Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 8 Meanwhile in Wakanda…..

[Palace Security Footage 02212017]

Loc: Palace of King T’Challa, Wakanda

tchalla steve

T’Challa: Your friend remains in cryostasis, Captain. His condition is unchanging. Though it seems yours is deteriorating. When was the last time you slept well?

Steve: <looking worn> I’m not a Captain anymore, Your Majesty.

T’Challa: <Smirking> So you say. However, you did not answer the question. You spend your time here watching over your friend, online reading about the troubles in your home, or in my gym, destroying heavy bags by the dozen.

Steve: <sighing heavily> I’m sorry about the bags. Buck’s the closest thing I’ve got to family, the only one left from my past. As for the news…..

T’Challa: I have been following it as well, my friend. I am afraid the troubles this man will cause will not be limited to the borders of your home. Soon I will be attending a meeting with the National Security Council. I will be urging them to put the Accords on hold, until such a time as they can be re-written with more input from those they would affect. 

Steve: <shrugs> That’s good. About the Accords I mean. But home? I’m not sure I even recognise that place anymore. That’s not the America I remember, the America I fought for.

T’Challa: There are people fighting for it though, struggling to take it back, make it better. Natalia has contacted me through her methods. <Steve half laughs> She asked me to give you a message. <hands Steve a note>

<Find The Resistance on Twitter. Spock can help. Look for the geeks& misfit toys. Stay out of trouble. Better yet, make some. N. >

Steve: <laughs for real this time> Leave it to Nat. <T’Challa tilts his head in silent query> Geeks. Only she would say that. One of the two most dangerous women I’ve known, and deep down, she’s a closet nerd.

T’Challa: It is good to see you laugh again, Captain. I hope that the information she sent helps to bring you back to yourself. <Claps a hand on Steve’s shoulder> But I must go. Please, get some rest, and try not to destroy too many punching bags while I am gone.

steve watch over bucky

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