there. He’s still worried about you being recognized on the street, but he knows I’m capable of protecting you.

Peggy: <sighing> If only he realized I’m capable of taking care of myself.  Nevertheless, I do appreciate you speaking to him on my behalf. So, where are we headed for my first outing? I’m not even sure which borough we’re in. 

Maria: Well we’re in Manhattan, Madison and 59th st to be exact. 

Peggy: Oh! My! I was living just a few blocks away. Well, and a few decades. I’m sure the Gryphon is no longer there.

Maria: Yeah, I’m afraid not much you’ll recognize is left. Even your old SSR offices are gone. 

Peggy: <sighs> The world has changed so much. <Perks up> But there’s no time to be maudlin, I want to see it all! Well, except the tourist traps, there are always those in any time, I’m sure.

Maria: <opening the door> Well, welcome to 2017, Peggy.

Peggy: <steps out in wonder> The buildings are so much taller! And all the lights! During the daytime! <is almost knocked down by a passerby> So many people! I thought the sidewalks were crowded before!

Maria: <smiles, pointing east> Shall we get to it? I thought we’d stick close to home for your first time out. We’ll hit a few stores, and maybe some food after.

Peggy: <laughs> Well, you know I’ll never turn down a good meal!

<They stroll a few blocks, Peggy stopping often to comment on some new sight or marvel. Finally stopping before another large building covered in lights, flags, and massive display windows.>

Maria: I figured we’d try to outfit you with most of what you’ll need in one stop, you don’t strike me as the ‘shop till you drop’ type.

Peggy: <quizzical look> ‘Shop till you drop’ sounds like a perverse endurance race. No thank you. I think I’d rather run obstacle courses back at Camp Lehigh.

Maria: <snickers> If you ever get caught in here on Black Friday, you’ll be glad for your combat training.


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