Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 6. Meeting the ‘out of towners’…..


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Maddison/59th (28).gif

Kirk: Agent Carter, a pleasure to meet you. This is my First Officer Mr Spock. He’ll be handling your crash course on 21st-century tech. I coordinate with Director Fury, managing the growing number of Resistance members from ‘out of town’ as he likes to put it.

Spock: We have discovered over the recent months that the alterations to this timeline are causing a ripple effect throughout not only our own dimension but others as well. This ripple is creating chaos in those alternate worlds, as well as weakening the barrier between all dimensions. As these ripples continue, I hypothesise that even more visitors will arrive, attempting to repair the damage done across the Multiverse.

Peggy: <Processing info> And which dimension would you gentlemen be from, then?

Kirk: Oh, this is home, though we’re a bit early for dinner. Late 23rd century, but I shouldn’t say much more. 

Spock: Indeed Captain, while Agent Carter would not be able to apply much knowledge of our time upon her return, there are others both now and then that could.

Peggy: <more than slightly put out> Are you implying that I’m some feeble-minded woman who couldn’t understand?

Kirk: Not at all, Peggy. <flirting> May I call you, Peggy? We’ve read your file, we know what you’re capable of. Our concern is Stark attempting to re-create any of our technology.

Peggy: <Coldly> Agent will suffice for the moment. 

Kirk: Ahem, yes Agent. I should let Mr Spock,

Agent Hill: <bursting into room> Judge Robard just blocked the travel ban, AND Vincent Viola withdrew from consideration for Secretary of the Army!

Spock: It appears that the Judicial branch has yet to be corrupted. We must encourage them to continue to stand firm. 

Kirk: I’ll get Mr Scott, Capt. Janeway and the Princess to spread the word to our teams. Spock, you need to get Agent Carter to work pronto.

Spock: Agent, I will attempt to explain the current political situation while instructing you on the use of present-day computers. 

Agent Hill: It’s like a typewriter attached to a file cabinet connected to a television. <whispers to Spock> I’ve had some experience translating modern life to 1940’s equivalents. 


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