Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 13 Flashbacks: Post Civil War, Tony’s conversation with the dead…..

[Avengers Training Facility Security Footage 07012016]

Loc: Avengers Training Facility, Upstate NY (7).gif

<movie continues, Tony continues drinking>

Peggy: You’re still quite young, and I’m hoping it will be a very, very long time before you get to watch this. I know Howard isn’t the father he could be, should be. Whether it seems it or not, he loves you as much as Maria, Anna, Edwin and I do. We are a family. You are surrounded by people who love you and always will. I hope that when you’re grown, you build that same kind of family around you. People you trust, even when they’ve hurt you or make mistakes because they will still have your back. People who will love you and trust you despite your own errors and faults. It took me a long time after losing Steve, to realise that I had people I could trust and rely upon. <laughs> Not that Howard has ever made it easy. 

Tony: <scoffs, pouring another drink, mumbles at the screen> Did he ever make anything easy?

Peggy: He and I have had our go-rounds with trust and friendship, but we always worked it out in the end, eventually. Though often at some point I’ve had to knock some sense into him. <pausing, tilting her head and rolling her eyes> And, I admit, there have been one or two times he’s had to pull me back from the edge. NEVER tell him I admitted that it’s our secret, my boy. <winks at camera>

Tony: <drunkenly giggling at the screen> k’ Aunt Pegs

Peggy: He’s always thrown so much of himself into his work, <smiles> AND his play. He surprised us all when he settled down and married Maria. Then you came along, handsome and charming and brilliant from the start. There’s so much of him in you, and he knows it. You’d never believe me if I told you how often I visit his lab, and he crows about your accomplishments. He’s always looking forward to the day you’ll take his place at both Stark Technologies and SHIELD. Imagining the day you surpass him. Though sometimes I almost think he’s as jealous of you as he is proud. 

Tony:<scoffs> Wish he could have told me the second one.

Peggy: I know he seems cold and distant, I can’t explain to you what happened to change him, I wish I could. <suddenly sad> It’s been a long road building SHIELD, and there are many things, incidents, and people neither of us can talk about. People we lost along the way.

Tony: <softly> yeah

Peggy: A few last things for you to always remember, Anthony. Cherish the family and friends you surround yourself with. Never let pettiness, ego or anger guide you. I never want you to be alone, my darling boy. No good will come of it. You will always be loved, so long as you love in return. <tears in her eyes> Sometimes you’ve got to run before you can walk, but oh my darling boy, someday, you’ll fly.  Now turn this silly thing off, dry your eyes, and remember- do as Aunt Peggy says.

Miss you aunt Peg (2)



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