Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt.2 The long, short trip…..

[TARDIS Record Footage, Loc. Time Vortex] (2)

Doctor: Ah, yes. No. So, Sorry, my mistake. Yes, I was sent by UNIT to collect you, Agent Carter. I’m,

Peggy: the Doctor, yes, I know who you are. The Brigadier has mentioned you and your TARDIS before. However, you look much younger than your pictures.

Doctor: One of the perks of being a Timelord, my dear.<flips a switch, and a whooshing noise is heard>

Peggy: <hands on hips, glaring slightly> Tell me then, what do you mean by ‘collect’?

Doctor: There is a new war, Hydra has returned. You’re the expert on dealing with them, so I’ve been sent to recruit you for the fight.

Peggy: <suddenly concerned> Another war? So soon? I thought we destroyed Hydra and all their bases? Why was SHIELD not contacted sooner?

Doctor: OH! NO! Wait! This war hasn’t happened yet. I’m to bring you just a smidge ahead in time to join the fight. 

Peggy: Why not just go back a bit further then, and save Steve? He was the fighter you need.

Doctor: I’m afraid Captain Roger’s sacrifice is a fixed point in time. It cannot be changed. I’m so sorry.

Peggy: <Gathers herself with a deep breath> But why me then? 

Doctor: <looking thoughtful> I once told myself, that great men are forged in fire, and it is the privilege of lesser men to light the spark. However, sometimes two people light that spark in each other. You lit Captain Rogers spark, giving him support and direction. His burned bright and hot. Meanwhile, the inspiration and respect he gave to you smouldered beneath the surface, waiting for the moment it would burst forth. I believe this is that moment.

Peggy: <eyebrow raised> How far into the future IS this war, that you were sent to retrieve me? Why not just recruit my future self? Unless, oh dear.

Doctor: We’ve gone almost seventy ahead. It’s 2017. The rest of your questions can be answered by the man on the other side of that door. (7)

3 thoughts on “Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance”

  1. Lovely!
    Just to mention though, beware the color choices on your text. The black background doesn’t seem to show up under some conditions (emailed updates & the WordPress app reader being the examples that I tripped over). Glad I thought to hit the web link and get the full story!

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