Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 11 Flashbacks: The First Visit…..

[Stark-Med Security Footage 12212013]

Loc: Private Nursing Facility Washington DC (30)

Peggy: <still scolding> All this time I thought you were frozen in fear at the thought of dancing. 

Steve: <realising she’s both serious and joking at the same time, laughs, taking her hand> You caught me. I was so afraid of stepping on your toes that I hid in an iceberg for sixty-five years.

Peggy: <putting a hand to his face> You haven’t aged a day. 

Steve: You’ve only gotten more beautiful.

Peggy: <laughs> You use that line on all your old girlfriends, Soldier?

Steve: <winks>No ma’am, only the best for my best girl.

<Tony slips out quietly, leaving the couple to catch up while he discusses Peg’s current treatment with her doctor. He returns after an hour or so, to the sound of arguing mixed with laughter>

Steve: I’m telling you, Peg! I didn’t ‘let’ you win! A hundred and seven one-handed push-ups is a challenge! Even for ME!

Peggy: Fine! Then we’ll settle it with a rematch! Right here and now! <starts to get out of chair>

Tony:<rushes in, taking her arm, guiding her towards her bed> No, Aunt Peg! You’re Ninety! It, ah, well, hm, wouldn’t be fair of you to embarrass a guy less than half your age!

Peggy:<sits down on the edge of the bed, suddenly appearing confused and agitated. She looks first to Steve, then Tony> Howard? You found him? You FOUND him! 

Tony: <smiling sadly, yet projecting his best Howard impression>, Of course, I did Pegs! I made you a promise. And when Howard Stark promises a dame something, he always makes good! Besides, I’ve lost count of how many times I owe ya one, this ought to count for some of it! <Backs quietly out the door to get a nurse>

Steve:<sits down on the bed beside her, as a nurse gives her a sedative>  Shhh, Peggy. It’s ok, I’m here. I’m not leaving my best girl.<the sedative calms her, and she slips off to sleep after whispering>

youre alive

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