Day: Jul 17, 2017

Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 12 Flashbacks: Post Civil War, Tony…..

[Avengers Training Facility Security Footage 07012016]

Loc: Avengers Training Facility, Upstate NY

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Happy: Hey Boss, that crazy old FedEx guy was here again. He dropped a package, but the return address just says ‘Got My Good Eye On You’. Sounds like one of those weirdo stalkers. Toss it? <Holds the box over garbage can>

Tony: <smirks, shaking his head, takes package& sets it on desk> Nah, I’ll deal with whatever Fury wants later. What’s the current damage report news-wise? We still front page?

Happy: <Checking tablet> Actually, the election has pushed us to page 3. Granted it’s mostly about Don the Con, but right now any news that makes people forget about the Accords, Barnes& Cap can’t be too bad, Right?

Tony: Donnie’s running? <laughs hysterically, grabbing his bruised ribs in pain> Whatever. He’s got no chance. He’s had more bankruptcies than I’ve got mansions. Let him snag all the headlines he wants. He’ll get bored eventually and drop out. Continue reading “Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance”