Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 7 What about fieldwork?…..


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Maddison/59th

shied head

Spock: Your progress is most encouraging, Agent Carter. You have become quite adept at searching and disseminating information to the Resistance.

Peggy: Thank you, Mr. Spock, your guidance has been appreciated. Though codebreaking and data compiling have always come quickly to me, the resources available in this day and age are astounding. What would have taken me a good week to sort out in the news files, I can now do in a matter of an hour.

Spock: Indeed, Agent. While the sources of information have increased exponentially from your time period, the amount of disinformation has as well. 

Peggy: I’m quite enjoying the technology, though the politics, culture, and language are still confusing at times. When that plonker Pence first talked about a ‘nuclear option’ for appointing that dreadful woman DeVos, I actually feared he was talking about dropping a bomb on the Senate.

Spock: Quite often I find the phrasing humans use to be confusing and illogical. The time I have spent working and living with them has made it easier to translate. However, there are still times that their words carry no logic.

Peggy: Ah, yes, that reminds me. Data compilation, letters and phone calls are all well and good, but when will I be going out into the field? I know we’ve sent protection details on some essential DOJ workers. Perhaps an undercover security detail for the next march? Helping to organise Indivisible groups? Working with campaigns for special elections?

Spock: From what I have gathered from Director Fury, that would be profoundly unwise. There are people who would recognise you. Some from your future self’s past would have questions we cannot answer without severe repercussions to the timeline. There are also historians who would recognise you from your SHIELD files and documentaries. As well as enemy agents who would seek your elimination.

Peggy: <frustrated> Please! I’m still an agent and a spy, I know how to blend in and stay incognito. I NEED to get out there and help. You people did NOT pull me seventy YEARS ahead just for hacking and intel gathering! I could be on the ground doing volunteer work, SOMETHING, ANYTHING! I’m going stir crazy staring at these screens the last few weeks. I was meant for more than this! 

Spock: Do not allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. Your frustration is understandable, yet will not change the fact that at this time, field work would put not only you but much of this operation and even the timeline itself, at risk.

Fury: <heard screaming from down the hall> If that Dameron kid does ONE more late night flyby of the Statue of Liberty, I’m gonna take one of those lightsabers and clip his motherfucking wings!

Spock: I will discuss the situation with Director Fury. However, it appears this is not an appropriate time for that conversation.

Fury:<still yelling as he stomps down the hall> This place is turning into a goddamn circus!


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