Day: Jul 4, 2017

Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 5 The ‘Out of Town’ Visitors…..

[Starfleet Dept of Temporal Investigations Archive Footage, Stardate: REDACTED BY DTI]

Loc: Guardian of Forever, Unnamed Planet

ST spock kirk

Kirk: Captain’s Log, Star Date…. Spock, what’s the date? 

Spock: We are in Earth’s 21st century. A time period before stardates were in use. I believe the date is approximately December 8th, 2016. We have overshot our target date. The Romulan infiltrators have already succeeded in altering the outcome. Their aid to Putin in affecting the election was evidently invaluable.

Kirk: Then the global balance of power will shift. Environmental protections and safeguards may not be implemented. The outcome of future wars will change. Cochran might not even be born to make First Contact.

Spock: Actually Captain, there is a high statistical probability that if the Romulan aid to Russia goes unchecked, the human race may not exist by the time of First Contact. Continue reading “Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance”