Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 15 Flashbacks: Post Civil War Steve, Pondering and punching…..

[Palace Security Footage 07022016]

Loc: Gymnasium, Palace of King T’Challa, Wakanda (10)

<Steve, alone with his thoughts, pummeling a punching bag>

Fury: Jesus, Cap, every time I come looking for you, you’re at that punching bag. Here I thought Banner was the one with anger issues.

Steve: I’m not a Captain anymore, and I’m not into all that new age meditation and stuff. I’m more old school.  <continues to hit the bag> 

Fury: But recent events have left you with no one to fight but yourself.

Steve: Sometimes I wish you’d have just left me in the ice. I thought I could just throw myself back into the world, but every time I think I’ve found my place, it all comes crashing down.

Fury: Nothing lasts forever, and sometimes, things can be rebuilt. Better, stronger. Look at SHIELD. If you hadn’t been there to expose the corruption, billions would have died, and HYDRA would have complete control of the world. Now we’re getting back on our feet and doing the job the way Peggy meant us to.

Steve: <Stops punching, looks at Fury> Do you think she knew? 

Fury: I honestly couldn’t tell you. She always played her cards close to the vest. I do know she had backups, plots and plans for all sorts of outcomes. She taught me a lot about being prepared ahead of the game. Hell, there are still some of her black book protocols hidden away in my toolbox. Never know when something off the wall may come in handy. 

Steve:<smirks> She wasn’t afraid to use any weapon of opportunity, but she always liked to make sure she had a backup plan.

Fury: <laughs> She used to tell me a story about taking a guy out with a stapler. Didn’t believe her till I saw the old SSR report. 

Steve: <looks in disbelief> a stapler? <smiles sadly> That’s my girl.

Fury: You know, until the day she retired, she kept a picture of you on her desk. That one of you in training camp, before the serum.

Steve: <growing even sadder> We missed so much time. Some of my best memories are out in the field with Peg, Bucky and the Commandos. Now, they really are all gone. I thought I’d found that same kind of home with the Avengers, but I lost that too.

Fury: Like I said, sometimes things CAN be rebuilt. Give it time, you and Stark can work things out. At some point, Cap, you’re gonna NEED to.

Steve: Stop calling me that! I’m not Captain America anymore! I’m just a kid from Brooklyn who can’t even go home! <Punches through the bag, sending it flying>

Fury: The world will always need Captain America, you just gotta remember how to be him. Find your direction, and you’ll find your way home. 

<Fury turns and walks away. Steve hangs another punching bag and continues to beat on it with every ounce of his anger, pain, and loss.>



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