Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 10. Flashbacks: Aunt Peg’s always been there…..

[Stark Tower Security Footage 12182013]

Loc: Stark Tower 200 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY

sketch peg

<Steve in the lounge, working on a sketch of Peggy. Tony walks in, peeking over his shoulder>

Tony: God, I forget she was so young back then. You know, she’s always had that quiet, regal grace. Until you piss her off of course. <laughing> 

Steve: <laughing as well, looks up, surprised> Wait, you know Peggy?

Tony: I’ve known Aunt Peg all my life, she was there for me whenever Howie couldn’t man up and be a dad. Too busy obsessing over bigger, better bombs, competing with the Russians, and <pause> trying to create another YOU.

Steve: <softly> I’m sorry Ton, I wish,

Tony: <waving a hand, interrupting> It’s not your fault my old man was too obsessed with his work to toss a ball around or teach me to tie a tie. <looks back down at the sketch> She did her best to make up for it. Aunt Peg, Mom, Anna& Edwin, I had a family. She’s the only one left. 

Steve: <nods> Yeah, for me too. 

Tony: She asks me about you on her good days. Why haven’t you gone to see her? 

Steve: <hesitant> I… I guess I’m afraid. She’s had a whole life without me, you know? I don’t know if I have the right to show up after all this time. She knows I’m not dead?

Tony: Yeah, most days. She has her good and her bad ones. She’s on a new experimental Alzheimer’s treatment, I get her on the top of the list for any promising treatment. The good days, she’s the same old Aunt Peggy who taught me to shoot, told me war stories, and kept me from drinking myself to death after mom& dad died. The bad days? <sighs sadly> The bad days are heartbreaking. She’ll mistake me for the old man, yelling at me for some past screwup of his, or making inside jokes I don’t get.

Steve: I didn’t know, I mean, I know what Alzheimer’s is, what it does, but I’ve never known anyone with it. Maybe it’s best for her if I just keep my distance.

Tony: She still has more good days than bad ones, she thinks you won’t come to see her because she’s gotten old and you’ve forgotten her. 

Steve: <turns away to hide his watering eyes, whispering> Forgotten her? How could I forget my best girl?

Tony: I’m going out to see her next Saturday, before Christmas. Best gift I could give her is to drag you with me.

Steve: <still turned away, wiping eyes.> Yeah, yeah, I’ll come along. <sniffling> Sorry, allergies.

Tony: <soft but snarky> Yeah, because the serum never fixed that, huh?  <pausing> When we get back, there’s gonna be a little holiday gathering. Pepper won’t let me do the usual lavish impersonal affair, she just wants something small and simple with a few people. I’m thinking kind of an ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ theme this year.

Steve: <looks up, confused> I, I’m sorry, I don’t get it?

Tony: <laughing> I didn’t expect you to, with all you’ve got to catch up on, I doubt holiday cartoons are high on the list. Just Nat, Bruce, Rhodey, Happy, maybe Barton if he’s not off doing whatever he does. <obviously lying> Totally Pepper’s idea, taking in a bunch of strays who don’t really have families or plans. I wanted a big gaudy showboat extravaganza, but I got outvoted. <shrugs> Every now and then, Happy takes her side.

Steve: Sounds… It sounds terrific Tony. We’ll go see Peggy, and then have Christmas, almost like a big happy family.

Tony: Now don’t go getting all mushy on me old man. Just be ready Saturday, and hope it’s one of her good days. (12)

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