Day: Jul 14, 2017

Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 11 Flashbacks: The First Visit…..

[Stark-Med Security Footage 12212013]

Loc: Private Nursing Facility Washington DC (30)

Peggy: <still scolding> All this time I thought you were frozen in fear at the thought of dancing. 

Steve: <realising she’s both serious and joking at the same time, laughs, taking her hand> You caught me. I was so afraid of stepping on your toes that I hid in an iceberg for sixty-five years. Continue reading “Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance”

Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 10. Flashbacks: Aunt Peg’s always been there…..

[Stark Tower Security Footage 12182013]

Loc: Stark Tower 200 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY

sketch peg

<Steve in the lounge, working on a sketch of Peggy. Tony walks in, peeking over his shoulder>

Tony: God, I forget she was so young back then. You know, she’s always had that quiet, regal grace. Until you piss her off of course. <laughing> 

Steve: <laughing as well, looks up, surprised> Wait, you know Peggy?

Tony: I’ve known Aunt Peg all my life, she was there for me whenever Howie couldn’t man up and be a dad. Too busy obsessing over bigger, better bombs, competing with the Russians, and <pause> trying to create another YOU. Continue reading “Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance”