Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 9 Downtime: a new friend, and a new follower…..


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Maddison/59th


Maria: So what do you think of things around here so far, Agent?

Peggy: Oh, do call me Peggy, please. We’ve worked together long enough, there’s no need for formality. Pass the crisps please, would you, Maria? <takes the bag> So many incredible changes in this time. The food is quite better. I never did learn to cook. Out in the field, I had a horrible tendency to burn my rations. Dugan and the others never let me live it down. <smiles softly, remembering> Steve never laughed. He always shared his, which were as undercooked as mine was burnt.

Maria: <shifting the conversation> I see the new clothes I brought you fit.

Peggy: Oh yes, indeed. Thank you! These fabrics are quite light and comfortable. I imagine they’re much less cumbersome in a fight. And the undergarments! It takes me a fraction of the time to dress in the morning! 

Maria: <snickers> I never thought I’d be talking about bras with the great Peggy Carter. <grabs a chip>

Peggy: Oh pish, tosh. Do you know how odd it is to have everyone in the building staring at you? They look at me like I’m some long lost hero, here to save them all. Yet I’m confined to the safehouse and have no idea of all the adventures they think I’ve had. I know my value, but I’m no hero. I’m just another Agent, doing my job.

Maria: You broke, will break? Time travel makes tenses confusing. <Peggy laughs> You’ve been a rule breaker and a role model for so many women. You were picked up, when? Late 1948? <Peggy nods> It was the very beginning of SHIELD. You founded it with Howard Stark and Colonel Phillips. You were the first Director. In 1948, a WOMAN, running ANYTHING was considered a joke. You proved them all wrong.

Peggy: <looks around> Well from what little I’ve seen, you’ve all certainly done well with it in the last 70 years. I admit I had my doubts. Trying to keep both Howard and the Colonel in check was exhausting. I just wish I could see more. I’d love to walk the city streets, see the people. You really get a feel for the people of a place just by walking around. 

<both women’s phones buzz in alert>

Maria: I’ve gotta run, Fury has another mission for me, but this was fun. Talk more later? <laughing sing-song voice> I’ll bring more chi-ips.

Peggy: <laughing as well> Drat, you know my weakness. Wish I were going with you. <checks phone> Mine is just a new follower alert. I guess I’ll go check out the new recruit, while you go have all the fun. OH! Bring some of that horseradish cheddar dip, and I’ll tell you stories about the Commandos when you get back!

Maria: Deal!<heads out>

Peggy: <scrolling> Hmm, SGR1918 are you Resistance material?  <reading bio> ‘I don’t like bullies, I don’t care where they’re from.’ <smiles> Well, that’s a promising start.

punching bag

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