Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt. 4 We need tech &tools, I know just the guy…..


Loc: Randy’s Donuts, Inglewood CA (22)

Tony: Maybe I just like to mess with you, or maybe they’ve got the best crullers on the western seaboard.

Fury: Bring your shiny ass down here, Stark.

Tony: What’s the magic phrase?

Fury: That jackass in the White House is a bigger narcissist than even YOU. But you’re pushing it.

Tony: <flies, down. Offers Nick a doughnut>You know, I could have won the popular vote if I’d have run.

Fury: After Sokovia and that mess with the Accords? Fat chance. I helped you clean that shit up, now you owe me one.

Tony: And what could the man who keeps a helicarrier in his back pocket possibly need?

Fury: We need weapons for a new type of war.

Tony: My old man was the warmonger, that’s not my style, and you damn well know it.

Fury: Those aren’t the type of weapons we need. I’m talking about an information war, a Resistance. We need the tech, information and communication tools, we need enhanced VPNs and security protocols. 

Tony: You keep saying ‘we’ who all is ‘we’? Did you start another superhero boyband and not invite me?

Fury: We’ve been picking up help from some ‘out of town’ visitors, like beyond even Thor’s neck of the woods. Also, SHIELD has been re-constructed and re-staffed. Hill is back,

Tony: That reminds me, I saw a few news clips about the ‘new and improved SHIELD’, and I’ll be damned if there wasn’t some guy who looked like Phil. Do you guys just clone them out of a cookie cutter, are they like Agent Smith in the Matrix?

Fury: <sigh>Yeah, about that. We used to have some alien tech, that may have been used to bring him back. Until he destroyed it.

Tony: You sonofabitch. So you ‘died’ and came back, Phil ‘died’ and came back, even backstabbing Barnes couldn’t stay dead. Anyone else I should know about who’s NOT dead? You don’t have my dad’s brain stuffed into a computer being all self-righteous and asshatish, do you?

Fury: Tony, I swear on my good eye, Howard Stark is not stuffed into a computer, or walking around anywhere, nor was he at the Bowling Green Massacre. Now, what can you do to help the Resistance?

Tony: You just want tech, you don’t need any help leading your little ragtag group? I just mean, uh, Pepper and I are, um, on a break. So, I’m just puttering around the workshop, I could spare some time to whip your newbies into shape.

Fury: Right now, it’s under control, but I may hold you to that offer down the line.

Tony: Alright, I’ll call up some guys I know at Electronic Frontiers Foundation, They’ve already got that thing working. I’ve heard talk about this tech startup guy, Eric Ries, and a project he’s working on to turn texts into faxes. I’ll see what else I can brainstorm. <mumbling to self>  I could power a cell phone indefinitely if I could miniaturise the arc reactor more.

Fury:  <finally grabs a doughnut> Maybe you were right, these aren’t half bad.

Tony: <tosses Fury the rest of the box> Take some to Phil. <Starts to take off, turns back> Oh, and one other thing, I don’t want to see that Star Spangled Sonofabitch anywhere near me. He shows up all Mr Patriotic, I’m. Out. Done.

Fury: The UN and National Security Council haven’t been able to find him, what makes you think I know where he is? (25).gif


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