Peggy Carter, Agent of Resistance

Pt 1. One week after inauguration…..


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Maddison/59th


Fury: That dumbass motherfucker is ALREADY making a fool of himself. We need to step in. I’ve gotten calls from every alt& rogue government department out there. 

Coulson: So what do we do Nick? An assassination or disappearance will only make him a martyr to his followers. You know he’s just a figurehead for Russia and Hydra’s GOP lackeys.

Fury: Violence and force aren’t going to work, we need to rally the country into a Resistance. We need brains and heart on this. We need spies and detectives to root out the truth in the corruption. We need tacticians and strategists that can guide and inform the grassroots groups on the ground and on the net.

Coulson: So, you don’t think we should attempt to re-assemble the Avengers?

Fury: Oh, we’ll need them too. Though Stark’s still nursing his wounds and his pride, and Cap is in Wakanda babysitting the Winter Popsicle. Getting them to play nice is going to take some work.

Coulson: I could work on them. My death rallied them once, maybe my revival will do it again.

Fury: In the meantime, I’ve got an idea on some backup. UNIT still owes us a favour, don’t they?

Coulson: Directorate Retrieval Protocol? Are we that desperate? I mean, that’s a one pony trick.

Fury: My predecessor set that up off books and blackfiled on the off chance that Hydra ever surfaced again. I should have initiated it when they infiltrated SHIELD. Take a look at the GOP and tell me we can take Hydra on again without calling in the Expert?

Coulson: And here I thought meeting ONE of my heroes was the experience of a lifetime. 

Fury: Cap can’t know about this. Stark either. It’s a round-trip ticket, has to be. We have to watch how much we risk fucking up the timeline.

Coulson: I agree, but still, it’s not fair to any of them.

Fury: The mission comes first. SHE taught me that.

Coulson: Fine. *sigh* On second thought, I’ll make the calls, and YOU go talk to Stark, tell him I say ‘hi’.

Fury: Shit, I guess I’ve got some explaining to do. (6)


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